#Review: IMPACT Wrestling Presents Slammiversary

Dallas, Texas plays host to IMPACT Wrestling’s Slammiversary. The night will be filled with action. On the card are title matches, a deathmatch, a ball set for monsters and, in the main event a Machine takes on the Unbreakable in a match for the IMPACT World Title!

Slammiversary kicks off with TJP, Trey Miguel, Jake Crist, and Willie Mack. Crist starts the match hitting elbow strikes on each opponent. He is taken out by a double superkick from Trey and Perkins. Trey is knocked to the outside by Willie who then hits a Samoan Drop and standing moonsault on Pekins for a near fall. Trey misses the kick in the corner, TJP goes over but misses with the DDT and locks in the submission on Crist and Trey. Mack breaks up the hold with an elbow to the back of Perkins’ neck.

TJP knock Mack onto the bottom rope then hits the springboard dropkick landing on the apron. Crist knocks Perkins to the outside with an elbow. Mack dives over the top taking out TJP followed by Crist who hits the DDT on Mack. Trey fakes out Crist before taking everyone out on the outside. Perkins applies the surfboard on Trey but is pinned by Jake Crist. Mack jumps from the top crashing into them effectively breaking up both pinfall and submission. Perkins rocks Willie with spin kick after he misses the powerbomb and hits the shoulder tackle on TJP; Trey dropkicks Mack.

Crist takes out Perkins from the corner then hits Mack with Death Valley Driver for the pin which is broken up by Perkins. Crist hits a back suplex on Perkins before floating over into the submission. Trey jumps off the top, breaking up the submission with the flying double knees. Crist catching Trey on the top turnbuckle with a supercutter. Willie Mack hits Trey with the Frog Splash for the three count and the victory!

A recap from Friday night’s Bash at the Brewery plays, showing The North defeating LAX. Their title win sets up the triple threat tonight at Slammiversary. Melissa Santos interviews the new champions in the back. Ethan Page says it was no surprise they won the titles, and they will retain tonight because they’ve always said that they would be champions.

Slammiversary review
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Next is the triple threat match for the World Tag Championships. It pits former champions LAX and the Rascalz against the new champions, The North. LAX attack The North before the bell knocking them from the ring apron. They then focus on taking out Dez and Wentz in the ring. All four men exchange offensive maneuvers in the ring, wearing each other down. This allows Page and Alexander to pick the bones of each team after.

Alexander applies the ankle lock on Ortiz while Page keeps everyone at bay. Wentz fights free, throwing Alexander into the corner at Page. Wentz and Dez hit a flurry of double team offense. Dez covers Alexander for a two count as Wentz goes to the top rope. Ortiz takes out Dez with a backdrop and LAX get the double team on Alexander.

Dez hits Page with an enziguri. Alexander climbs the turnbuckle catching Dez with a moonsault slam, then Page hits the swanton bomb for a near fall. Alexander breaks up the Doomsday double team as Ortiz hits the powerbomb into a near fall on Page. Santana appears to be legitimately hurt.

Alexander rolls up Ortiz for a near fall while Santana receives medical attention. Wentz breaks up the pinfall, and Dez flips over the top rope taking out both members of The North. Wentz hits the standing moonsault on Dez for the pin. Ethan Page powerbombs Dez onto the back of Wentz, pinning Ortiz to retain the titles.

Sami Callihan addresses Tessa Blanchard laying himself and O.V.E. out this last Friday, claiming he is the real hero. He claims he is doing the same thing as Tessa. He says he will take out Tessa tonight “for the sake of equality” in the first-ever intergender main event match on American PPV!

Slammiversary review
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The next match at Slammiversary is the First Blood match between Killer Kross and Eddie Edwards. Kross makes his way to the ring sporting a different look; white face paint and a priest’s collar. Eddie starts the match swinging Kenny (the kendo stick) and hitting Kross in the ribs. Kross fights him into the ring. Eddie sidesteps Kross, tossing him outside, then dives out onto him.

Eddie chops Kross against the barricade then brings a chair out from under the ring. Kross spikes Eddie onto the ring apron and looks under the ring where he also finds a chair. He tosses Edwards into the ring. Kross throws a chair at Edwards as he dives through the ropes catching him in the face. Kross stacks the chairs at ringside, climbing to the apron with Edwards and jumps off him off with a gut-wrench suplex on the chairs.

Edwards ducks a chair shot by Kross throwing a chair into his face. The referee checks for blood. Eddie slides into the ring and hits Kross with the blue thunder bomb then rains down with punches. Kross gets back to his feet, kicking Edwards down to the mat and raining down blows of his own. He then throws Edwards into the corner blasting again with heavy fists. Kross sets up Eddie on the turnbuckle but Eddie fights out and then hits the Boston Knee Party.

