#Review: ICW New York Presents Party and Bullshit

Teddy Hart Steals the Show on ICW New York Card Featuring Scott Steiner, Nick Gage. Promoter Jac Sabboth’s ICW (Impact Championship Wrestling) started in 2001 in NYC. While leaning towards wild brawling and ECW inspired hardcore antics (tables are an endangered species on his shows), he also has always had an eye for great wrestling talent and has utilized such great technicians as Eddie Guerrero, Samoa Joe, Amazing Red, Low Ki and many more. On 11/30/01 his main-event of Eddie Guerrero vs. Low Ki garnered worldwide attention and while the promotion has had a history of starting and stopping, it’s always been a high level indy featuring excellent bouts that give the fans their money’s worth. And when Jac revived the promotion last year, area fans knew they were in for some great action.

This past Friday’s card (2/15) was no exception and I’ll cite what were the highlights for me.

As a jaded old school fan, who has attended wrestling since 1974, it takes a lot for me to say, “Wow!” but 40-year-old Teddy Hart in a 4* match versus 21-year-old up and comer Jimmy Lloyd most certainly won me over and stole the show. Hart did moves that not only defied gravity but amazingly I’d never, ever seen many of them before. Plus, he’s far more than just a spot guy; he can wrestle with the best of them and has charisma to spare. And when he gets on the stick he can actually (gasp!) talk, which isn’t all that common in the indies. A major promotion must give this guy one last big run because if anybody deserves it, it’s the remarkable Teddy Hart.

Also, of note was a wild brawl of a main event as hardcore icon Nick Gage and a heel Scott Steiner battled throughout the building. Steiner, like Brock Lesnar, may just be the last guy on Planet Earth I’d want angry at me, as in full heel mode to say he’s menacing would be an understatement. Gage is totally over with this crowd and although “half the size” of Steiner, was a credible opponent in a wild affair worthy of a rematch.

The opening bout featured the always excellent yet underrated veteran Grim Reefer of Dog House fame putting on a topnotch match vs. a game Tony Deppen. The best way to describe this is we got to witness “every move in the book” and was as fine an opener as I’ve seen in ages.

Another underrated talent who is as deserving as anyone of a major promotion run is Azrieal who never puts on a bad match- as evidenced again in this sizzler vs. Jungle Boy. I could see both these guys easily fitting into WWE’s 205 roster.

Also, nice to see such luminaries as ROH’s Prince Nana and Matt Stryker greeting the fans which only added to the festivities.

With not a bad match all night, this was a great showcase for ICW as they made their Internet Pay Per View debut. They return 5/25/19 to Ultimate Fitness in Queens and I’m sure we can expect some great wrestling, high spots, and the inevitable broken tables. With nearly 20 years under their belt, ICW has a rich legacy and I’m glad they’re back.

ICW 02/15/19 Game Changer Presents ICW: Party and Bullshit Results
Credit Cagematch

Grim Reefer defeats Tony Deppen

Penelope Ford defeats Maria Manic

Jungle Boy defeats Azrieal

Teddy Hart defeats Jimmy Lloyd

IndependentWrestling.tv Title Match
Orange Cassidy (c) defeats Chris Dickinson

Five Way Scramble Match
Facade (w/Dani Mo) defeats Eli Everfly and Kit Osbourne and KTB and Sanchez (w/Riley Madison)

Nick Gage defeats Scott Steiner by Count Out

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