Pro Wrestling Post Podcast: Coming Soon

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast will provide listeners an insight into the thoughts, actions, and practices of some of yesterdays and today’s biggest talents. Our podcast will be hosted on Anchor and be linked there through our site. Once active it will be made available to various podcasting platforms such as iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher among others. This weekly program will normally consist of 30-minute episodes and include archive interviews conducted as far back as 2015.

Readers and listeners could interview with the likes of Adam Cole, EC3, and Dr. Tom Prichard. Our more recent episodes will include a Pro Wrestling Post Podcast exclusive game #wrestlingtinder. The game features a topic that isn’t expected and the results are incredibly unpredictable. Will each question focus on wrestling? Will each talent’s personal interests become an area of focus and discussion? To find out the answer to that question readers are encouraged to listen in and find out.

Pro Wrestling Post Podcast

With each passing week, fans can anticipate a different interview with some of today’s biggest stars in AEW, Ring of Honor, Global Force Wrestling, and more. Each episode will also bring with it a weekly edition of our showcase question. Wrestling Tinder asks listeners a question that they have the choice to answer or not. The game that asks talent to come in for the topic and stay for the dessert. It’s fun and sometimes it isn’t even funny.

Each episode is set to be exciting and fun and will present itself in a way that readers may not typically listen to. Each episode will tap into the talents training, development and skillset. Some of today’s premier independent talent is an area of focus and discussion. Be sure to check out our archive weekly to listen in on who we spoke with.