RAWs Main Event for 7/20/20

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Big Show vs Orton Unsanctioned Match

This Week’s Raw has only advertised one match to take place on tonight’s episode at the time of waiting and it’s a big one. The Viper Randy Orton and Big Show will go one on one in an unsanctioned match. This is RAWs Main Event for 7/20/20.

Randy Orton has embraced being The Legend Killer again in recent weeks, but he has run into an angry giant hellbent on retribution. Tonight on Raw, Big Show will set out to stop The Viper in his tracks when they clash in an Unsanctioned Match.

The World’s Largest Athlete returned to Raw in the aftermath of The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever. A match where Orton punted Edge to pick up the victory. One night later, Orton goaded Christian into an Unsanctioned Match, with Christian meeting the same fate. Big Show aims to get retribution for his friends. The Apex Predator has his sights set on adding the giant’s name to his list of Legends.

Orton’s actions in goading Christian into an unsanctioned match went a bit too far in the giants’ point of view. Big Show will be looking to punish Orton for his actions in recent months. Can Big Show overcome the cunning of The Viper? Or Will Randy utilize his punt kick on the seven-footer.

RAWs Main Event for 7/20/20

This match was originally penciled in to take place at The Horror Show Extreme Rules. Both men would agree to have the match on Monday Night instead of a recent edition of Raw.


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