Project Ego Martin Kirby Announces Retirement

In a tweet sent out Sunday former Defiant and World of Sport wrestling talent, Martin Kirby announces his retirement. In a career that spanned over fourteen years, Kirby stepped into the ring with some of the very best. Upon his announcement the outpouring of respect shown towards him was amazing. From the likes of Lance Storm, Killian Dain, David Starr, Mark Andrews, Martin Kirby was truly valued for all he did. His contributions to British Wrestling date back from his early training under Dragon Aisu. For as talented as he was, this true talent was largely underrated by a mainstream audience. However, to those that watched him compete and worked with him nothing but respect was shown towards him.

Often heralded by his ability to work his opponent, Kirby was also wonderful at storytelling. In fact, his versatility was among the things many point out about him. Whether he was a face or a heel, showing a more comedic side or serious side, Kirby was a pro. The key to a true artist is how he wants his painting to be perceived. Kirby could have fans eating out of the palm of his hands. Very few men and women have that skillset about them. He was able to do that in spades.

Kirby may be known for his time in Defiant (formerly Whatculture Pro Wrestling) and World of Sport, he has been actively committed himself to Dragon Gate. Kirby has teamed with several talents but he and the late Kris Travis worked together for as many as seven years. Together the duo captured the RevPro Tag Team Championship and the IPW: UK tag team championship.

In more recent years, Kirby has teamed with the likes of NXT UK talent Ligero and AEW star ‘Superbad’ Kip Sabian.

Kirby’s last recorded match was as part of an eight-man tag team contest for Dragon Gate alongside Ryo Saito, Gamma and Masaaki Mochizuke. Best of luck to Martin Kirby in the future as he announces his retirement from professional wrestling.