#Review: CMLL Viernes Espectacular 05/17/2019

Welcome to our CMLL Viernes Espectacular review. This event features the rivalry between Kaho Kobayashi and Amapola. On May 31 they will face off in a hair vs hair match. Tonight’s fifth match will feature the rivalry between the leader of “Guerreros Laguneros” Ultimo Guerrero and the legend Mascara Año 2000. They will also face-off in a hair vs hair match in the main event of “Juicio Final” on May 31st. The main event will be Caristico, Volador Jr., and Mistico vs Carvenario, Sanson, and Cuatrero. Which team will come out with their hands held high? Which rivalries will come out of this event? Let’s find out.

Photo / CMLL

Star Jr and Magia Blanca vs Espanto Jr and Akuma

The first match of CMLL Viernes Espectacular featured the rookies of CMLL. In Mexico, an opening match is referred to as “Calentar Lona.” This translates to “heat up the ring (canvas). In the finish of the first fall, Akuma surprised Magia Blanca with a dropkick when Magia tried to hit a crossbody block. Star Jr was eliminated when Akuma tossed him to Espanto Jr. for a powerbomb. The second fall started with total domination by the rudos or heels. The tecnicos or babyfaces came back with Star Jr delivering a headscissors to Espanto Jr on the ring apron.

Akuma was eliminated by a combination move, with Magia throwing him with a hurricanrana from the top rope. Then Star Jr landed a crossbody. Magia Blanca submitted Espanto Jr, ending the second fall. The final fall featured headscissors and dives by Star Jr. and Magia Blanca. However, Espanto Jr. and Akuma stopped their opponents when Akuma grabbed Magia and threw him against the barricade. Akuma hit a dropkick from the ring apron on Magia. Star Jr submitted to an Inverted Surfboard by Espanto Jr.

Winners: Espanto Jr and Akuma

Marcela, Kaho Kobayashi and Sanely vs Amapalo, Tiffany, and Metalica

The second match was a women’s match, focusing on the feud between Kaho Kobayashi and Amapalo. It started Amapalo and Kaho brawling. The first fall started before the bell rang and ended with Sanely defeating Metalica with a Splash in the corner. and Marcela defeated Tiffany with a Double Foot Stomp off the top rope. The second fall was for the Rudas. We saw more between Amapola and Kaho but ended with Metalica hitting a Swanton Bomb on Marcela who was the Tecnicas captain.

The final fall was for the Tecnicas team when Sanely jumped toward Metalica from the corner to outside of the ring. Marcela did the same with both Tiffany and Metalica. In the end, it was Kaho and Amapola facing each other. Kaho pins Amapola to get the win. This finish could be the same result at “Juicio Final”. The fans threw money in the ring after the match. This is traditional when a match is very good and appreciated by the fans.

Winner: Marcela, Kaho Kobayashi and Sanely

Esfinge, Triton and Rey Cometa vs Hechicero, El Felino and Tiger

The third match of the night was great. The first fall was won by the rudos, Hechicero, El Felino and Tiger. We did see dives and tope suicidas by the Tecnicos in Esfinge, Triton and Rey Cometa. The end of the first fall came when Hechicero covered Rey Cometa. In the second fall the rudos dominated, they punished the tecnicos around and outside the ring. They were surprised when Cometa hit a hurricanrana on Tiger from the ring apron to the floor. Esfinge flew with a somersault plancha to Hechicero outside of the ring. Triton pinned Felino with Leg Drop from the middle rope. The final fall had great moves and amazing dives by both teams. Although the Tecnicos made amazing dives, they couldn’t secure the victory. The Tecnicos eliminated Hechicero. However, Tiger defeated both Esfinge with La Casita and Triton with a Backstabber.

Winner: Hechicero, El Felino and Tiger

Relampago (Lightning) Match
Soberano Jr vs Negro Casas

A relampago or lighting match is much faster than other matches on this card. It is one fall with a time limit of ten minutes. This is experience (Negro Casas) against youth (Soberano, Jr.) and was a great match. We could see the strong style of Casas with his kicks. On the part of Soberano Jr, he showed his high flying moves and tornillo dives. The ending came when Soberano Jr was distracted by Periquito Zacarias who was seconding Negro Casas. Negro Casas took advantage of the distraction and hit a Canadian destroyer and La Casita to win the match.

Winner: Negro Casas

Rudos vs Rudos (Guerreros Laguneros) Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Gran Guerrero vs Mascara Año 2000, Mephisto and Ephesto

This is second to last match of the evening for CMLL Super Viernes. Before Mascara Año 2000 arrived, Ultimo Guerrero caught him. The first fall was controlled and won by Mascara Año 2000’s team with kicks and hits. Mascara Año 2000 hit a senton to Gran Guerrero with Mephisto covering him and Ephesto defeated Euforia. At the beginning of the second fall, Mascara’s team punished the Guerreros Laguneros inside and outside the ring. However, the fall was for the Laguneros who won via submission by Euforia and Gran Guerrero on Efhesto and Mephisto.

The last fall only has the two men in the ring. Mephisto hit a somersault plancha to Gran Guerrero and Ephesto a tope suicida to Euforia. The two men who will face-off at Juicio Final were fighting to see who will take the victory for their team. The fall was for Guerreros Laguneros via disqualification because (NGD: Nueva Generación Dinamita) Sanson and Cuatrero intervened to punish Ultimo Guerrero. Afterward, Ultimo Guerrero took to the microphone and he promises to win Mascara’s hair.

Winners: (Guerreros Laguneros) Ultimo Guerrero, Euforia and Gran Guerrero

Photo / CMLL

Batalla Final de Trios
(Sky Team) Caristico, El Valiente and Mistico vs Cavernario, (NGD) Sanson and Cuatrero

The final match of the evening for CMLL Viernes Espectacular involved some drama. El Valiente also replaced Volador, Jr. The first fall was fast-paced and featured dives by both teams. The rudo team of Cavernario, Sanson, and Cuatrero took advantage by winning the first fall. Sanson and Cuatrero demonstrated their power to defeat Caristico and El Valiente. The second fall was also controlled by the Rudos. The Sky Team did awesome high flying moves, but they could not win. The end came when Carvenario, with a distraction of the referee, took the mask off Mistico and pinned him with a small package. After the match, Mistico challenged Carvenario, who didn’t accept. Carvernario then again took Mistico’s mask!

Winners: Cavernario, (NGD) Sanson and Cuatrero

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