Retro Review: SHIMMER Volume 2

This week we return to our retro SHIMMER review series with Volume 2, the back half of the first SHIMMER taping. We have the same roster as in Volume 1, and sadly we will be seeing the last of Beth Phoenix in these reviews. She was given a developmental contract with WWE through OVW at this time. If you want to watch through the SHIMMER archives, the best way to do so is at

We open with a promo by Lacey, accusing Daizee of cheating to beat her, and saying she’s winning the four-way main event.

Krissy Vaine vs. Cindy Rogers

Vaine tells Rogers at the start that the crowd obviously loves beauty more than buns, getting a brief “We love buns” chant going. Both wrestlers exchange pinning attempts early on as Vaine protests to the referee to get Rogers off her. Vaine demands a handshake, but Rogers is too smart and rolls into an ankle lock. Prazak tells us that tag partners are not allowed to be seconds in the corners in singles matches in SHIMMER. I wonder how long we’ll see that actually be part of the rulebook. Vaine escapes the hold and begins chopping Rogers in the corner before riding Rogers like a pony to mock her.

Vaine hits a snap suplex and then stands on Rogers’ hair. She hits a running leg drop for two. Rogers trips up Vaine and gets a two count before Vaine re-establishes control and delivers a delayed sidewalk slam. Rogers hits a boot out of the corner followed up by a bulldog for a double down. Upon rising they exchange strikes and Rogers gets the better by wrapping Vaine’s arms in a submission before a side Russian leg sweep for two. Rogers hits a butt bump before a “Super Booty Bomb” in the corner. Vaine taps out to the TCB dragon sleeper from Rogers.

This is a perfectly serviceable opening match.

Lexie Fyfe vs. Nikki Roxx

Roxx takes control early until Fyfe rolls out of the ring. Fyfe is the most experienced wrestler on the original SHIMMER roster, having started in 1995. Roxx and Fyfe exchange some grappling, with Rox holding the advantage with a wristlock until Fyfe gets her own on. Roxx shows off acrobatics to escape and reverse, before missing a dropkick. Fyfe bodyslams Roxx and hits a leg drop for two. She presses the advantage to the corner and jaws at the referee before hitting a biel and several snapmares by the hair.  Fyfe locks in a submission hold, using both her legs and arms to hold Roxx’s arms behind her back.

Roxx reaches the ropes and Fyfe keeps her down with a pendulum hold. Fyfe applies the camel clutch and screams at the referee to ask her, before fish-hooking Roxx twice and next pulling Roxx’s hair. Fyfe avoids disqualification and eats a crossbody for two before regaining the advantage and hits two rolling vertical suplexes. Roxx gets her second wind and the two exchange chops, only for Fyfe to hit a facebuster for two off a lazy pin. Fyfe brings Roxx to the corner and winds up eating shoulder thrusts before downing Roxx again. Fyfe hits a bulldog but misses a second rope leg drop, and Roxx hits the Barbie Crusher for the win at SHIMMER Volume 2.

This was a bit too one-sided, but stronger in the ring than the opener, ultimately putting the match on an even level for me.

Tiana Ringer and Cheerleader Melissa vs. Ariel and Shantell Taylor

Melissa and Taylor start off. Taylor hits a series of dropkicks for two before setting in on a headlock. A quick O’Connor roll for two and Melissa has started on the back foot. Both tag out and Ariel drops Ringer before exchanging wristlocks and arm drags. Neither can get a one count and Ariel extends her hand for a handshake and fends off the coming forearm. Ariel tags to Taylor, who holds Ringer in the corner and ropes with chops before Melissa drags Taylor to the ground by her hair. Ringer hits a wheelbarrow full nelson and Melissa comes in, faking a tag while the referee’s back is turned.

Melissa tags out and both stomp Taylor in the tree of woe while Ariel protests to the referee. Taylor tries to fight back, but Ringer stomps and leg drops her head before tagging Melissa for a double team hip toss. Melissa delivers a couple of hard chops and a body slam to Taylor before standing on her throat. Taylor blocks a suplex with an inside cradle for two and eats a clothesline. Melissa throws Taylor to her corner and tags Ringer in. Ringer chokes Taylor, who fights out and almost makes the tag but eats a slam and a two count before continuing her comeback.

A double clothesline gives Taylor the chance to make it to her corner and both tag out. Ariel chops Melissa and hits a back body drop and flying headscissors. Melissa rolls out and Ariel takes care of Ringer in the corner and Taylor helps her set up. Melissa turns their efforts into a tower of doom. She goes for the air raid crash, but Ariel sunset flips for two. Melissa counters Ariel’s finisher and hits the Air Raid Crash for the win at SHIMMER Volume 2.

