Review: MLW Fusion Episode 32

We open MLW Fusion episode 32 with a recap of last week’s Chicago Street Fight between “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Sami Callihan. Despite the reputation of the Callihan Death Machine in MLW, Lawlor was able to overcome. Next is shown that just when Lawlor thought his path to MLW Heavyweight Champion Low-Ki was clear, he was betrayed by someone in Team Filthy. Lawlor was led into the lion’s den by Simon Gotch, who left him to be beaten by Promociones Dorado. 

We then see Salina de la Renta deliver payment to Simon Gotch for his services. Gotch mentioned to keep him in mind for future jobs, but Salina noted that she did not trust the mustachioed mercenary. She does, however, offer to double his pay if he will take Lawlor out in Miami. Gotch then offers to do it just to earn her trust. 

It is then revealed that it has been signed for MLW’s debut in Miami for “Filthy” Tom Lawlor and Simon Gotch to settle things. It will be with no ropes and there are no holds barred; the only way to win is by submission or knockout. We then got to our commentary team of Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini. They are also joined by the MLW Middleweight Champion, Maxwell J. Friedman (MJF) for the first match of the night. Our first match sees Trey Miguel taking on Kotto Brazil. The winner of this match will be added to the four-way match at MLW Never Say Never for the Middleweight Championship. 

This is a fun, fast-paced match which is oddly punctuated by the commentary of MJF. Kotto was able to wrap up the win with a Sliced Bread #2. #KottoCan and will go onto the four-way match and a chance at the MLW Middleweight Championship. Following the conclusion of this match, the MLW camera team attempts to get an interview with Shane “Swerve” Strickland. Tonight is his title rematch with Low-Ki, but as has been the case for the last several weeks, Swerve blows them off. We then go to Matt Striker in the MLW Control Center to break down what is currently signed for the events in Miami. 

Currently signed for MLW Never Say Never which takes place on December 13th are the following matches: 

MLW Tag Team Championship Match 

Lucha Brothers (w/Konnan, c)  vs. The Hart Foundation 

No Ropes, No Holds Barred Match 

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Simon Gotch

Falls Count Anywhere in Miami 

PCO vs LA Park presented by Salina de la Renta


Andrew Everett will make his MLW debut! 

Currently signed for MLW Zero Hour which takes place on December 14th are the following contests: 

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. LA Park presented by Salina de la Renta

MLW Heavyweight Championship Match 

Low-Ki presented by Salina de la Renta (c) vs. Konnan

MLW Middleweight Championship Four-Way Match

MJF (c)vs. Kotto Brazil vs. Jason Cade vs. ???

Next, we go to an interview with Kotto Brazil about his feelings on being added to the MLW Middleweight Championship fight. He is however attacked from behind by MJF. 

It is announced that next week on MLW Fusion Brian Pillman, Jr. of the Hart Foundation taking on Tommy Dreamer. We then go to a video promo from Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman, Jr. about this match. Also announced for next week’s episode is the Lucha Brothers defending their MLW Tag Team titles against the team of LA Park and Hijo de LA Park. Salina de la Renta will, of course, be afoot with her clients, so who knows what will go down. 

Our next match is Gringo Loco taking on the indie sensation, Marko Stunt. This was a great exhibition for Stunt, getting to show off many of his high-flying maneuvers. Stunt pulls off the win on the much larger opponent after a surprise double knees to the face. As we prepare to go onto the main event, we see Salina de la Renta pass by Stokely Hathaway on their way to the ring. 

Our final match is the main event of the episode, which was the MLW Heavyweight Championship rematch between Low-Ki, presented by Salina de la Renta, and Shane Strickland. The match began at a much slower pace than expected from Swerve, the methodical approach is one more closely associated with the champion. For the first ten minutes or so, Swerve was firmly in control. Low-Ki showed how fast things can change by getting out of a suplex attempt by Strickland and depositing his midsection across a cameraman’s camera at ringside. The next section of this match was controlled by Low-Ki, however, Swerve was able to get a second wind. Unfortunately, during this time, the referee got inadvertently knocked down. 

Strickland was able to hit the Swerve Stomp, but when he made a pin attempt, the referee was still down. A second referee came out from the back and made the count, but Low-Ki was able to kick out. Ricky Martinez then jumped on the apron to distract the referee, and while the referee was tied up, Low-Ki went into action. Strickland also came over to shoo Martinez away, and from behind, Low-Ki grabbed onto Strickland’s hair. He pulled and ripped at the signature braids of Swerve and even ripped a couple out of his head. By these means, Low-Ki was able to get the win and retain his championship. 

After the match, Swerve continued his uncharacteristic behavior. Strickland threw what was akin to a temper tantrum, throwing stuff around and into the ring. Swerve then got the microphone and cut a scathing promo. He said that there was hypocrisy in MLW, that the fans were a problem and so was Court Bauer. Ringside officials attempted to get Strickland to calm down to no avail, so the microphone was then cut-off. While this tantrum was going on, Stokely Hathaway was shown in the crowd, watching Swerve’s antics with a smile. The final images of the show were Strickland flipping the bird and exiting through the crowd. 

What will Strickland say next? What is Stokely Hathaway’s interest in this situation? We’ll have to find out next week on MLW Fusion!

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