Blocked | Ravenous Regards

Blocked. I have had my punches blocked, been cockblocked, have had writer’s block and creative blocks.

Like many, if not all folks who choose to pursue artistic endeavors. We all at some point will suffer from some kind of block or something that stands between us and our next project! I pursue many forms of art and thus, am always blocked in one form or another.

This block can come from outside forces, or from within us. I for one suffer from perfectionism, where I want or feel I need things to be of a certain quality. When I am blocked I tend to feel shame over it, as I consider myself a creative person.  (Side note, I believe we all can be creative. It’s just a muscle! One that I have spent some time working out.) Being creative has become part of my identity, and with my creativity stifled, I often feel like if I don’t create something special, new, and exciting.

While still feeling safe, comfortable, and accessible for everyone, then I am a failure as a weirdo.

This is simply not true! Yes ideally, I want my art to be all of those things and more. But I can’t always have that, not everything is going to reach my high level of expectations, or distorted vision depending on how I’m feeling that day. Some things are going to be just OK, and that’s OK! Not everything is going to be a masterpiece. It’s all perspective! I learned a long time ago, that if I didn’t like my match that night, but a fan came up and told me, that they enjoyed it.

That’s great! That’s their opinion, and truthfully I’m glad they found enjoyment in it!  It’s not always about, what I think of my work…. But it’s not always about what other people thought of my work either! Hopefully its a balance. I do the work I do, for me. With the hope that others will like it.  I have in the past, I let what I think other people want from me, into my head. But facts are, everybody sees a person slightly different and may want something different from them. But if I stay focused, I can hopefully deliver something that will make me happy, and that I can enjoy with others!

Photo / Randy Myers
I was once at a tryout for WWE, and when it came time for us to cut promos for the evaluators.

One wrestler delivered a fairly decent, but fairly generic, very 80’s inspired wrestling promo. The evaluators asked for something more personal something, that showed who they were outside of the ring. This left the wrestler puzzled, and it was met with the explanation, that they have dedicated their whole life to wrestling, and it was all they watched and all they read about.

They went as far as to say, the only music they listened to, was wrestling theme songs!!! Which I mean is great, if you really wanna get good at something, you have to be obsessed to some degree. You should try and learn as much as you can about it. However,  you shouldn’t aim to be one dimensional. It is our outside interests, that make us…. Well…. interesting!  Knowing and being inspired by other art forms can add new innovation to whatever art you do.

I have been involved with improv for the last 6 years. One of the things I have really taken away from it is the idea that its best to know at least a little about a lot of things.  Let’s say,  you really only know about one thing.

Well the likelihood of a person in the audience,  giving you a suggestion that involves that only thing you happen to know about, is rare, to say the very least.

I was discussing this very topic with a burlesque friend recently. They had just taken some time away from performing to focus on their own self-care. Another realm which is most important when it comes to anyone wanting to entertain, make art, or generally be happy with life. The idea being, that the more healthy and whole we can be, can bring that much more to the things we create!

We will all get stuck, and at times maybe we even lose sight of where we are going. Easing off the pressure, staying stimulated, and being inspired by things outside, of what we do, and taking care of one’s self. Are all great ways to get through these hurdles. (At least this has worked for me.) If you have any hidden gems about getting over a block, let this WEIRDO know, because there’s always another one coming around the bend, and that is just fine! Because I’m all ready!!!!!