This was a very good tag match with excellent psychology throughout.


We get a look back at the time-limit draw and Sara Del Rey says she is going to show why she is the number one independent wrestler in the world. Mercedes comes in and tells her that she’s earned her respect, but she’s not even close to number one. She’s going to prove herself against all three of her opponents.

Amber O’Neal vs. Christie Ricci

O’Neal is overpowered in the lockup as Prazak and Allison Danger question the singles ability of both members of Team Blondage. She attempts a waist lock takedown, but Ricci easily avoids and switches to hit one of her own. O’Neal is very proud to hit a headlock, but Ricci back suplexes her out and O’Neal begs for a timeout. She pulls Ricci into the corner and hits some clubbing blows before choking Ricci across the ropes to finally gin some advantage.O’Neal does pretty well as the heel who jaw jacks at the referee, slapping on a rear chinlock before getting back into the corner.

She hits a bulldog for a pair of two counts. O’Neal with a Russian leg sweep for two. Ricci begins to fight back with forearms, but O’Neal keeps holding her down and gets a Boston Crab, but Ricci powers out. She keeps up the chokes and goes for a suplex. Ricci turns it into an inside cradle for two, and they roll around a bit. O’Neal emerges dizzy and gets rolled up for two and eats a pair of tilt-a-whirl backbreakers for another two count. Ricci maintains control and slams O’Neal down. She goes to the second rope, eating a boot to the face for two. O’Neal whips Ricci, who ducks a clothesline and there’s a bit of an awkward transition as Ricci goes for the Northern Lights Suplex for three at SHIMMER Volume 2.

O’Neal throws a tantrum in the ring after the match, saying it’s a conspiracy.

This was a fun match overall, and O’Neal’s trash talk to the referee elevates it, though the awkward finish limits it.

Rain vs. Allison Danger

Danger slaps on a hammerlock early, which Rain turns into a headlock. Danger re-reverses again, and there’s just a lot of good grappling in the early part of this match. Rain hits the first strike of the match after about two minutes holding a wristlock. The chain wrestling continues. Prazak informs us of both women’s main finishers the Acid Rain and the Shimmering Warlock. Danger brings Rain down with the wristlock and gets a one count, and the first separation comes when Rain forearms Danger off an Irish whip. Rain chokes Danger in the ropes and also pulls her hair before delivering a dropkick for two. She bites at Danger’s forehead before whipping Danger into the corner and delivering knees to the back for two. Danger hits a running rollup for two, but she takes a clothesline for two, and Rain takes issue with the referee’s count.


She grinds on Danger’s face with her forearm and puts Danger in a rear chinlock with her knee in the back. Danger makes it to the ropes and grabs the rope from a pin attempt. Rain ducks a Shimmering Warlock and cinches in a deep Boston Crab, but Danger reaches the ropes. Danger rolls outside and eats a baseball slide dropkick and Rain takes the fight outside, delivering a bearhug and slamming Danger’s back into the ring post. The count is at 9 and Rain rolls Danger in, breaking the count. Danger kicks out at two twice. Rain chops Danger twice, but Danger starts fighting back and hits a running knee for a double down.

Rain is up first. They exchange blows, with Danger firing up with clotheslines and a snap vertical suplex rolling into a bridging vertical suplex for two. Rain counters the STO into a neckbreaker over the knee for two. Rain gets off an O’Connor roll for two and Danger avoids the Acid Rain by countering with a shin breaker. There’s an awkward slingshot transition into a half crab and Rain reaches the ropes. Rain hits the Rain Drop (inverted DDT) for two. Rain’s knee gives out as she tries for Acid Rain again, leaving her open to the Shimmering Warlock and Allison Danger gets the win.

A really good singles match all around. The finish sequence after the half crab was particularly fantastic.

After the match, we cut to a Daizee Haze promo where she says she’s going to “smoke ‘em right to the dome” tonight.

Beth Phoenix vs. MsChif

Phoenix looks really apprehensive as MsChif makes her entrance. She flees to the crowd upon a scream from MsChif, taking encouragement from the fans that she can do this. It doesn’t seem like she can do this. MsChif scares her again and Phoenix hugs the ring post. She tries to be MsChif’s friend, but MsChif starts biting Phoenix’s hand and downs her, pulling her from the corner for two before stretching her in an inverted bow and arrow. Two crucifix rollups for two by Phoenix and MsChif holds the advantage with forearms. Phoenix ducks out of the way of a charge and slams MsChif on the floor, begging the referee to count and to do it faster.


