#Review: Alpha-1 Wrestling Presents Purge IV

The following Alpha-1 Wrestling review of Purge IV was sent in by J.P Zammit

Ring announcer, Matthew Terry got on the mic welcoming everyone to the Knights Of Columbus Hall, welcoming the fans to Alpha-1 Wrestling and he welcomes everyone to The PURGE 4!

Su Yung V.S. Jody Threat

The Undead Bride vs. The Wild Child in another special attraction match. Another good match between both amazingly talented ladies. Jody Threat won by pinfall. Jody gave props to Su Yung.  Fans chanted ‘Please come back, Su Yung’.

Tag Team Title Gauntlet Match

The Besties In The World (Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett) vs The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) vs Space Pirates (Space Monkey and Shane Sabre) vs Fight Or Flight (Gabriel Fuerza and Vaughn Vertigo) vs A1 Originalz (Cheech and Eric Cairnie)

The North got on the mic at the last Alpha-1 show, The Otherside saying that they want a shot at the Alpha-1 Tag Team Titles. Then The North won the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Titles. Now they face 5 other teams in a Gauntlet Match for the A1 Tag Team Titles. A feat that has NEVER happened together. A weird placement for this match but OK then.

Order Of Elimination:
Fight Or Flight sadly got eliminated 1st by Besties In The World.
Besties In The World got eliminated by Space Pirates.
Space Pirates got eliminated by A1 OGZ.

A1 OGZ got eliminated by The North, thank goodness.

The North are the NEW Alpha-1 Tag Team Champions. Congratulations to them.

King Of Hearts Tournament Qualifier: Manders vs Danny Adams vs Holden Albright vs Hakim Zane

This was a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match until ring announcer, Matthew Terry announced that this match is a King Of Hearts Tournament Qualifying match. OK match, to say the least. A female fan almost got hit by a wet floor sign 4 matches in. Hakim Zane capitalizes on an opportunity and won by pinfall. He qualified for the 2019 King Of Hearts Tournament. Hakim got on the mic and the fans were pretty LOUD and vocal. Can’t remember what he said on the mic but it was a heelish promo.

Kody Lane vs Rich Swann

Last year @ The Purge III, he made his singles debut and now this year, he is in his BIGGEST match in Alpha-1 Wrestling against the former X Division and former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Rich Swann. This was 1 of the matches of the show. Rich Swann delivered BIG time during Purge IV. A lot of aerial maneuvers, thumbtacks, weapons, etc. In a SHOCKING upset, Kody Lane beat Rich Swann. After the match, Kody & Rich shake hands. What a MATCH!

Swoggle vs Mark Wheeler

This feud started at The Otherside when Wheeler teamed with Danny Adams against Colt Cabana & Swoggle. Swoggle embarrassed Mark Wheeler and Cabana & Swoggle got the victory against them so he requested a singles grudge match against Swoggle @ The Purge 4. There was a pretty weird HARDCORE match. Mark Wheeler super-kicked Swoggle but he kicked out. Swoggle won the match with his tadpole splash. Fans were chanting Weiner, among other things on The Golden Gun.


Zero Gravity Title Match: Trey Miguel vs BMD

There was a video of Trey at The Rascalz tree-house… in Canada for Purge IV?! He had some hookups and uninvited guests as well including BMD – Brett Michael David. BMD came and was congratulating the NEW Zero Gravity Champion, Trey Miguel. Trey gave him the 1st title shot at The Purge 4. He wanted to vape with him but BMD brought the Canadian beer instead so which lead to this match for the Zero Gravity Title. There was a beer, vaping and ALL of the above in this match. Trey Miguel retained his Zero Gravity Title. BMD wasn’t happy about it though. A pretty radical match if I do say so myself.

Gregory Iron and Rickey Shane Page vs Kobe Durst and ???

At True North Strong, Gregory Iron crashed the ALL Canadian show and attacked Diamondtiger Kobe Durst after he retained his Alpha Male Title against Lufisto. Gregory Iron even dressed UP as a Canadian masked wrestler to get a title match against but he didn’t buy that one bit. They brawled and Kobe challenged Gregory Iron to a Tag Team match where he can find a Mystery partner and Kobe can find a Mystery partner. Gregory Iron picked Rickey Shane Page. So Kobe decided to wait until The Purge 4 to announce his Mystery Tag Team partner. Diamondtiger Kobe Durst’s mystery Tag Team partner was… The returning Hacker, Scotty O’Shea. OMG! This was AWESOME.

A lot of good spots, the brawled at the bar, in the crowd, etc at Purge IV. Gregory Iron pinned The Hacker and got the victory for the team. The Alpha Male Champion wasn’t happy and got on the mic and explained that he didn’t pin the Alpha Male so his victory doesn’t mean anything to me and then he turned his back on The Hacker and blame him for the loss. Hacker got on the mic and said that on September 22nd, we shall see who is the ALPHA really is!” So now at King Of Hearts on September 22nd, Diamondtiger Kobe Durst will defend the Alpha Male Title against the returning Hacker, Scotty O’Shea.

Originally written by J.P Zammit