#Preview: WWE Presents SummerSlam 2019

Mark – It’s time for the biggest show of the summer folks, SummerSlam is here! But alas Pro Wrestling Post head honcho Marc Madison isn’t able to join me for our monthly WWE PPV preview. Never fear as joining me instead is our very own Robbie Sutter! He is our NXT UK extraordinaire! Together we’ll break down each and every match and give you our thoughts and opinions. Let’s not wait anymore and get straight into the Pro Wrestling Post SummerSlam 2019 review!

Robbie – When it comes to WWE pay-per-views, SummerSlam is often regarded as one of the “top four.” Along with Survivor Series, The Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania, SummerSlam’s status as one of the A-shows can’t be denied. WWE may be hyping this event as the biggest party of the summer, but judging by the numerous matches slated to take place, you’re looking at a collection of wrestlers that are not ready to celebrate but instead make a statement. While this card may look like a collection of rematches, a number of these bouts will surprise.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Oney Lorcan vs Drew Gulak (c)


Mark – You all know that I cover 205 Live right here at Pro Wrestling Post. You all know that I will champion that brand for all to hear. And you all know that I hate it when the Cruiserweight Championship is relegated to the pre-show. Rumors are that once again this title is on the pre-show. Grrrrrr! But to echo what Robbie says below, this has match of the night all over it. These two battled up and down the country in the indies and put on MOTN everywhere they went. And I can’t see anything different here. They will both keep elevating and putting new eyes on the division and the brand. I’m smelling a Gulak victory myself here. And possibly a multi-person defense at the next PPV?

Robbie – With competition in the 205 Live scene as hot as ever, Drew Gulak finds himself defending the purple championship once more, this time with SummerSlam as the stage. After he outlasted his fellow 205 Live stars, Oney Lorcan managed to punch his ticket to the biggest show of the summer. To me, this is a match that stands the chance of stealing the show. Gulak’s talents can’t be denied and I’ve been a big fan of Lorcan since his earlier days in NXT. While I believe a title victory for Lorcan would surprise, and be welcome, I expect Gulak to emerge the victor. From there, expect the challenger to take on new foes; perhaps Chad Gable won’t be far off.

WWE Smackdown Live Women’s Championship
Ember Moon vs Bayley (c)


Mark – Bayley really has come into her own since her former tag team partner Sasha Banks went on hiatus. And before you all ask, NO! I’m not calling a Sasha run in at all at this event. Unlike the past two, I hear you all say. But what I will say is that Bayley will be pushed to the limit like never before in this match. Since coming back from injury Ember has torn the division up and made it her own. This really is a close match to call, but I’m pulling with the experience of Bayley. Ember will learn from this defeat and come back stronger and ready to carry the division though. Mark my words.

Robbie – Ember Moon is arguably the most overlooked women’s wrestler in WWE today. While she enjoyed success early on as NXT Women’s Champion, her time on the main roster has been less than eventful. This can change at SummerSlam, though, as she challenges Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. This is a unique matchup in the sense that it never took place in NXT; only on WWE’s main programming will we see it transpire. As much as Moon would be a great champion – and I’m certain this match will deliver – expect Bayley to retain and move forward as the reigning titleholder.

Finn Balor vs “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt


Mark – With the news that Finn will be taking an extended period of time off after this event, we all pretty much know whose going to win don’t we? With that in mind, I can see a complete and utter decimation of Balor to send him on his way. It will make Bray look super strong going forward and when Balor returns, there’s a ready-made angle for him to chew on. So yeah…..Bray for the win! But who will he be feuding with next? Hmmmmm?

Robbie – Though this isn’t the first time that Finn Balor and Bray Wyatt have feuded, the circumstances have since changed. Though Balor remains the fan-favorite Superstar, Wyatt has taken on a unique layer of malevolence over the past few months. The “Firefly Funhouse,” which started as a collection of seemingly child-friendly skits, led to the debut of “The Fiend,” Wyatt’s evil persona. Wyatt has become one of the most talked-about personalities in WWE as of late, and for good reason. However, I believe he needs a major win to maintain and strengthen his newfound mystique. Expect “The Fiend” to go over Balor at SummerSlam.

