Puroresu Press for 5/31/20 (Champion Carnival)

Welcome back to the Puroresu Press for 5/31/20. We have a week full of announcements and rumors in this issue. What events await us for this week? Well, let’s take a gander Joe Doering in AJPW, the Carnival Champion, and Pure-J and Dove Pro a part of the IWTV streaming service. We present to you Puroresu Press for 5/31/20.

Puroresu Press for 5/31/20

Is Joe Doering a Free Agent?!

 On May 26th, former Triple Crown Champion, Joe Doering wrote a post on Facebook. He will be accepting bookings and will not be apart of All Japan Pro Wrestling for the rest of 2020. The last time he wrestled for them was on December 9th, 2019. He was taken out with an injury. With the current pandemic, it seems like he was unable to travel to Japan. He’s currently recovering from his injury in the US.
Puroresu Press for 5/31/20
Photo / Joe Doering – Facebook
Is he out of his contract? Or playing it safe? Traveling overseas may be one reason during these pandemic times. And as he can’t travel internationally, why not take some national bookings? Joe’s a great talent to have and should be lucky to have him for a few bookings. If you’re a promoter or a wrestler that wants to see him in your town, contact his Facebook and get him on board.

Puroresu Press for 5/31/20
Pure-J and Dove Pro added to IWTV!

Everybody enjoys IWTV, right? You get a ton of content from various promotions, whether they’re new or old shows, you have a lot to watch and enjoy. They have recently added Sendai Girls and FREEDOMS to their site. On May 21st IWTV announced that Dove Pro would be joining them. Then on May 27th Pure-J, the Joshi promotion was added too.
Puroresu Press
Photo / Indie Wrestling
What are these promotions, you might ask? Pure-J, as I said, is a Joshi promotion. Founded in 2017 with Command Bolshoi as the promoter. He actively wrestles with them as well. They may be three years in but fans of the Joshi scene have been taking an interest in them. As for Dove Pro, it was founded in 2005 with Gunso as the owner. It’s known as another deathmatch type promotion much like FREEDOMS and BJW. Both of these promotions are great additions to the IWTV website. I’m sure we’ll have other promotions from Japan involved with it soon enough.

Kongoh invades DDT?!

At DDT’s show on May 30th, Kenoh, and his group, Kongoh invaded the show. Kenoh had some harsh words for DDT/NOAH president, Sanshiro Takagi. Kenoh would call out Sanshiro for playing favorites with DDT. Assuming that he would destroy Pro Wrestling NOAH in favor of DDT. This caused Sanshiro to come out and make a challenge. A six-man tag match at WRESTLE PETER PAN Day 1 on June 6th!
Puroresu Press for 5/31/20
Photo Pro Wrestling NOAH
Those involved in this match are Kongoh members, Kenoh, Hao, and Masa Kitamiya. They will take on Sanshiro Takagi, Kazusada Higuchi, and Tomomitsu Matsunaga. If you are the president of two top promotions, why wouldn’t you capitalize on a cross-promotional angle involving them? WRESTLE PETER PAN is already shaping up to be a big show with this match added. DDT also added MAO and ASUKA taking on HARASHIMA and Naomichi Marufuji on the second day of the event. Be sure to watch the events on the Wrestle Universe website, you don’t wanna miss it.

Champion Carnival is back on?!

On May 28th a press conference took place. President Fukuda and Mr. Ito (ala Carbell Ito) announced Ito has sponsored them for the next two years. Basically helping them in this current financial crisis. They also announced that the Champion Carnival will be happening this year after all. It will start in September, and end in October. The only downside to this is that they’re not sure about bringing in any gaijin talent to the company. Meaning that the tournament might only be wrestlers from Japan this year.
Photo / All Japan Pro Wrestling
This is a great day for All Japan fans. The company will live through the financial crisis and the tournament will be able to go ahead. It is a shame about the gaijin talent not being there. The line up looked fantastic but they gotta do what they need to do. I know AJPW won’t disappoint us with those involved in the tournament. Especially with guys from Wrestle-1 invading AJPW, giving them more options.

That’s all the time we have for this issue. We like to thank you all for reading our content. And as always, be on the lookout for more events happening in the world of puroresu.