Eddie grabs Kenny, swinging wildly. Kross catches him in the cross jacket choke. Eddie rolls to the floor breaking the hold. He fights out the hold again driving Kross to the floor with a tiger bomb. Kross rolls back into the ring followed by Edwards who hits a Boston Knee Party to the back of the head of Kross. Eddie has Kenny in hand again. He breaks Kenny over his knee jamming it down the throat of Killer Kross causing him to bleed and winning the match.

Melendez Report: Melendez tries to ask Tessa Blanchard about her match. She shoves him against the wall ignoring his question

Melissa Santos interviews RVD about his match with Moose. Van Dam says he respects Moose but needs to prove to Mr. IMPACT Wrestling he is still Mr. PPV.

RVD Moose
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Moose attacks RVD before the bell but Van Dam reverses the Irish Whip. Moose rolls to the outside avoiding Rolling Thunder but Van Dam gives chase and dives out onto him. Moose takes control as RVD plays to the crowd. Van Dam reverses with headscissors takedown hitting a flip from the ring apron, then tosses Moose back into the ring. Van Dam hits the shoulder blocks in the corner, but Moose catches RVD as he plays to the crowd.

Van Dam counters back body dropping Moose onto the ramp, hitting a series of clotheslines and tossing him into the ring. Moose catches Van Dam in the corner with a dropkick then hits the Go To Hell but only gets a two count. Van Dam misses with a big kick allowing Moose to hit a DDT. The big man goes to the top rope but misses the frog splash. Van Dam hits a DDT for a near fall.

Moose shields himself with the referee then hits a low blow and goes to the outside for a chair. The referee and Moose fight over the chair. Van Dam kicks the chair into his face then hits the drop toe hold onto the chair. RVD misses the Five Star Frog Splash and Moose hit the spear for the three count. Backstage, Melissa Santos attempts to interview the Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie, who just takes the mic. She claims she will win despite Rosemary not helping her take out the “flea goblins.”

KO Slam
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The knockouts pair off to start the match. Taya and Rosemary take control early. Rosemary and Su Yung collide with chairs. Rosemary knocks Havok from the ring with a garbage can leaving Su and Taya standing. Taya uses a staple gun stapling her picture to Su’s forehead. Havok comes from behind Taya, tying her in the tree of woe driving her through on open chair in the corner then washing her with a boot.

Rosemary grounds Havok with a dropkick then rails her with a chair. Su Yung wraps the demon collar around Rosemary’s neck and throws her through the chair wedged in the corner. Taya takes out both with a ladder, then reverses a chokeslam attempt from Havok driving her into the ladder and climbing the turnbuckles. Su Yung stops Taya, hanging her in the tree of woe again. Rosemary superplexes Su Yung onto the ladder. Taya ducks Havok in the corner, driving her through the chair. Rosemary hits a spear then rolls to the outside and grabbing a bag of tacks, dumping them out in the corner. Taya and Rosemary brawl in the corner. The champion hits a German suplex, then drags Rosemary and stomps her face first into the tacks.

Havok breaks up Yung’s cover on Rosemary. Su and Havok get into a shoving match resulting in a misstep. Su misses Havok and spays mist at James Mitchell instead. Yung sinks in the mandible claw on Havok with the blood-stained glove. On the ring apron, Rosemary and Taya go through a table at ringside. Yung drags Havok to the top turnbuckle with a Mandible Claw. Havok reverses it into the super Tombstone onto the tacks. Taya throws a chair at Havok and pins Su Yung to retain her championship.

Melissa Santos interviews X-Division Champion Rich Swann prior to his match. Swan says he understands his title defense is the biggest match of his career. Johnny Impact interrupts him, saying you just can’t have Slammiversary without the Mayor of Slamtown. He goes on to say that’s where he’ll be taking Swann later tonight.

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Rich Swann defends his title against Johnny Impact. They lock up in the middle of the ring Swann taking over his opponent with a headlock. Johnny and Swann go hold for hold, Impact taking down Swann momentarily before a headscissors into the corner. John E. Bravo gathers the thumbtacks from ringside. This is so Impact can distract the referee by spreading them out in the ring.

Johnny drives Swann into the ring apron then tossing him into the ring. He kicks Swann in the head, tossing him outside and Bravo puts the boots to him. Swann fights back, hitting a DDT. Impact is then caught with a boot in the corner. He attempts a Spanish Fly, but Swann reverses and hits the standing 450 for a near fall. Johnny Impact sends Swann into the ropes with a punch. Impact then ducks to the outside. Swann hits him with a dive then rolls him into the ring for an elbow drop.

