CM Punk Had Audition as Commentator for WWE Backstage

According to reports from’s Mike Johnson, the voice of the voiceless could be making a return to the WWE. In a coincidental fashion not by using his fists but rather his voice. Former WWE champion CM Punk was said to have been in Los Angeles earlier this week at the Fox Studios. The reason for his visit was that he was said to be auditioning for the Studio’s new “WWE Backstage” program on their Fox Sports 1 station. It was also announced this week that the program will debut on Tuesday, November 5th. Johnson stated that ‘numerous WWE sources’ confirmed the Punk audition. CM Punk Had Audition as Commentator for WWE Backstage.

Punk reportedly visited FOX studios over a potential role for WWE Backstage program

In fact the report also goes on to state that WWE Backstage co-host Renee Young was in fact present for the on-camera tryout. That said, no confirmation has been made as to whether or not Punk has been officially hired or that a contract was signed to be a part of the program.

Fans should keep in mind that the program is a Fox produced program and not the WWE. Therefore it should be noted that Punk would in fact be working for Fox and not for the WWE. If Punk is hired and does join the WWE Backstage broadcast it would be the first time since his departure in January 2014 that CM Punk and the WWE could be associated with one another.

CM Punk Had Audition as Commentator for WWE Backstage

Punk has been active since his departure from the WWE. He has competed for the UFC along with being an announcer for the Cage Fury Fighting Championships Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

Madison’s Mindset: With such a report the internet is sure to be a buzz with a potential reunion between the WWE and CM Punk. Despite not working for the company, he would still likely be in communication with WWE officials. Could we see an instance of Punk and Triple H be engaged in an interview as part of the WWE Backstage program? Or will fans be treated to a scenario of Punk interviewing Vince McMahon also being a possibility? Fans will have to stay tuned to this story to find out more.