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Women’s Superstars United returns on June 7th with another stacked event, entitled Once More With Feeling! The resurgence of this brand has given a platform to many more women in the New Jersey area to ply their craft. Twenty plus women will descend on the Coliseum in Voorhees, New Jersey to showcase women’s wrestling at its best! As WSU Presents Once More With Feeling.

WSU Presents Once More With Feeling

Savanna Stone vs. Masha Slamovitch

Savanna Stone impressed WSU management and fans in her debut against WSU Spirit Champion Kris Statlander at WSU’s relaunch event, Something Entirely New. The student of Michael Elgin may not have been victorious, but she certainly left an impression. Since that event, she’s continued to work in the Midwest area. Most notably for Making Towns Wrestling and Pro Wrestling ZERO1 USA Supreme; Savanna is currently the ZERO1 USA Women’s Champion. She defeated fellow Elgin trainee, Rahne Victoria in a steel cage match to win the title.

Her opponent is Masha Slamvitch, a grappler with a soft spot for Mother Russia. She’s worked primarily for smaller indies around the Northeast region, with Victory Pro Wrestling being her home. There she is the current reigning VPW Women’s Champion. She has also wrestled in Canada for CWF and toured in Russia and the Dominican Republic. Now she will look to make a big impact in WSU at Once More With Feeling.

Delmi Exo & Kasey Catal vs. HEX

Due to an injury, Delmi and her partner Kasey Catal were unable to participate in the tag team championship tournament. Kasey went it alone during that weekend, breaking even with one win and one loss. Together once again, the pair will most likely try to use this match to gain a shot at the tag team champions. That is, of course, if they can survive the mountain that is The HEX. The supernatural tandem was unsuccessful against Rainbow Bright in April. Now they will bring that sting with them as they attempt to get back on the winning side of things.

WSU Presents Once More With Feeling

Brittany Blake vs. Violet Lee

Brittany Blake wants a shot at Tessa Blanchard. But first, she must take on the debuting Violet Lee. Blake has been on a roll following the April double shot weekend. She defeated both Jinx of The Endless and Diamante. Violet Lee is a rising star on the Canadian wrestling scene. Violet is a student of Tyson Dux and has worked for Smash Wrestling, Barrie Wrestling, and FCL. Now she will have a chance to make a statement at Once More With Feeling.

Megan Mason vs. Ruthless Lala

Megan Mason is a heavy hitter for The Endless and used to dominating opponents. However, she may meet her match with Ruthless Lala. Lala debuted back in April at Traveled Down the Road and Back Again. There she came, saw and conquered by destroying Neveah Chantelle. Mason is not easily intimidated though, as she seeks to please The Endless. She and Davienne were unsuccessful in gaining the WSU Tag Team Championships, so she needs to bring home a W for her master.

Leyla Hirsch vs. Violette

Speaking of heavy hitters, this one is going to be a promotional grudge match. Violette is affiliated with House of Glory wrestling whereas Leyla Hirsch is the latest disciple of DJ Hyde and the CZW Dojo. There is major friction between these two companies. Violette has been on a distinct winning streak in WSU as well. In three shows she has defeated Angel Sinclair, Shazza McKenzie, and Veda Scott. She’s also been demanding better competition, and there are few better than Leyla Hirsch. Hirsch has taken out big stars in women’s wrestling such as Mercedes Martinez and LuFisto. If Violette wants to prove herself worthy of a title shot, a win here would help her argument.

WSU Tag Team Championship Match
The Platinum Hunnies (c) vs. The Endless (Davienne & Jinx)

Ava Everett and Angel Sinclair won the WSU Tag Team Championships back in April. For a long time, they had only been known as the valets for Anthony Greene. Now they are making names for themselves here in WSU. At Once More With Feeling, they will have their first ever title defense. It isn’t an easy task for them either. They will face Not America’s Sweetheart Davienne and the bloody adorable Jinx. Of course, they are led by The Endless, the mysterious figure to whom they have pledged themselves.

After a spurned attempt to recruit Brittany Blake, they refocus their attention on the WSU Tag Team Championships. Davienne had teamed with Megan Mason in the tournament and they lost in the finals. Now they seek to please their master by bringing home the gold. The Platinum Hunnies won’t go down without a fight though. While they may be short on wrestling experience, they have a lot of heart and spirit. They’ll also have to keep their eye on Candy Cartwright, who will also be on hand at the event. Candy has made her intentions clear that she too would like to be a Platinum Hunnie. But can she be trusted?

WSU Presents Once More With Feeling

WSU Spirit Championship Match
Kris Statlander (c) vs. Aja Perera

Both of these competitors are out of this world! The extra-terrestrial and dominant WSU Spirit Champion Kris Statlander touches down at Once More With Feeling. Her opponent is a bona fide superhero in Aja Perera. Perera is also the current reigning Shine Nova Champion. Statlander is also a double champion, as she also holds the Independent Wrestling.TV Championship. They’re also both very young into their careers, with Perera having a slight advantage in experience.

Statlander has been having a breakout 2019 so far and has been dominant in WSU. Aja has also been having a pretty successful year and this could be a great test for them both. They’ve never crossed paths before in a singles match. However, they were both involved in a four-way match back in January for BriiCombination Wrestling. Neither were victorious in that encounter.

All of this incredible women’s wrestling action goes down on June 7th with bell time scheduled for 8:30 PM. If you can’t make it out to see these ladies in action, it will be available on a couple of different video services after. They include CZW’s streaming service and Powerslam.TV. Also scheduled to appear at Once More With Feeling are Candy Cartwright, Gabby Gilbert, and Corrine Mink.

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