Report: Matt Hardy’s contract set to expire any day

In Monday’s edition of Raw, it appeared that the appearance of Matt Hardy could have been his final one. With rumors circulating of his future in the WWE and the rather cryptic messages that appear to come from Hardy’s FREE THE DELETE series. A tweet was sent out courtesy of WrestleVotes that suggests that this was Hardy’s final appearance. The tweet clarifies that Matt Hardy’s contract ends on March 1st.

For fans that witnessed the episode would notice how this also appears to be a crescendo of sorts. Hardy came to the ring to confront Randy Orton. Upon his entrance, Hardy shared how at one time he and Edge were the bitterest of rivals. He also shared how at one time he, his brother Jeff, Edge and Christian innovated the TLC matchup. That recognition brought about a series of ‘Lita’ chants by those in attendance. When Hardy questioned Orton he was ultimately RKOed. This was followed by a one-man con-chair-to to Hardy.

While Hardy could simply be having fun with fans it should be noted that he too posted a tweet after his appearance on Raw.

In a tweet simply titled GOODBYE, the video shows Hardy initially thanking Vanguard1 and then questioning it. It ties to Hardy’s recent lack of appearances on WWE Television. He goes on to say that he doesn’t believe he’s been given opportunities. Hardy continues on by running the gambit of Hardy’s past identities. Matt Hardy appears as though he has had an ah-ha moment in the process. ‘It HE, there with you?’. When it appears as though we have the answers, Matt continues to change the questions.

While rumors suggest that once Matt Hardy’s contract expires on March 1st that he will immediately be joining another prominent promotion. Much like a number of stars today, their creative freedom is crucial to their ability to perform. If this was goodbye, Hardy will be missed.