Trish Stratus vs Charlotte Flair


Mark – Generation vs generation. Who hasn’t fantasy booked this match in their head? The really big question is can Trish still cut the mustard? It’s been a while since she last step foot inside a ring. And even then she was in a tag match, which gives slightly more protection than a singles match. I’m really hoping that we don’t see a “Goldberg in Saudi Arabia” performance from Trish. Charlotte, on the other hand, is the standout women’s division performer. And I’m pretty sure she’s been rubbing her hands in anticipation for this matchup. Besting Stratus will be another notch on her already outstanding post of achievements. All I’m hoping for is a competitive match and a good clean finish. Fingers crossed!

Robbie – On the surface, one may look at this match as nothing more than an excuse to get Charlotte Flair on one of WWE’s top-tier shows. However, as history has shown, the second-generation wrestler is a proven entity in big-match situations. This will be no different, as she squares off against Trish Stratus, who still has plenty left to give to wrestling. With SummerSlam taking place in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, expect Stratus to come into this match as the hero. To say that she will win, however, would be stretching it in my mind. I wholly expect Charlotte to go over in this clash of past versus present.

WWE United States Championship
Ricochet vs AJ Styles (c)


Mark – The numbers game will definitely come into play here, you can take that to the bank! (Sorry, wrong PPV). Ricochet really needs to either befriend a tag team to nullify the threat of Gallows and Anderson – cough cough Uso’s cough cough – or give a superhuman performance to defeat the Phenomenal One. The quick push that he had has faded slightly after playing second fiddle to AJ’s heel turn, but I’m pretty sure that Ricochet’s star will be on the rise soon enough. Styles will retain here in another outstanding match.

Robbie – When Ricochet defeated Samoa Joe to become the United States Champion, it was apparent that WWE saw the high-flying star as a top competitor. Not long after this victory, however, Ricochet would enter a feud with AJ Styles that resulted in the former becoming a villain once again. With his Good Brothers Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson by his side, Styles became a three-time U.S. Champion. Ricochet, not one to take this loss lightly, fought his way back into title contention. With the star-spangled championship on the line, will Ricochet claim the title for the second time? As bright as Ricochet’s future may be, expect The Pheonemal One to hold onto the gold, perhaps due in part to outside assistance.

WWE Raw Women’s Championship
Natalya vs “The Man” Becky Lynch (c)


Mark – The build to this match has been great. Highlighting their past before WWE in the promo videos was a great idea and as usual, the packages themselves are outstanding. Seeing Becky return to her “man” roots is great and is something us fans have been calling for since Mania. And giving Nattie some well-deserved TV time has helped the fans remember that she can carry a feud too. I still think it’s too early for Becky to lose the title, especially with no credible challengers on the scene just yet. Maybe an Ember loss could see her slide on over to RAW to challenge Lynch? Now that’s a match I wanna see!

Robbie – Following the conclusion of her feud with Lacey Evans, fans wondered where Becky Lynch will shift her focus. Following a victory in a four-way elimination match, Natalya punched her ticket for a RAW Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam. The build to this match has been fairly interesting, with Lynch showing the same edge she became popular for and Natalya as the defiant veteran within the women’s division. In terms of wrestling, this may end up being the most polished bout of the night. With that said, I don’t see any result occurring other than the champion retaining. From there, The Man will shift her focus, whether it’s with a new face or a longtime foe.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton vs Kofi Kingston (c)


Mark – Whose STUPID STUPID STUPID now huh? Kofi not only had his WrestleMania moment this year but as Robbie says below, he’s been dominant to the extreme. He’s been made to look like the People’s Champion, the Champions Champion. And it’s been great. So why end it now? Yes, Randy has championship-caliber oozing from every pore, but in his own words, he’s in the twilight of his career right now. If he were to become a champion, he should be used in a transitional role. Not to take it away from one of the most dominant and over champions in the company right now. So no. Just no. Kofi to win and maybe earn a handshake from the Viper in the process too.

