Raw Rebound for 11/18/19 (Viking Raiders vs Orton/Ricochet)

Monday Night Raw opens with Raw Women’s Champion, “The Man,” Becky Lynch coming down to the ring. She calls out NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler and Smackdown Women’s Champion Bayley. Becky also tells the other two champions that she doesn’t give a damn about brand supremacy, she just wants a fight and they don’t even have to wait until Survivor Series. The main event of the evening features the Viking Raiders against Ricochet and Randy Orton.

The IIconics interrupt Becky and she challenges them to a match. Charlotte Flair comes out and will be Becky’s tag team partner. She is also the captain of the Raw Women’s Survivor Series team.

Samoa Joe comes out before Raw goes to commercial break. After the commercial break, the IIconics attack first as Becky and Charlotte argue about who’s going to start the match. Samoa Joe is joining the Raw commentary for tonight. The IIconics started out fast but were unable to maintain any kind of momentum after Billie Kay tapped out to the Figure Eight. Becky never entered the match.

Shortly after the bell rang, several NXT Women’s superstars attacked Becky and Charlotte. Once Lynch and Flair got the upper hand, the NXT ladies retreated through the crowd. Becky sucker-punched one of the security guards because they blocked her path as she tried to give chase.

Charley interviews Zack Ryder and Kurt Hawkins. They talk about how it’s a great opportunity they’ve been given until they’re interrupted and laid out by AOP.

The OC makes their way to ringside as Karl Anderson prepares to face Humberto Carrillo in a one-on-one match. The Street Profits show-up midway through the match to help even the odds. Karl Anderson tried to interfere and it backfired as Montez Ford helped Carrillo reverse an attempted small package by Anderson, leading to a victory for Humberto Carrillo.

Seth Rollins was backstage with Charly Caruso and told her that he accepted Andrade’s challenge to a match for Seth’s Survivor Series Raw team captainship.

Bobby Lashley and Lana are in the ring and she tells the WWE Universe that she has formally filed for divorce from Rusev. (“No Way” Jose was in the ring). She also displayed a court-mandated restraining order that she filed against Rusev which stated he couldn’t come within 90 feet of Lana. Bobby Lashley would go on to squash “No Way” Jose in their match.

Next it was Andrade versus Seth Rollins for the captain’s spot of the Raw Survivor Series team. The match got underway and then Zelina got ejected from ringside after a failed attack on Seth. Andrade leaped to the outside and nailed Seth as the show went to commercial. Out of nowhere, The Lucha House Party (from team Smackdown) attacked Seth and caused the disqualification. Andrade and Seth would eventually clean house and receive some respect from Seth before he left the ring.

Akira Tozawa came out next to take on Buddy Murphy. After the match began, Tozawa threw Murphy outside the ring; he tried to follow it up with a suicide dive through the ropes but Buddy countered it by catching him and turning it into suplex on the floor. Murphy withstood a flurry of kicks to the face to hit Tozawa with Murphy’s Law for the win. He was backstage after the match and made his way to Aleister Black’s door, but black opened it before Murphy could knock. They had an intense staredown as the show went to commercial.

Erik Rowan came out with something in a cage to take on some jobber. The 24/7 Champion Singh Bros ran down to ringside, chased by former champion R-Truth. The Singh Bros got too close to Erik’s package and ended up getting clobbered by Rowan. He then tossed the jobber onto the Singh Bros outside the ring before running full speed into the trio and wiping them all out. Back inside the ring, Rowan hit a claw slam for the win.

In another matchup of Raw Survivor Series teammates, Kevin Owens took on Drew McIntyre. It was a brutal and physical match where both superstars hit their finishers but both victims put their feet on the ropes to break the count. After a second stunner Triple H came out as the show went to commercial. After the commercial, Triple H is alone in the ring with Kevin Owens. Several NXT superstars are standing on the ramp. Triple H pitches to Kevin the idea that he should join the NXT team. He says that he’s never really fit in on Raw or Smackdown, having been fired by both Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon. He makes a pretty good case for Kevin to join him on the NXT side.

While Triple H is making his pitch, the Raw superstars come from the back and attack the NXT superstars who were standing on the ramp. The Undisputed Era attacked Kevin Owens until the OC made the save.

In a breaking news backstage interview segment, Charly revealed that Humberto Carrillo will face AJ Styles for the United States title at Survivor Series.

Paul Heyman appeared and delivered his rundown on the events between Rey Mysterio and WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Heyman suggested the match between Lesnar and Mysterio be a No Holds Barred contest at Survivor Series. Heyman delivered his “not a prediction, this is a spoiler” line.

Rey Mysterio showed up backstage to talk to Charly. He congratulated Humberto Carrillo on his title shot before telling Heyman that he accepts the No Holds Barred stipulation for his match against Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series.

Asuka was out next to take on Natalya in a single’s match with Kairi Sane at ringside. Nattie did her best, even fighting off an attempted double-team outside the ring. However, it was Asuka scoring the win with a high kick to Nattie’s face after sliding back into the ring.

Viking Raiders Orton Ricochet
Photo / WWE.com

The Viking Raiders defended their Raw Tag Team titles against Randy Orton and Ricochet in the main event. The match would be cut short as the superstars of Smackdown would attack the Raw superstars backstage. That lead to the NXT superstars coming out to attack the Viking Raiders, Randy Orton and Ricochet. The dissension and chaos allowed the NXT superstars to gain the upper hand and hold the top position in the ring.

Right before Raw went off the air, they cut to an enraged Triple H backstage who warned both Raw and Smackdown that he would leave the door open during NXT’s show on Wednesday and they could show up if they wanted to do something about it.

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