MLW Fusion Christmas Special | Review

For a holiday gift this year, MLW released a special Christmas episode of MLW Fusion! This one is a little different than the usual MLW Fusion, it’s not a full hour in length. It also doesn’t feature a lot of video packages or storyline filling segments. It’s quite literally just three amazing matches for you to enjoy!

Tony Schiavone opens the show with a voiceover, letting us know that Maxwell J Friedman (MJF) will be taking on Puma King in a flag match! Before that, we have PCO taking on Brody King. Prior to the match getting underway, we are treated to a one of a kind PCO promo! He promises to make Brody feel his electricity.

The match is announced to be no disqualification! PCO and King have clashed before in MLW and that match was ended via DQ. So now we will finally get to see what PCO and Brody King can do without those pesky restrictions of a regular match.

The fight quickly left the ring and involved a suicide dive by PCO, many stiff chops and a cannonball dive by King. PCO was seated in a chair and didn’t immediately go down but did fall. This provided a nice moment of levity. This match was full of incredible moments, ones that are worth checking out. The finish came when Brody King set up four chairs in the ring. He intended to use them as a landing pad for PCO, but this backfired on him. PCO hit a chokeslam, driving King through the chairs. PCO picks up the win!

We then go to the backstage area, where Kaci Lennox is standing by with MJF. MJF describes his reasoning for challenging Puma King to a flag match. This is perhaps the best promo I’ve ever personally seen from MJF, so I encourage you to check it out.

Before we can get to the flag match, we have some amazing middleweight action. Ace Austin takes on Myron Reed in a match that is not worthy of being merely described by me. This is MUST SEE! Myron Reed gets the surprise win after using a reversal by Austin to his advantage.

Up next is our main event where MJF, accompanied by Aria Blake, takes on Puma King who is cornered by Konnan.

This was another match that my words could never do justice. Puma King is so entertaining, combining his lucha style with the mannerisms of a cat. MJF, for as hated as he is, is very insanely talented as well. If only he could be quiet about that for maybe five minutes. The finish came when Aria Blake attempted to stop Puma King from retrieving the Mexican flag. Puma had been pawing and preening Aria earlier and now he plants a kiss on her! Aria drops off the apron and Puma King hoists the flag of his home country high.

While this was not your traditional episode of MLW Fusion, it was very enjoyable. The nearly 40-minute show flew right by. I’ll be back on Monday with my regular MLW Fusion review. Don’t forget on New Year’s Eve, if you have beINSports there is an MLW Fusion marathon all day long. It starts at 6 AM Eastern time.

Originally written by Brandi Wagner

My name is Brandi, I'm 30 years young and have been a wrestling fan since the tender age of 2. My love of writing grew from school and I soon found ways to merge my two loves. Aside from writing and the pro graps, I love to do crafts and read. I was born and raised in Alaska, which is also where I currently make my home. Hit me up, I love to chat!