Raw Rebound for 12/9/19 (Mysterio/Styles)

A big RAW this week folks! A huge main event of Rey Mysterio versus AJ Styles is sure to be a great match. Now let’s get into this week’s RAW Rebound!

Raw opens with Lana, Rusev, Jerry Lawler and some guy who’s supposed to be a lawyer. Lana complains that Rusev makes everything about him. She berated the WWE Universe and said they were all sick. She threatened to take the dog in the divorce, to which Rusev claimed that since it was a present, she can’t take it back.

Rusev told Lana that he wanted a match with her boyfriend, Bobby Lashley before he signed the divorce papers. Lashley came out shortly after; he said he was tired of the shenanigans and attacked Rusev. They brawled outside the ring before Rusev got the upper hand and hit Lashley with a belly-to-belly suplex through the conference table that had been set up in the middle of the ring.

Drew McIntyre faced off against a returning Matt Hardy and before the match began, he insulted the veteran Hardy by calling him a bad father. Matt didn’t take too kindly to it and began the match on fire. Taking Drew to task for speaking about his family. However, that surge wouldn’t last long before McIntyre regained the upper-hand. He ultimately got the victory by connecting with a Future Shock DDT and his finishing Claymore Kick.

The WWE Raw Tag Team Champions, The Viking Raiders issued yet another open challenge for the titles. That challenge was answered by Ford and Dawkins, The Street Profits. They came out on fire and nearly upset the champions in the early going. But the Viking Raiders regained the momentum and picked up the victory after hitting the Viking Experience. After the match was over, the two teams shook hands.

Kevin Owens, fresh off last week’s beatdown by the AOP searched backstage for the duo. But ran into Rey Mysterio instead. He gave KO a steel pipe similar to the one he attacked Brock Lesnar with. Mojo Rawley made his first Raw appearance in a while, only to get slapped in the face by Kevin Owens for being disrespectful.

Seth Rollins would interrupt the show of good sportsmanship by the Profits and Raiders. He called out Akam and Razar, the AOP. However, it was Kevin Owens who answered the call. When he demanded the AOP show up, their car arrived backstage. They said something in their native tongue of “who knows what.” They didn’t come to ringside, but Sami Zayn (RIP to the indefinite brand split) did, with Mojo Rawley in tow. He demanded Kevin Owens apologize to his new managerial client. Kevin declined and hit Rawley with a Stunner before beating him with his steel pipe.

Akira Tozawa and Aleister Black faced off against each other in one-on-one competition. Tozawa’s speed and quickness could not overcome the sheer ferocity of Aleister Black’s striking game. He would secure the victory with a Black Mass.

Humberto Carrillo and Andrade along with Zelina Vega would face off next. Andrade took exception to Carrillo’s chivalrous actions toward Vega and demanded an apology. Carrillo refused, of course, and their match got underway. Andrade dominated Carrillo from the opening bell. As is most often the case with Andrade matches, Zelina Vega attempted to get involved. It usually ends with a victory for Andrade but not this week. Vega got up on the ring apron to provide a distraction but Andrade ran into her. After knocking her down Humberto Carrillo rolled him up for the 1-2-3.

Aleister Black, fresh off his win over Tozawa, told Buddy Murphy he made a big mistake knocking on his door looking for a fight.

Murphy took on Zack Ryder (with Curt Hawkins at ringside). There was no numbers game or advantage to mention because Murphy slid out of the ring and dropped Curt Hawkins. This distracted Ryder long enough for Buddy to hit him with Murphy’s Law for the win.

Backstage, Kevin Owens found the AOP’s car. He then bashed it with the steel pipe he’d been carrying before Akam and Razar appeared. They put a vicious beatdown on Owens and as he lay on the ground, Seth Rollins got out of the car and delivered a Curb Stomp on the cement floor. He then cut a promo saying that he had nothing to do with the previous attacks on Kevin. Seth added the fact that he blamed the WWE Universe for turning on him. He aligned himself with the AOP because he felt they were the only ones who understood him.

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch have had both their respective hands full dealing with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors. This week, it was The Man, Becky Lynch’s turn to face off against Asuka and Kairi in a handicap match. She gave them both all they could handle, but the numbers game would prove too much. After helping Kairi escape Becky’s armbar, Asuka nailed the Raw Women’s Champion with a chair to cause the disqualification. The Warriors then continued to pummel The Man before setting her up on a table and having Kairi Sane hit an Insane Elbow, driving Lynch through the table.

Becky Lynch refused any trainer help backstage but reluctantly accepted The Queen, Charlotte Flair’s offer to be her partner to take on The Kabuki Warriors. They attacked Charlotte for good measure and challenged The Man and The Queen to a match at Tables, Ladders, and Chairs.

Some local jobber, who obviously hadn’t seen the show, tried to make off with Rowan’s little cage thing. Big mistake, as Rowan ran him down and nailed several claw slams before the referee stopped the match.

The United States Champion Rey Mysterio took on former champion AJ Styles in the main event. Styles came out to the ring without Gallows and Anderson. The pair would make an appearance, however, and distract Rey long enough for Styles to hit the Styles Clash. The Viper, Randy Orton, who’s been tormenting AJ for weeks now, also made an appearance to tease another RKO. He didn’t hit Styles with it, but the distraction was good enough to allow Rey Mysterio to roll him up with an inside cradle for the victory.

What's up folks, I'm Hab and I've been a wrestling fan for more than thirty years. I grew up on the NWA and Crockett Promotions in the Triad City of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. My favorite wrestler of all time is Bret Hart. At the moment, I'm a Cesaro hipster and The World's Biggest Luke Harper fan. I was at the Smackdown! taping when Brock Lesnar threw Zach Gowen down a flight of steps in the New Orleans Arena and laughed about it for the next two days. I have a few loves in my life, my beautiful daughter, my family, professional wrestling and hip-hop are just some of them.