MsChif gets to the apron and Phoenix drops her off again. As MsChif re-enters, Phoenix hits a gut-wrench suplex for two. She gets MsChif in a half-nelson on the ground and wonders if the screams are a yes or a no to submission. Phoenix escapes a very flexy inverted roll-up and thrusts shoulders into MsChif’s midsection in the corner. She hits a big leg drop for two and MsChif kicks out. MsChif hits a neckbreaker for two and Phoenix hits a backbreaker into a stretch. MsChif counters into a headscissors, which Phoenix jackknifes out of for a two. Phoenix delivers some chops and MsChif screams through, hitting a swinging face breaker for two. Standing moonsault for two by MsChif. Phoenix gets two from the corner and counters the Desecrator with a leg sweep before hitting a Beth Valley Driver for three. She hides behind the referee as she leaves.

There’s a really solid mix of comedy and wrestling in this match.

Mercedes Martinez vs. Lacey vs. Sara Del Rey vs. Daizee Haze

Del Rey and Lacey to start, and Lacey feels that they’re all against her. Lacey immediately ducks Del Rey and tags in Martinez. Neither can quite get the first blow in the opening minute, and Haze ta Del Rey out and eats a hip toss from Martinez. Martinez overpowers Haze and tags Lacey in, who continues the wristlock and delivers some kick for two. Haze’s kick out results in a pin attempt for two, and Haze tags in Del Rey, who hits a headbutt and knee drop for two. Lacey charges Del Rey in the corner and hits several kicks and a Meteora before a backstabber for two. Big headbutt from Del Rey, followed by a tag to Haze, whom Lacey immediately chokes on the ropes and gets a two count on. Lacey pulls Haze’s hair and slams her face into the mat.

Lacey puts a headlock on Haze and goes to tag Del Rey, who drops from the apron. Haze is able to escape and hold Lacey, who escapes and rushes to tag Del Rey. Haze goes to the top and flies at Del Rey with a crossbody to the outside. She then tags Martinez in, and Del Rey goes for rollups, getting two, and kicking out of a small package at two herself. Del Rey piefaces Haze as a tag, and Martinez hits a wheelbarrow facebuster for two. Forearms and a chop and Martinez throw Haze off for two.


Martinez goes for the full five count on a corner choke and gets warned. Lacey tags herself in Haze sunset flips Lacey for two, and Lacey quickly scrambles to Del Rey, who hits a Samoan drop on Haze for two. Lacey tags herself in and beats down Haze a bit and hits a cross-arm neckbreaker for two. Haze hits a headscissor and Lacey tags Del Rey on her way out, leading to Del Rey with a second rope snap mare for two on a lazy cover. Lacey tags in again and eats a Yakuza kick from Haze, who hits a second, and Martinez blind tags and eliminates Lacey with a Fisherman Buster.

Del Rey enters against Martinez and they trade strikes. She tries to butterfly Martinez’s arms, but she fights through and continues striking. Martinez chokes Del Rey across the ropes and Haze tags Martinez out blind. She hits Martinez with a missile dropkick followed by Heart Punch and Yakuza kick for three, eliminating Martinez even though she wasn’t legal. The pitfalls of tag rules in four-corners matches, right?

Del Rey tries to butterfly Haze, who counters into a backslide for two. Del Rey ducks a Yakuza kick and hits a big powerbomb for two. Haze tries a rollup for two and follows up with a Yakuza kick, which Del Rey gets a hand on the ropes for. Haze tries for a bulldog twice, countered into a butterfly lock and suplex for three at SHIMMER Volume 2.

This was a great match, but it loses something in the way Mercedes Martinez was eliminated while not the legal competitor. It’s not quite up to the standard set by the last two matches on Volume 1.


Cheerleader Melissa delivers a promo at the end, saying MsChif got lucky. She’s coming for MsChif to get her rematch in SHIMMER.

We also see that a SHIMMER exhibition match took place between Lexie Fyfe and Lorelei Lee at Full Impact Pro’s Orlando Onslaught on January 20, 2006. Lorelei Lee’s performance has earned her a spot on SHIMMER Vol. 3. Fyfe won with a TKO.

Allison Danger at the end says they found somebody new. Rebecca Knox will be debuting at SHIMMER Volume 3, with Danger challenging Knox for Volume 3