#Review: Beyond Wrestling Presents Sodom and Gomorrah (10/12/19)

In the good book, they spoke of two kingdoms, Sodom and Gomorrah. In the world of professional wrestling, we speak of battles between two sides. Not just good and bad, or heel and face, but between men and women looking for a win. That defines Beyond Wrestling’s event that took place this past Saturday, October 12th in Ashbury Park, New Jersey. 

Wheeler Yuta vs. Kimber Lee

We start off hot with two independent superstars I know well, the veteran Kimber Lee and one of my favorite standouts from his time in MLW, Wheeler Yuta. I have not always been a fan of intergender matches but this was fun to watch especially with some stiff chops from both sides. Honestly, Kimber legit can make anyone look good and that was the purpose here. An unhealthy distraction cost Lee the match here as Yuta gets the win via roll-up.

Bear Country (Bear Beefcake and Bear Bronson) vs. Alex Reynolds and VSK

I’ve watched Alex Reynolds dominate for years on the New York wrestling scene so his match was great to see. The ‘Handsome Devil’ and VSK have impressive chemistry being the cocky heels in this match but it was Bear Country here. Beefcake and Bronson both come off as top tier talents here, especially with Bronson pulling off a middle rope dive to the outside. Bear Country gets the win with their Elevator Drop finisher here.

Thomas Santell vs. Kenn Doane

Thomas Santell is an interesting character that reminds me of a lot of Colt Cabana’s Matt Classic gimmick with Nick Dismore’s Eugene cadence. The glasses, sweater and even the trip into the right was lovable face gold. As far as Kenn Doane, what can I say? Even the announcers said it: this man has come so far with all this talent and to be… here? This was a solid filler, as other than the set up for the next match from ‘Dirty Daddy’ with the run-in save, this match was eh. Doane gets the pin here.

Chris Dickinson vs. Christian Casanova

I am sold on Chris Dickinson. His presence automatically raised the crowds’ aura the moment he touches the ring to stop the beat down from Doanne’s Club Cam. Regardless, Dickinson was crisp in movement and even facial reactions, what you need from your superstar. From clothesline to mudhole stomp, Casanova took this beatdown like a champ and benefitted from a good showing with top talent. Dickinson gets the win here.

Erick Stevens vs. John Silver

If you love nothing but kicks that would put a smile on Bryan Danielson’s face and chops that would make Ric Flair blush then this was the match to watch. Stiff movements and slams all around, Stevens and Silver put on a clinic. But based on Eddie Kingston’s words, which the announcers reminded us of the week before’s Uncharted Territory, John was able to use that momentum to get the victory here. We’re also treated to a promo from Silver calling out the man known as Nick Gage. Let’s hope this builds to bigger matches for him.

Nick Gage vs. Addy Starr

I don’t care what anyone says, Nick F’n Gage deserves a shot in the big time. Facial expressions, movements, even the attacks with a door (yes, with a door) on Addy makes it feel like he wanted to end Starr’s career. Addy fought back dishing out some punishment of her own. Sick spot with a suplex through the door on Gage with a follow up of a double stomp onto on a broken door. I see a lot of Candace LeRae in Starr which, even though in a loss here off a very brutal looking piledriver, looks to have made herself one to watch in the future.

Alex Zayne vs. Eric Corvis vs. Johnny Cockstrong vs. Steve West vs. Daniel Makabe vs. Tony Deppen – Backyard Wrestling Summit Six-Way Scramble Match

Talk about a fun, all-around cluster of a match this was at Sodom and Gomorrah. More than I can even type here to describe. We had a plethora of holds, an insane Phoenix Splash, and even sick and impactful Taco Driver from Alex Zayne that has turned me into a fan-based on this match. Throughout the entire ordeal, somehow Tony Deppen gets a win here ending what was easily the best match of the entire show. Beyond is truly in good hands based on the performance these 6 men put on.

The Butcher and the Blade vs. Team Tremendous (Dan Barry & Bill Carr)

I knew the greatness of Pepper Parks in his Impact days but to see him here with Andy Williams shows me he’s finally found something that fits his ring style at Sodom and Gomorrah. The Butcher and the Blade, to me, is destined for tag team gold. However, I refuse to sell Barry and Carr short here as Team Tremendous are such a solid heel team with great chemistry. While I wasn’t high on Tremendous, the dirty low blow win here does make me want to see them get their ass kicked in a rematch (Uncharted Territory anyone?).

Kris Statlander vs. Matthew Justice

I have not been the biggest fan of intergender matches but this one took the cake for me. This was pure wrestling at it’s finest. Statlander probably has the best chop in the business, but Justice proved to me he belongs in these big matches, especially with an impactful Death Valley Driver from the top rope. Statlander stayed in this match as much as possible, even with a beautiful Area 4-51 which could’ve easily been a 3 count. Kimber Lee, unfortunately, ruins it with her distraction, a swift kick to Kris, which leads to a win by Matthew Justice.

Warhorse vs. Orange Cassidy for the IWTV Championship

Like many of the independent stars I’ve seen go on to AEW, I always expect that hunger to be on a high and the freshly squeezed one showed that at Sodom and Gomorrah. This was my first time watching a Warhorse match, and the same intensity he brings on social media, he brought in this match. From the very beginning, as Warhorse took the glasses off Cassidy’s face, you knew this was going to be a serious matchup. From the way Orange worked the arm, the hesitation dropkick to Warhorse face, to even the dangerous driver from the top rope, it was refreshing to see what AEW newest superstar can do. However, in the end, Warhorse gets the W here, even though, Orange Cassidy’s name still resides on the title? Do we see another match between these two? Only time will tell.

Beyond delivered tonight with this show and will continue to deliver on Uncharted Territory. I am looking forward to seeing what else they do with Kimber Lee (maybe a match with Kris Statlander?), Bear County, and of course the next challenger to Warhorse’s title. Whatever happens next, I will have it here for you on Pro Wrestling Post!

John Caul is a longtime wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. A former color commentator for several independent companies and former owner of independent wrestling company Imperial World Wrestling, John currently spends his time interacting with wrestling fans on Twitter while enjoying podcasts such as Cheap Heat and Jobber Tears.