Robbie – Since winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania earlier this year, Kofi Kingston has been nothing short of dominant. He has won more than he has lost, overcoming the likes of Ziggler and Samoa Joe. His greatest challenge, it can be argued, will come in the form of Randy Orton. They share history, with Orton halting the momentum Kingston built years ago as a relative newcomer. Many years older and wiser, however, Kingston is more prepared than ever for The Viper. By defeating Orton, which I believe he will, Kingston will exorcise the proverbial demon once and for all.

Dolph Ziggler vs Goldberg


Mark – How badly has Bill wanted this match after the Saudi Arabia debacle? There’s no way he would have wanted to walk into the sunset like that. And what better way (and person) to swagger into the distance than this match and this PPV. SummerSlam is still a high profile event – one of the infamous Big Five* – and Dolph is still an amazing in-ring talent. He will bump all day long for Goldberg and shine him up good and proper. Expect to see a quick four-minute match that will include some posing for the crowd, a Jackhammer and a Spear. But no headbutting of locker doors though 😉
*Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, Money In The Bank, SummerSlam, Survivor Series

Robbie – What began as the latest showdown between The Miz and Dolph Ziggler has taken a unique turn in recent weeks. With Ziggler constantly referencing Goldberg in a negative fashion, fans wondered if the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion would make an appearance. Not only will Goldberg appear at SummerSlam, but he will take the place of The Miz, squaring off with the loudmouth Ziggler. As with most Goldberg matches, I don’t see this one going long. If it goes any longer than five minutes, I will be surprised. It’s safe to expect that after a spear and a jackhammer, Goldberg will stand tall over The Show Off.

Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon
If Owens Loses He Leaves The WWE

Photo / WWE

Mark – I’ve really enjoyed seeing Kevin in this babyface role. I’ve been a fan of his for many years and I’ve always seen him as the heel. But I just can’t shake the SCSA vibe about this character change. It may be because he’s facing off against a McMahon, just like Austin did. I’m hoping that once this feud is over, Owens will put his own stamp on his character and make me a believer. Oh and if you didn’t get it from what I hinted at above, this is an Owens victory all day long. No way is he being sent home from TV as part of a storyline, he’s not long come back from injury dammit!

Robbie – In recent times, Kevin Owens has become one of the top faces in the company, targeting Shane McMahon and his tyrannical rule in WWE. Whether it’s ejecting him from the arena or having his henchman attack Owens, it’s clear that McMahon sees the former Universal Champion as a threat. Their feud comes to a head at SummerSlam, though, where they face off in singles action. However, if Owens fails to defeat McMahon, he will be forced to leave WWE. I strongly doubt this will be the case, though. Expect the anti-authority figure of Owens to trounce McMahon, potentially ending his rule once and for all.

WWE Universal Championship
Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar (c)


Mark – Yup, we’ve seen this kinda build to a match a few months back at Mania. Yup, we’re all expecting a Seth victory because….well because no-one really wants Brock to retain, do they? The difference I can see here is that I think both men will be done with each other after this match. No rematch, no continuation of the feud, just done. There’s only so many times folks will pay to watch the same build and feud. This has been played out to its maximum. Now, where do both men go after this? In Seth’s case please leave Corbin alone. There’s a plethora of new talent out there. And Brock? I want to see him answer the challenge of Aleister Black. Give Black the main event rub. And imagine the carnage in their match!

Robbie – When Seth Rollins trumped Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the Universal Title, it felt like a tremendous weight was lifted off the entire WWE. A few months later, we find ourselves back at square one, with The Beast holding one of the company’s major championships. Rollins has been nothing short of courageous, though this has come at a lost, with Lesnar continually attacking the former champion at every opportunity. At SummerSlam, Rollins aims to reclaim his title. Though part of me believes that Lesnar will retain, the more vocal part believes that The Architect will pull out of a miracle. In the main event, I’m going with Rollins.

On behalf of Robbie and all the staff here at Pro Wrestling Post, I thank you all for your continued support. It really doesn’t go unnoticed.

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