He rolls into Johnny’s Edge for a two count. Both men spill to the outside from the corner. Bravo throws Johnny into the ring where he hits Spanish Fly from the corner then picks up Swann for a standing Spanish Fly for another near fall. Bravo picks the leg of Swann who turns around, diving outside and taking him out. Johnny Impact dives over but misses. Swann fights Impact into the ring. Swann hits a series of strikes rocking Johnny, setting up the springboard cutter. Rich Swann climbs to the top rope hitting the Phoenix Splash for the three counts retaining his X-Division Championship.

Michael Elgin claims tonight at Slammiversary he will break The Machine and take his World Title.

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It’s time for IMPACT World Championship match at Slammivesary! Both men charge one another and start throwing bombs. Cage drives the challenger into the corner, leveling him with an elbow. Elgin rolls to the outside followed by a diving Cage, who rolls him into the ring. Elgin fights out of a hold by hitting an elbow and positions him on the turnbuckle for the superplex, sending both crashing hard to the mat.

On the outside, Elgin drives The Machine into the barricade and then slams him into the ring apron. Elgin slides into the ring climbing the turnbuckle. Cage avoids impact by rolling to the corner. Elgin blocks the pump kick hitting the backbreaker on the champion. Cage hits the tornado DDT from the top rope then hits a facebuster for a near fall. Elgin drives him back into the turnbuckle. Cage hits Elgin with an electric chair drop for the near fall.

Cage misses the powerbomb into a sunset flip for a near fall on Elgin. Elgin hits the clothesline, then picks up Cage in a crucifix position, slamming him to the mat for a two count. He throws Cage into the buckle but he pops out hitting a clothesline. Cage reverses into a buckle bomb then an F5 reversed by Elgin into a Canadian Destroyer for a near fall. Brian hits a high knee into the F5 but Elgin kicks out.

Cage gets to his feet first signaling the end but misses the Drill Claw. Elgin hits Cage with a discus clothesline and ab buckle bomb. Brian Cage reverses a backdrop sitting back on Elgin’s shoulders for the three count! After the match, Elgin hits Cage with the belt. He then goes to the announce table and grabs Don Callis. A masked man jumps the rail spearing Big Mike, leaving him stunned inside the ring as Callis returns to the table.

It’s main event time at Slammiversary. For the first time in American pay-per-view history, an intergender match is the main event. Tessa Blanchard takes on Sami Callihan, bringing along her new baseball bat. Callihan is sitting ringside looking disgusted by his opponent. The two stare at each other down across the ring. Tessa steps face to face with Callihan.

The match finally gets physical as both competitors throw forearm shots. Tessa sends Callihan to the ring apron with a headscissors, knocking him to the floor with a springboard dropkick. She dives through the ropes three times but Callihan catches her on the last dive. Sami drives her into the barricade, then spikes her into the floor. Callihan gets into the ring standing, back turned, in the corner. Tessa slides back into the ring breaking the ten count. Callihan stomps on her screaming “I told you!”. He scoop slams her to the mat mockingly clapping. Sami tosses her out to the ramp. Tessa blocks a powerbomb attempt, ducking under and hitting a cutter on the ramp. Both wrestlers get back to the ring before the 10 count.

Tessa hits Callihan with repeated forearm shots, provoking Callihan to give her the finger. Tessa hits a Samoan Drop then climbs the top rope for Magnum. Callihan attempts to telegraph her, charging into the corner but she hops over him and rolls through to her feet. She reverses into tilt-a-whirl DDT for a near fall. Tessa tries the Buzzsaw DDT, but Callihan reverses into a shoulder breaker, kneeing her in the face. He then hits a powerbomb into a near fall. Callihan locks in an STF, wrenching back on her neck.

Tessa reaches the bottom rope, breaking the hold. Callihan drags her to the corner, Tessa reverses the piledriver from the top rope into a DDT into a pin. Callihan kicks out at two crawling into the corner. Tessa launches a series of elbow strikes, inadvertently hitting the referee. Callihan grabs his bat from the corner hitting Tessa in the jaw and pinning her. A second referee comes down to the make the count but Tessa kicks out a two, causing Callihan to take him out.

Tessa grabs her own bat smashing it into Callihan’s sternum. She climbs to the top rope finally hitting Magnum, but Callihan kick. Tessa floats over, locking in the crossface rolling over before Sami gets to the rope. Callihan fights to his feet hitting Blanchard with a package piledriver. Tessa kicks out at two and pissing off Callihan. He hits Tessa with devastating Cactus Special piledriver pinning her for the win.

After the match Callihan grabs both bats stalking Tessa into the corner before handing Tessa her bat, giving her the ring in a show of respect.

Replays of IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary are available for purchase on IMPACT+ and Fite.TV.