Raw Rebound for 10/28/19 (King’s Court with Lana and Rusev)

Monday Night Raw opens with Paige introducing the Women’s Tag Team Champions Kairi Sane and Asuka. As Paige was singing their praises, both Asuka and Kairi snatched the mic from her and said something in Japanese. Then, with no warning, Asuka spits green mist into Paige’s face. As the paramedics were attending to Paige, Becky Lynch’s music began and she made her way to ringside to face Kairi in a one-on-one match. The Raw Women’s Champion attacked Kairi Sane and made her retreat out of the ring. Becky followed her outside and withstood an attempted double team by tossing Asuka over the barricade. After a back and forth affair, Becky Lynch would go on to pick up the victory after locking in the DisarmHer in the middle of the ring. The show also features the King’s Court with Lana and Rusev.

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R-Truth was in the ring preparing for a match against Buddy Murphy. He was interviewed and told the crowd that Murphy was ‘not his Buddy,’ and that he didn’t even know the guy. Charly asked Truth about losing the 24/7 Championship and he put some glasses on and said he had all four eyes on the prize. Buddy Murphy said that Truth is acting like he doesn’t know who he is but after tonight, he’ll never forget him. In the middle of the match, the Singh brothers ran down to ringside as they were trying to escape the superstars chasing them for the 24/7 Championship. Truth ended up running around the ring in pursuit as well but ended up taking a vicious knee to the jaw once he returned to the ring and fell to Buddy Murphy.

The Authors of Pain did another sit-down promo. They promised to own the tag team division once they decide to make their presence known.

The Street Profits made their way down to ringside through the WWE Universe with their red cups in hand. The crowd chanted, “We want the smoke!” as they stood in the ring. Ford and Dawkins bigged up the city of St. Louis and put all the tag teams in WWE on notice. That notice? You guessed it, they want the smoke.

In a rematch from last week, Ricochet faced off against Drew McIntyre, the Scottish Psychopath. They represented their respective captains Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan in advance of the ten man Team Hogan versus Team Flair match at Crown Jewel. The two WWE Hall of Famers accompanied their team members to ringside, with Jimmy Hart also coming out with Hogan. McIntyre and Ricochet, just as they did last week, took it to each other. The end of the match came out of nowhere as Randy Orton flew into the ring and nailed Ricochet with a devastating RKO to cause the disqualification.

King's Court with Lana and Rusev
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Humberto Carrillo was backstage as The OC approached him. The United States Champion AJ Styles told Humberto that he was glad to see him debut against Seth Rollins last week but if he wanted to test himself in his debut against a ‘real champ’ then he picked the wrong one.

The Raw Tag Team Champions, Erick and Ivar, The Viking Experience brutalized a couple of local jobbers in one of their classic squashes.

Andrade with Zelina Vega faced off against Sin Cara, who this week brought out Carolina to help even the odds. It didn’t exactly pay off for him because as Zelina got involved, Carolina took her out, but the distraction allowed Andrade to roll Sin Cara and pick up the victory with his feet across the ropes for leverage.

The former Women’s Tag Team Champions, The IIconics took on a brand new team of Natalya and Charlotte Flair. This new duo could be one to reckon with in the women’s tag team division as the dispatched of Billie and Peyton with a Nattie Sharpshooter to pick up the win.

The WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins faced off against The Redwood Erik Rowan in a Falls Count Anywhere matchup. The announce team remarked about how dangerous it is for Rollins to be competing in this type of match just days before his title defense against The Fiend, Bray Wyatt at Crown Jewel. The match began in the ring but once outside of it, they brawled in the stands and in the concourse, where Rowan threw Rollins through a merchandise display and then through a table with a vicious slam. They brawled through the announcer’s area at the top of the ramp as well.

Rollins countered Rowan’s attempted Claw Slam through the announce table and hit a Curb Stomp onto the side of the table in a big spot that only got him a two count.

From there, they ended up backstage again, where Rollins connected on another Curb Stomp onto a ladder. Then, in homage to another infamous backstage match involving a forklift, Seth instructed one of the backstage guys to turn on the forklift and lower it (with a pallet on the forks) onto a prone Rowan. The referee made his 3-count and Seth Rollins was the winner.

Humberto Carrillo had his second ever Monday Night Raw match against The Phenomenal One, with Anderson and Gallows at ringside. Just like last week, Carrillo was on full display and gave The Champ That Runs The Camp all he could handle before having to tap out to the Calf Crusher. After the match was over, Styles offered Carrillo a handshake, then quickly withdrew his hands. The Street Profits would come down to the aid of Carrillo before things got out of hand.

King's Court with Lana and Rusev
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Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler held King’s Court with Rusev as he tried to make sense of the events of the past few weeks surrounding Bobby Lashley and Rusev’s wife, Lana. She interrupted the proceedings and accused Rusev of being a cheater and a sexual deviant. Lashley attacked Rusev but ended getting beat down. After Rusev turned his attention to Lana, who’d just nailed him with a kendo stick on the King’s Court, Lashley recovered and hit Rusev in the crown jewels. Lashley and Lana made out to close the show again.

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