Reflection of Honor: TV Episode #405 (King vs Lethal)

Ring of Honor’s 405th episode is the lead-up to the much anticipated Best in the World Pay-Per-View, having aired a week prior to it featuring a match between Jay Lethal and Kenny King.  It includes the final build-up between the Briscoes’ fixated need to get back at the NWA for their loss at the Crocket Cup, and the second match of Jay Lethal and Kenny King’s Best in Three series.

It also includes a segment by Silas Young aimed at getting further under the skin of Jonathan Gresham as he continues to mock the essence of the pure and technical wrestling that Gresham is known for.

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Mark Briscoe vs Colt Cabana(champion) – NWA National Championship

Colt Cabana put his NWA National Championship on the line against Mark Briscoe. This came just a week prior to Best in the World where both Briscoes are out to seek vengeance on the NWA organization. This comes in the form of their tag team matchup against the NWA heavyweight champion, Nick Aldis, and his mystery partner.

The match started with some formal lockups between Mark and Cabana. Cabana went for some mind games offering his ankle to Mark as he lay on the mat, only to easily outmaneuver his attempts to lock it.

But mark kicked Cabana to the outside moments later, then sent him sprawling further with a running dropkick through the ropes. With Mark in control back in the ring, Mark tore at Cabana’s face then proceeded with some hard chops.

But Cabana shot back as the two went block for blow and chop for chop. Cabana bolted off the ropes but Mark caught him with a boot to the face sending him to the outside once more.

Mark then nailed a devastating elbow drop off the ring apron to the floor as Cabana held his ribs in agony. Mark sat Cabana on a steel chair.

As he sprinted towards Cabana, he got up from the chair and surprised Mark with a belly to belly overhead suplex that sent Mark sailing right onto the steel, bending it completely.

Cabana proceeded to slam Mark into the metal barricade then smacked him in the head with a cup of beer one of the fans handed him. Colt nailed a high cross body off the top rope onto Mark, followed by a springboard moonsault that pummeled Mark to the mat.

Colt, now back in clear control, worked Mark down, outmaneuvering him at every chance. Mark became desperate outside the ring and removed the protective mats on the floor. Mark jumped up on the ring apron and attempted to suplex Cabana onto the concrete floor.

But Cabana continued to maintain control with a few near-pinfalls. But Mark was able to surprise Cabana as he broke out of a belly to back lockup, and threw him backwards with a German Suplex.

As the two struggled to get to their feet, Colt went for a big elbow but Mark avoided it and nailed an exploder suplex on Cabana. The two then exchanged some blows, but Mark ducked and caught Cabana in a spiccoli driver.

Moments later, after some light reversals, Mark propped Cabana up on the top rope and went for a superplex. But Cabana knocked him off with the big elbow and jumped on top of Mark while compressing his legs against his own body for a surprise pinfall.
Winner: Colt Cabana

After the match, Jay Briscoe came out and attacked Cabana. The two brothers went to work on Cabana. Mark picked up his NWA title and smacked him in the head with it, knocking him near unconscious.

Shane Taylor interview
Shane Taylor taunted his critics for not believing he would ever hold the TV title. He expressed how much he enjoys shoving this reality down the throats of every fan and critic. He proceeded to say that he would beat Jay Lethal’s record for longest reigning title holder in ROH. He concluded declaring himself “the baddest champion” fans have ever witnessed.

The Allure Interview
Angelina Love announced her in-ring debut at Best in the World. All three members mocked Jenny Rose and Kelly Klein and declared that their “time is now.” Love described Kelly Klein as nothing more than one who “follows her [Kelly Klein] around.”

Silas Young segment and intentional jobber match:
Silas Young came to the ring and once again mocked scientific and technical wrestling, and “The Octopus” Jonathan Gresham, in the build up to their Pure Rules wrestling match at Best in the World.

Silas then proceeded to declare that he would take on one of the most renowned technical wrestlers today in El Hijo Del Squid Jr. Once more, similar to previous segments in which Silas brought in a jobber to make himself look good, a wrestler no one has ever heard of made his way to the ring wearing a squid mask.

Silas shook his hand and the match got under way. The two locked up and demonstrated some basic lockups and technical maneuvers. Moments later, Silas made the Squid tap out with a basic abdominal stretch. Silas then lit up a cigarette to celebrate obviously easy fought victory.
Winner: Silas Young

Lifeblood Interview:
Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams announced PJ Black as their partner for the six-man tag team championship at Best in the World as they take on Villain Enterprises for the Six Man Tag Team Titles.

Lethal King

Kenny King vs Jay Lethal – Best of 3 Matches – Match #2
After stealing a victory with a low blow against Lethal weeks prior, King could potentially win the series if he consolidates a victory in this match.

Lethal and King started the match with some basic headlocks. After some taunts, the mid-match got underway as the two exchanged kicks and attempts at surprise pinfalls.

King dropped Lethal to the outside with a dropkick then nailed a spiral crossbody to the outside onto Lethal.

Back in the ring the two went blow for blow, then King scored a back breaker. But Lethal quickly shot back with his Combination. The two struggled to get to their feet.

Lethal gained the upper-hand with a series of clotheslines then locked King into a Figure 4. But King was able to grab the ropes.

Lethal drop kicked King to the outside then scored the first of his usual series of suicide dives through the ropes. Then he proceeded with number two and three.

King became frustrated and decided to clobber Lethal with a microphone, figuring he could afford to lose one match by disqualification. Especially if this allowed King to ensure that King enters Best in the World at less than full capacity.

King proceeded to give Lethal a low blow, then nailed him with Lethal’s own finisher, the Lethal Injection. King put Lethal’s arm between a chair and crushed it with his legs.

King got on the microphone and congratulated Lethal for winning the match and making the series a tie thus far. King then stated that he could have won this match, but he would rather do it on Pay-Per-View rather than to kill a king in the shadows.

Matt Taven Interview:
Taven mocked his upcoming challenger as Jeff “Slobs”, stating that he was sick and tired of hearing about Cobb’s accomplishments over the last few weeks. Taven stated that no one has accomplished more than himself, describing all the gold he has won around the world, including Japan.

“Why aren’t we talking about my accomplishments,” Taven proceeded. Taven stated that he will hold the World Championship forever and that it’s not going anywhere.

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