PROGRESS Wrestling Implement New Management Changes

Over the last few days, allegations of physical and sexual abuse have rocked the world of pro wrestling. Male and female talent in Europe and North America have been chronicling their abuse on Twitter.  Some promotions have announced they are cutting ties with accused wrestlers. Today PROGRESS Wrestling implement new management changes. They have detailed the structural changes they are undertaking to address the issue.

On June 19th, PROGRESS Wrestling made an announcement via their website in regards to the allegations. In the announcement, PROGRESS Wrestling re-affirm their commitment to making the independent wrestling scene a safe space for all involved. They included a list of suspended and departing talent. And announced more personnel changes to come.

On the morning of June 22nd, PROGRESS Wrestling made another announcement via their website, detailing the further changes they are making. Glenn Robinson and Matt Richards are stepping away from the company along with Jon Briley. The new management team includes James Amner, Vicky Haskins, Lucy Cave, and Michael Oku. Furthermore, the announcement features a list of behaviors that will result in immediate suspension. The announcement ended with a series of statements by the new management team.

PROGRESS Wrestling Implement New Management Changes

James Amner stated –

“I want a safe space for wrestlers to compete in. I want crew to be protected at all times and I want fans to be able to enjoy themselves with only good people around them. People will be on hand to talk to, always.”

Vicky Haskins spoke about the priorities the new management structure need to implement –

“We need to implement structure, we need to prioritize safety of our fans, performers, and staff. It’s of the utmost importance that we provide not only the finest entertainment but a welcoming environment that is safe for everybody who comes through our doors – fans and wrestlers alike. I’m looking forward to working at PROGRESS, helping in whatever way I can to shape this industry for the better.”

Michael Oku (AKA The O.J.M.O.) said –

“Our industry needs a deep clean – from top to bottom. Before it’s legal and ethical to run shows in this country again, I want to make sure that major promotions, in this case, PROGRESS have done everything possible to ensure that a safer and fairer environment for all has been created.“

Finally, Lucy Cave stated –

“With the trauma that has transpired in Independent Wrestling, nearly all of the brave people that have come forward have asked for a safe place to return. We want to do everything in our power to make sure this is a reality, learning from failings in the past.”

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