MLW Fusion for Episode 28 | Review

We start this episode of MLW Fusion for Episode 28 off with footage from the recent media day in Chicago. We see “Filthy” Tom Lawlor stalking down a corridor to confront Low-Ki, and Lawlor is attacked from behind by Sami Callihan. Callihan chokes the MMA sensation out with his trademark baseball bat while Low-Ki looks on with a smile. Our commentary team of Tony Schiavone and Matt Striker appear next, they are dressed up in costume for this special Fright Night edition of MLW Fusion. The matches for the night are previewed, which includes PCO versus LA Park and Spin the Wheel, Make a Deal between Jimmy Havoc and Sami Callihan.

Our first match of the evening is Joey Ryan taking on Richard Holliday, the self-proclaimed “Most Marketable Man in Wrestling.” Holliday is three years deep into his wrestling career and is the Wall Street type. This contrasts with the large, um, personality of Joey Ryan and his unique brand of mind games. Striker and Schiavone spend some time talking about Ryan’s use of mind games in the vein of The Fantastics and The Fabulous Ones of yesteryear. What also works its way into the conversation is the fact that Low-Ki’s opponents tend to get attacked prior to facing off with the champion.

MLW Fusion for Episode 28

The conversation does get turned back to the match at hand, which saw Joey Ryan come out victorious. He hit Holliday with a ballsplex and attempted Sweet Tooth Music. Holliday was able to counter this with a backslide for two. Landing back on his feet, Ryan was able to hit Sweet Tooth Music on the second attempt and get the 1-2-3.

Footage from last week’s episode was shown where Sammy Guevara took on Hijo de LA Park unsuccessfully. Konnan is shown to be talking to the young Guevara, giving him advice. After the youngster walks away, Konnan is confronted by Guevara’s former employer – Salina de la Renta. She isn’t alone either, she has the MLW Champion Low-Ki and Ricky Martinez with her. After some mutual trash-talking, Konnan informs them that he has another challenger for Low-Ki in Mexican sensation Daga. Next is a video package hyping RUSH from Los Ingobernables, who will be coming soon to MLW.

Ask Havoc

We go to the backstage area where Kacy Lennox is with Jimmy Havoc who won the privilege of spinning the wheel. The wheel lands on Spinner’s Choice, and in true Jimmy Havoc style, he picks all of them. So, who knows what kind of fight will be in store in the main event! Returning to the ringside area, we move onto our next match. PCO will be taking on LA Park who is presented by Salina de la Renta. Both men are insane and possibly not human. Both men trade heavy strikes, crazy dives, and LA Park’s trademark steel chair. In an unexpected ending, LA Park put the French-Canadian Frankenstein with a spear.

After the match, LA Park cuts a series of promos in Spanish, which Salina translates into English for the rest of us. He promises to end the war with Konnan and demands a tag team title match against the Lucha Bros.

Callihan being interviewed

Back in the backstage area, Kacy Lennox attempts to interview Sami Callihan. He takes the microphone from her, however, and dismisses her from the scene. Sami then cuts a promo saying he doesn’t care what stipulations come into play, that he will end Jimmy Havoc no matter what. Next, we go to Rich Bocchini in the Event Center where he runs down the entire card for MLW Fightland. The announced lineup is:

Chicago Street Fight
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor vs. Sami Callihan
MLW Tag Team Championship Match
Lucha Bros (c) vs. Los Parks
MLW Heavyweight Championship Match
Low-Ki (c) vs. Shane Strickland
RUSH vs. Sammy Guevara
No Disqualification Match
PCO vs. Brody King
Ace Romero vs. Marko Stunt
Dirty Blondes vs. Size Matters (Joey Ryan & Swoggle)
Brian Pillman, Jr. vs. Tommy Dreamer
Kotto Brazil vs. Trey Miguel
Stokely Hathaway will also be returning to MLW at Fightland!

It’s finally time for the main event. This one will not be a wrestling match so much as it will be a fight. I think the most innovative and unexpected were an 8×10 of Joey Ryan and a lemon. How were these used, you ask? Let me share, this was my favorite part of the match. Jimmy Havoc retrieved the 8×10 photo of Joey Ryan and proceeded to give Sami Callihan many paper cuts. Havoc then retrieved the lemon, which he bit into Ozzy Osborne style and squeezed the lemon juice into the cuts.

Eventually, Sami was able to get England’s Most Dangerous man into a body bag after a piledriver. Before the bag could be zipped up all the way though, Havoc sat up and spit at Callihan. The Callihan Death Machine did not take kindly to this and gave Havoc a second piledriver. This proved to be the difference-maker and Callihan picks up the victory. Before the show ends, they preview the matches in store for next week’s episode of MLW Fusion!

Still to come!

The matches you can expect to see are Tommy Dreamer taking on the Bounty Hunter, Brody King; as well as a six-man tag team match. This tag match will pit the Hart Foundation against the team of ACH, Rich Swann, and Marko Stunt. I’ll see you next week for another MLW Fusion review! This was the MLW Fusion review for Episode 28.

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