Reflection of Honor for 6/10/19 ( Mark Haskins and Bully Ray)

While there was really only one legitimate wrestling match in Ring of Honor’s 403rd episode, it was filled with plenty of entertainment, storytelling and smack talk between wrestlers, as feuds heated up and plots thickened with Mark Haskins calling out Bully Ray.  The show started big with the NWA sanctioning a matchup that had Colt Cabana put his NWA National Championship title on the line against James Storm.

NWA National Championship

James Storm vs Colt Cabana

The match started off with some lockups that went back and forth. Storm attempted the Last Call early in the match, but Cabana quickly jumped back and retreated outside the ring.

Back in the ring, Cabana attempted a Billy Goats Curse but Storm escaped and took a breather outside the ring. Moments later, in the ring, Cabana worked his arm and hit him with a falling splash.

As the two locked up in the ropes, Storm took the advantage with some surprise punches. He quickly sent Cabana sprawling chest first onto the mat when he pulled his legs out from underneath him.

As Storm worked Cabana, hammering him down, Cabana fought back with some chest chops. But Storm gouged him in the eye and continued to beat him down.

The two suddenly went off opposite ends of the rope. But Storm caught Cabana with a surprise knee to the face in the center of the ring as the two bolted at each other.

Storm put Cabana in a sleeper then smashed him down with forearms when he tried to escape. As Storm attempted to lift him up for a powerbomb, Cabana escaped through between his legs and nailed Storm with a palm strike.

Colt connected with a knife edge chop ducked two clotheslines and sent Storm sailing with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Colt Cabana scored some punches, a big elbow, then a flying apple in the corner and finally topped it off with a standing splash.

Cabana locked Storm in an inverted crab, but Storm was able to turn around and use his feet to push Cabana through the ropes to the outside. Matters quickly degenerated as Storm removed the padding on the floor.

Storm went for a hip toss, but Cabana reversed it sending Storm crashing onto the concrete floor. Cabana rolled him back into the ring then nailed him with a moonsault off the top turnbuckle.

After a near pinfall, the two traded blows and engaged in a slugfest. As Cabana was going for the big elbow again, Storm surprised him with the Last Call to the jaw. As Cabana stumbled into the ropes and bounced off it, Storm hit him with the Last Call again.

Storm then locked Cabana into an incorrectly locked cloverleaf in the middle of the ring, but it still inflicted plenty of pain on Cabana. Suddenly the bell rang and Storm began celebrating, assuming he was victorious. However, it turned out that the 15-minute time limit had elapsed while Cabana was locked. The match was declared a time-limit draw.

Cabana got on the microphone and stated that there was no way he was going to tap out to “that”, referencing the incorrect way in which Storm locked in the cloverleaf.

Cabana stated that he would be willing to give Storm five more minutes. As it appeared that the referee was considering the request, the Briscoes stormed the ring and began beating down on Cabana.

Jay Briscoe took the microphone and declared, “To hell with the NWA.” He proceeded to make insults to the NWA.

Nick Aldis left the announce table as Jay called him out. He took off his tie and engaged both Briscoes in a fist fight. As it appeared he was consolidating the upper hand, Jay jumped him from behind and the two brothers beat him down.

The two began assaulting both Cabana and Aldis and left them beaten in the ring. Mark spit on the NWA title before departing.

Part 2 of Biographical Highlights of Jeff Cobb’s career

Cobb explained that it was War Machine that was responsible for gaining admission into Ring of Honor. He boasted that he can win the World Title in three minutes, similarly to how he won the TV Championship.

Despite that, he admitted there would be significant pressure in his first pay-per-view where he is in the main event. He sends the reminder that he has yet to be pinned or submitted in Ring of Honor.

“Silas Young vs. The Squid” Segment

Silas Young got on the microphone and boasted that he is a changed man who has turned over a new leaf. He unconvincingly stated that the days of taking shortcuts are behind him.

He declared that he is the best pure wrestler in the world and would be taking on the supposedly world renowned wrestler known as The Squid (who no one has ever heard of).

Making his way to the wing was a wrestler in a Squid mask. Obviously, this was another one of Silas’ ploys to recruit a jobber for the sole point of making himself look good and gaining an easy victory. This was also certainly an insult and mockery aimed at Jonathan Gresham, known by his nickname as The Octopus.

The two wrestlers traded a few basic lockups. But at the 2-minute mark, Silas easily won the match making him tap with a simple abdominal stretch. Silas young lit up a cigarette to celebrate his easy victory.
Winner: Silas Young

Mark Haskins Calls Out Bully Ray

Mark Haskins came to the ring and told the audience that he came to Ring of Honor because of wrestling matters here. He said that he did not come to be labeled as an entertainer.

He went on to say that after his first match in ROH with Bandido, it was Juice Robinson who was waiting behind the curtain when both of them returned backstage after the match.

He explained that Juice recruited them because he had the vision to restore respect back into Ring of Honor’s wrestling. Apparently, that was how Lifeblood was formed according to Haskins.

Mark Haskins then called out Bully Ray to meet him face to face, because he said he was not the type of person that would make shots at someone behind their back.

Mark Haskins Bully Ray
Photo / ROHWrestling

Bully Ray made his way out and ordered the announcer out of the ring. “Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite”, Bully asked Haskins.

Haskins demanded that Bully Ray because everyone was sick of him. Bully reminded him that he already tried to retire a year prior in this same venue. He reminded the audience that they begged him not to retire at the time, cheering for him.

He told Haskins that the crowd “bought it” because they are suckers just like Haskins. He declared that he has lied his entire career and that he’s good at it. “What makes you think that you are the guy that’s finally going to shut me up”, he asked Haskins.

Mark Haskins then challenged Bully Ray to a match right there on the spot, but suddenly Shane Taylor’s music hit.

When it appeared that Bully Ray and Taylor were going to both pounce on Haskins, Tracy Williams came running to the ring to even the odds.

Tracy got on the microphone and challenged Bully and Taylor to a tag team match, and the referee at ringside rang the bell as Bully accepted the challenge.

Before Haskins and Bully Ray even had a chance to lockup, Soldiers of Savagery jumped into the ring and beat down both Lifeblood members. The referee called for the bell and disqualified Bully Ray and Shane Taylor before the match even got going.

Bully Ray took out a table and set it up, but PJ Black came to the ring to try and make the save.  Taylor cut his offensive short. Bully Ray then powerbombed PJ Black off the second rope through the table as Taylor, Bully and the Soldiers of Savagery stood dominant in the ring as the show concluded.

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