#Preview wXw Presents Fan 2019


wXw Germany wants wrestling fans to get more involved and that will happen on September 13th at Fan 2019.  There is going to be an opportunity for the fans to get involved with a live vote at Fan 2019.  There are some of the best matches lined up for the card, so the fans are the ones who are the overall winners when this night goes down.

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wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship

Veit Muller vs Bobby Gunns

Veit Muller has earned himself the opportunity to fight for the wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship.  This match comes off the heels of Veit Muller’s one on one encounter with Emil Sitoci.  Bobby Gunns has been dominate at the top of the wXw roster, but Veit Muller could possibly be the one to put an end to the championship run of Bobby Gunns.  These two warriors are going to beat the living hell out of one another in order to hold the top prize in wXw.  Fans will be treated to a real fight for the gold in this one on one championship match.

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wXw Shotgun Championship

Emil Sitoci vs Avalanche

This is where things begin to get really interesting for Fan 2019.  It is the wXw Shotgun Championship match and the fans have a direct impact on how this one is going to go down.  Live voting will take place where you can select Falls Count Anywhere, Hamburg Streetfight, or a Bullrope Match.  There is absolutely no way for these two men to prepare themselves here as they are going in blind to the style of match that they will be participating in.  The fans could very well be the ones who end pending the championship run of Emil Sitoci if they pick a match that does not favor the champion.  Unpredictability can be fun as a fan, but for the competitors, it puts a lot of obstacles in their way.  Either way, this match is going to be carnage no matter what the stipulation ends up being.

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wXw Women’s Championship

Amale vs Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood makes her way over to wXw Germany for Fan 2019 and she has an opportunity to become the wXw Women’s Champion.  Amale the current champion has been a true testament to what makes a great champion.  Amale has it all inside the ring and has what it takes to come out victorious even over her opponent.  Tenille Dashwood obviously is well known among the wrestling faithful and many would expect that she would come out with the championship, but Amale is a star on the rise and you better believe that she will silence any doubt you may have about her ability to come out victorious in this match.

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wXw World Tag Team Championship

Dragunov & Walter vs Aussie Open

Aussie Open is looking to regain the championship belts that were theirs up until recently.  Dragunov and Walter the new wXw World Tag Team Champions are solid and there is a good reason that they were able to become the champions.  Now the new champions find themselves in that position of having to prove themselves as true defending champions, and Aussie Open is a team that could walk out of this night as the new champions once again.  This match is going to be a solid encounter that is a must-see for any fans of tag team wrestling.

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Valkyrie vs Toni Storm vs Faye Jackson vs Holidead

Talk about four absolutely incredible wrestlers who are going to now get the opportunity to put on a classic for the fans.  Toni Storm has been riding the waves of success all around the world returns once again to grace a ring she is very familiar with. Faye Jackson is also coming back to wXw to try and lay waste to the competition on hand. Valkyrie and Holidead are both stars on the rise themselves, the two of them have this golden opportunity to pull off a victory that will truly get the attention of wrestling fans around the world.  It is without a doubt that these four wrestlers will tear the house down, giving the fans non stop, action-packed, edge of your seat excitement.  It is almost a sure-fire win when you get to experience four wrestlers in the ring, and these four, in particular, are of the absolute best of the best at the moment.

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Lucky Kid vs Pete Bouncer

Lucky Kid and Pete Bouncer are going to fire up the crowd and deliver an electrifying match-up.  Two men that are masters of the mat are going to give the fans on hand a truly fast-paced and clinical encounter.

wXw continue to take their events to the next level, they tend to outdo their own shows each and every time.  There is just a tremendous amount of top-level talent and young rising stars for the company to utilize.  wXw now is giving back to the fans who continue to support what they do, this event Fan 2019 puts some control back in the hands of those who make their shows possible.  The ability to select a match type really adds a whole new dynamic to the event both for those in attendance and also for those who watch via wXw NOW.

Take the time to go and watch wXw matches and in particular ones from the line up scheduled for this card.  There is just so much talent that continues to raise the bar in wXw and make the company one of the best independent companies that a fan can invest their time in to.  Fan 2019 has a line up that is going to bring the house down.  So take this time to get yourself either signed up to wXw Now or to get your tickets for the event so that you the reader can join in on all of the fun.  wXw Germany Fan 2019 once again assures that the people who keep the company supported do feel like they are respected, the result of this are a string of wrestling matches that easily could contend for match of the year.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.