Reflection of Honor for 6/3/19 (Evil/Sanada vs Nagata/Kojima)

The latest edition of Reflection of Honor reviews Ring of Honor’s Episode #402 comes from Chicago featuring a main event involving Evil & Sanada vs Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima. The Allure made their way to the ring to start the show. Velvet Sky made a declaration that the Allure brought credibility to women’s wrestling, stating that they started the “revolution” before there was an “evolution.”

Photo / ROH

Angelina Love followed suit, reminding the world that she is a 6-time champion. Mandy Leon addressed the “Twitter trolls” in the crowd as she called them, declaring that she is the “foundation” of women of honor.

Mandy then addressed Kelly Klein, reminding the audience how they humiliated her at the G1 Supercard as if to state that the current roster of contemporary female wrestlers is inferior to The Allure’s.

Suddenly, Jenny Rose and Kelly Klein’s music hit and they made their way to the ring and a fight broke out between the women. Security flooded the ring to break up the fight, but Kelly Klein broke free and jumped at Angelina Love.

The Allure escaped from the ring, but not before Velvet Sky blinded Jenny Rose by shooting hair spray into her eyes.

Kelly Klein boldly stated that it was time for The Allure to back up their tough talk by taking on her and Jenny Rose in a matchup anytime and anywhere in the future.

The Kingdom (TK O’Ryan and Vinny Marseglia) vs The Bouncers vs Coast to Coast vs NJPW Young Lions (Clark Connors and Alex Coughlin)

Milonas kicked off the matchup with a heavy shove pummeling LSG as he came off the ropes. LSG quickly tagged in Vinny, who was still no match for Milonas’ size.

Vinny scored a few kicks, but not before being grounded by a huge crossbody from the giant. Bruiser was tagged in and went to work on Marseglia.

Coughlin tagged himself in patting Bruiser’s shoulder, as Vinny tagged in Ryan. Ryan and Coughlin went at it, and after Ryan gained some momentum, Connors was tagged in for some double team maneuvers.

Ryan caught a Connors off guard, while other competitors were isolated in their own brawls outside the ring. Bruiser followed with a cannonball off the ring apron.

Kingdom took the upper hand with some double team maneuvering on Connors, as Vinny and Ryan took turns tagging each other in to conserve stamina.

Coast to Coast’s LSG eventually became the legal man and continued the assault on Connors with more double team maneuvering with his partner. Finally, Connors ducked a clothesline and tagged his partner in.

Coughlin, following hot tag, went into a fury taking out multiple competitors, but Bruiser took the tag for himself as Coughlin was in the corner, and sent Ali to the outside.

Ryan tagged himself in and went for a crossbody off the top rope, but Milonas caught him and turned it into a sidewalk slam. Coast to Coast hit the ring to take out the Bouncers, but the Young Lions interrupted matters and went to work on them.

The Kingdom jumped back into the ring and hit the Thousand Horses on the Young Lions, as the rest of the competitors were either down and out, or still regaining their stamina.

Milonas tagged himself in moments later, as the Bouncers were the first to regain their composure. The two teammates hit Coughlin with their finisher and scored the pinfall as the rest of the competitors were still regaining their stamina.
Winners: The Bouncers

Lifeblood’s Frustration With Bully Ray
Mark Haskins and Tracy Williams cut an interview backstage, expressing their frustration with Bully Ray. Tracy stated that Lifeblood’s members were low at the moment, with other members injured or in Japan.

PJ Black suddenly walked into the scene offering to replenish Lifeblood’s low numbers with his own service if asked.

Jeff Cobb interview
Jeff gave some insight into his background in order to familiarize audiences about himself in regards to his upcoming World Championship matchup with Matt Taven later this month.

He explained that his father is half Japanese and half Irish, and his mother’s side being full Filipino. His amateur wrestling training started in 1993 when his family moved to Guam due to financial hardships.

At one point he explained that he did not know the difference between amateur wrestling and pro wrestling, but was honored to represent Guam at Madison Square Garden in amateur wrestling later in his career.

Josh Woods vs Maverick Boom

Josh Woods annihilated Maverick in less than a minute with a kick to his midsection, followed by a Seismic Toss.
Winner: Josh Woods

Evil & Sanada vs Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima
Photo / ROH

Evil & Sanada vs Yuji Nagata & Satoshi Kojima

Nagata and Sanada started off the match with some lockups and forearms. As both competitors went off the ropes on both sides of the ring, they were both kicked in the back by the other two competitors waiting outside.

Moments later matters turned into an out of control brawl between the competitors. Moments after the chaos finally subsided, Nagata was tagged in and he unleashed a series of hard kicks and an exploder suplex on Sanada.

Following some back and forth maneuvering between the competitors, Nagata unleashed a dropkick and tagged in Kojima, who relentlessly chopped Evil. When Sanada attempted to intrude, he was also hit with hard chops.

Evil and Sanada executed some double team beat downs on Kojima and attempted the Magic Killer. Nagata was able to escape and execute a surprise Koji Cutter on Evil.

Kojima attempted a clothesline, but Evil ducked and attempted to gain the upper hand with a belly to back standing switch or suplex. Kojima broke out and spun around behind him, also going for the same as the two competitors traded multiple belly to back standing switch lockups.

However, when Evil had Kojima locked in with the standing switch, Sanada hit Kojima with a dropkick to the chest. This set up Kojima for the Magic Killer with Evil and Sanada victorious over Nagata and Kojima.
Winners: Evil and Sanada

Dalton Castle Challenges Rush’s Brother:
Dalton Castle reflected on the chain of events over the past few weeks, explaining that he has had time to reflect upon his embarrassing loss at the G1 Supercard against Rush, in which he lost in mere seconds.

Dalton said that he is not ashamed of his loss, accusing Rush of cheating to gain the win. Dalton castle then challenged Rush’s brother, Dragon Lee, stating that he would hit Rush where it hurts by breaking his family member.

Suddenly, The Boys appeared in the ring in wrestling attire and no masks. Dalton mockingly questioned their presence there. As the Boys looked to exact some revenge on Castle with a beat down, their upper hand was short lived.

The first Boy missed a crossbody to the outside, and the second boy attempted a crossbody but was caught by Dalton. Dalton then brawled with them both and began pummeling them on the ground with hard fists.

As the two Boys were out cold on the ground, the show ended with Dalton exclaiming that they are nothing without him.

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