Report: AEW Extends Deal to Kris Statlander

Per Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kris Statlander has been offered a deal with AEW. According to Meltzer, Statlander was close to signing with World Wrestling Entertainment before negotiations fell through. From there, All Elite Wrestling booked her on their programming. Due to her recent appearances on AEW, it’s likely that Statlander will sign with the promotion.

“Regarding Kris Statlander, it looks like she’ll be signing here. She and WWE were close to a deal but they had not sent a contract and then AEW booked her. WWE was under the impression she was coming in January and both sides want her. Her working here the last few weeks, and we know AEW is looking to sign her as well, would indicate AEW is the likely final destination.” 

Statlander began wrestling in 2017, training at the Create-A-Pro Wrestling School located in Long Island, New York. This training facility has trained a number of well-known wrestlers, including Maxwell Jacob Friedman. Statlander would go on to work for a number of promotions, including Victory Pro Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, and Women Superstars Uncensored. She stands as the only two-time VPW Women’s Champion.

Sutter’s Synopsis:

It would seem like, as time goes on, AEW continues to build its women’s division. With Statlander being one of the most highly sought after names in the independent scene, the idea of AEW signing her should fill fans with a sense of optimism. Despite only being in the business for a couple of years, Statlander has proven herself in the ring and with her overall presentation. Her martian gimmick has become immensely popular and it would seem like, if she’s AEW-bound, the character will stick. With Brandi Rhodes and Awesome Kong involved in a storyline that focuses on witchcraft, an alien-like character wouldn’t be terribly farfetched.

Expect to see Statlander appear on AEW programming more regularly. Whether she’s on Dynamite or Dark, smart money is on her becoming one of the more popular stars in the company.