Raw Rebound for 2/10/20 (Eight Man Tag)

WWE Monday Night Raw opens with the AOP, Murphy (I guess he’s no longer Buddy) and Seth Rollins in the ring. Rollins says the crowd doesn’t know how to speak the truth and make tough decisions. He claims to be the leader of the future. They show a clip of last week’s six-man elimination tag team match and Rollins says that the Viking Raiders and Kevin Owens cost him a chance at the WWE Championship. The main event is an eight man tag team match.

Kevin Owens interrupted the proceedings and told Seth that all he does is run his mouth and he looks stupid. He brought the Viking Raiders out on the stage with him. Owens then drops the mic and he and the Viking Raider the AOP and Murphy. Seth was in the ring alone and while he was looking at the melee, Samoa Joe snuck up behind him and locked in the Coquina Clutch. The faces clear the ring and stand tall.

While Owens, Joe and the Viking Raiders were still in the ring, The Man, Becky Lynch, the WWE Raw Women’s Champion came out in preparation for her match against Asuka. Kairi Sane accompanied her tag team partner to the ring. Shortly after the match began, she hopped on the ring apron and tried to distract Becky, which allowed Asuka to hip attack The Man onto the floor.

Asuka gave her all she could handle but it wasn’t enough as Becky nailed her with what looks like a Rock Bottom to secure the victory and hold on to her title. While she was celebrating her victory, former NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler appeared and attacked The Man from behind. After knocking her to the mat, Baszler took her mouthpiece out and bit Becky in the back of the neck. She looked into the camera with a mouth full of blood and flashed a smile while Becky writhed on the mat in pain.

WWE 24/7 Champion Mojo Rawley and his offensive lineman Riddick Moss were in the ring waiting for their opponents, the Street Profits. They took the mic and said that the only thing Rawley was good at, was riding Rob Gronkowski’s coattails. The match went a little over three minutes before the Profits picked up the win with the Cash Out.

Riddick Moss absorbed the pin that lost his team the match and Rawley went to ask him what was up. Moss rolled up Mojo and waited for a referee to enter the ring. A three count later, and Moss is the new WWE 24/7 Champion. He grabbed the title and escaped through the crowd.

Backstage, officials and medics were trying to get Becky Lynch into the ambulance to take her to a medical facility but she refused. Then, she kicked the back door slammed and jumped into the driver’s seat and took off.

MVP’s VIP lounge was up next and his guest was 2020 Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre. MVP hinted that some people are saying that the Scottish Psychopath isn’t ready to be the WWE Champion. He then offered his managerial services to Drew, who declined. MVP then grabbed Drew’s arm as he tried to turn away only to eat a Glasgow Kiss followed by a Claymore Kick over the VIP lounge couch.

Angel Garza was out next along with Zelina Vega. He faced off against Cedric Alexander, who has been off television for a few weeks. Garza calls himself the ladies man because no woman can resist him. Humberto Carrillo ran down to the ring and attacked Garza to get a measure of revenge after last week’s attack. The officials cleared the ring and the match got started. Garza connected with the Wing Clipper to pick up the victory.

Rhea Ripley was backstage and claimed that she simply takes whatever she wants. She was interrupted by Sara Logan. She asked the NXT Women’s Champion who she thought she was. Logan also told her that she just can’t show up on Raw and do whatever she wants. Rhea answered her question and posed one of her own, asking Logan, “Who the hell are you?”

Sarah Logan went to the ring and challenged Rhea Ripley to a match. Before the bell rang, The Queen and 2020 Women’s Royal Rumble winner Charlotte Flair appeared on the stage to take a peek at the NXT Women’s Champion. Ripley made short work of the former Riott Squad member and turned her attention to Flair. The Queen still holds the cards and isn’t tipping her hand about who she’s going to face at WrestleMania.

After losing the triple threat #1 Contender’s match last week, Bobby Lashley looked to gain a measure of revenge by taking on Ricochet. Accompanied by Lana, The All-Mighty dominated Ricochet early on. Lana tried to get involved and help her boyfriend (or husband?) but it backfired, allowing Ricochet to nail Lashley with a 630 Senton Splash for the win and some solid momentum heading into Super Showdown.

The Viper, Randy Orton made his way out to again, quite possibly, explain his actions from two weeks ago. After a lengthy pause, he said that what he did to Edge two weeks ago hurt him more than it hurt Edge. Before he could go any further, Matt Hardy interrupted him. He recounted his checkered history with Edge. There was a “Lita” chant by the fans as well. The Woken One countered the first RKO attempt but not the second one. Matt Hardy, face down in the center of the ring, would fall victim to a one-man Con-Chair-To just like Edge two weeks ago.

Aleister Black took on Tozawa in a one-on-one contest that was a little longer than Black’s recent ones, but still short nonetheless. A Black Mass kick put Tozawa down for the 1-2-3 and another victory for Aleister Black.

Seth Rollins, Murphy, and the AOP took on Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and the Viking Raiders in the eight man tag match main event. Kevin and his crew came to fight this week, with no eliminations or injuries to deal with. Unfortunately, the outcome was still the same. Seth Rollins hit Samoa Joe with a Curb Stomp and allowed Murphy to get the win for his team in this eight man tag team match.

Eight Man Tag
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