#Review IWA Impacto Total for 06/29/19

The International Wrestling Association (IWA) is a legendary name in wrestling. From 1994 to 1995 it was a notable promotion in Japan, best known for the Tournament Of Death. A one-night tournament with brutal deathmatches that culminated with Terry Funk vs Mick Foley in an exploding ring. The promotion was created by the legendary booker Victor Quinones who booked for WWC’s boom period in the early ’80s, FMW’s own boom period in the early ’90s, splintered off into W*ING before creating the IWA and in 1999 he moved back to his native Puerto Rico where IWA re-opened as a developmental territory for the WWF. This saw the likes of The Brood, The Hardy Boyz, Kane, Big Show, Undertaker and much more travel to the island for exhibitions.

In 2002 IWA separated but by then had massive self-made stars in Apolo, Ricky Banderas (now Mil Muertes), Shane The Glamour Boy as well as re-invented Ray Gonzalez, Savio Vega and Miguel Perez Jr for a very ‘Attitude Era’ inspired boom that saw Puerto Rico filling stadiums week in and week out. However when Victor Quinones died in 2006, slowly IWA started losing its footing as the creative genius that led several re-inventions to pro wrestling worldwide was now gone. Little by little, creative and financial decisions led to 2012 when the company quietly folded and a revolution seemingly ended. But rabid fans did not stay quiet.

For years, Savio Vega had attempted to keep the IWA name alive under some capacity, using it for seeming invasion angles and such. Until 2019 came and the company was able to re-launch. Now the IWA lives again. ‘Impacto Total’ has always been its flagship show, airing every Saturday at 1 pm at whatever channel had them. Now they’re on YouTube.

Host and ring announcer Magnum Mulero welcomes us to the show, running down the two matches we will see.

Our commentators are Nelson Centeno & Javier ‘Balky’ Lopez who were former WWL commentators. An exodus of talent was kind of what led to this incarnation of the IWA.

Backstage at their January reunion show, Miguel Perez & Huracan Castillo are confronted by long-time rivals the Youngbloods calling them the Carribean Express. Their name in the ’80s. Perez and Castillo correct them. They’re Los Boricuas. Get used to it. And if you don’t like it, “I got 4 words for you: I Don’t Give A Sh*t~!” Miguel’s catchphrase as he’s meant to be kind of crazy. Also, in Spanish, it actually is 4 words.

Image: IWA

Faraon Xarrux & Agente Bruno (with Angel Rodriguez) vs Legio (Spectro & Vassago)

Legio is formally from WWL. Xarrux is literally a mummy. The match is very basic and the cameras are all very shaky as this was from their initial nostalgia tour back in January when they really didn’t have much of a plan. We get the very common ‘let us cheat just because’ tactics from manager Rodriguez as he kinda chokes behind the ref’s back. Bruno hits a nice Sitout Spinebuster which the inexperienced commentators call “some sort of Suplex with a spatula”. Naming moves was never this island’s forte. After a break they redeem themselves naming a Diamond Cutter from Vassago as such instead of the more common “Paralyzer” and big man Spectro comes in to clean house. All 4 brawl, Spectro hits an STO and a Frog Splash from Vassago wins this one. Very average.

Magnum Mulero is with Savio Vega and the two discuss the real-life situation with investor/real-life politician and obsessive fan Fernando Tonos who suffered a concussion in their last show and needed medical attention. Savio assures he’ll be fine but they go back into character with Savio blaming Manny Ferno (another former WWL name and leader of the stable ‘Puro Macho’) for it. He officially announces the cancelation of their next card “Summer Attitude” and announces instead their next mayor event will be in September with ‘Golpe De Estado’ IWA’s top event of the year. (It means Coup D’Etat by the way) and challenges Manny Ferno to a match there. “If you have the balls for it!” Uff. Called his bluff there.

Image: IWA

Los Boricuas (Miguel Perez Jr & Huracan Castillo Jr) vs The Youngbloods (Chris & Mark Youngblood)

Yes, as in Los Boricuas who was in WWF. Perez by himself is quite the legend of the indies being a notable star in tons of Japanese promotions, the UWA in Mexico, CMLL & AAA plus his big stints in Puerto Rico. Huracan Castillo is also a second-generation legend though not quite as well-traveled as his partner for 30 years. He’s the more level-headed of the two as Miguel gets on the apron still wearing his reading glasses and has to be told to take them off.

We get all sorts of flimsy Armbars and running of the ropes going around as the 4 really show their age here. Eventually, Miguel whacks Chris Youngblood with a kendo stick behind the refs back for the heat and Miguel tags Mark because he’s wacky like that. All 3 get in, the Youngbloods just stumble down and suddenly we get Stefy (effeminate comedy wrestler) and Paparazzi (he’s literally a Paparazzi) storming in and distracting the Youngbloods letting Castillo hit Mark with a ring bell for the win. It sucked. Plain and simple. This was a nostalgia match from the ’80s.

Image: IWA

And sadly that’s what ends the show. They WILL be ditching all this nostalgia stuff soon enough given they have to promote their massive Golpe De Estado show as well as eventually wear out that particular footage but this was not a very good re-introduction into this new IWA.

If you’re curious, here’s the episode to view.

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