#Preview: Wrestling Revolver Presents November To Member

On Friday, November 15th from The Brightside in Dayton, Ohio Wrestling Revolver presents November to Member. The card hosts a number of exciting matches throughout. Fans will witness not only matches for the Wrestling Revolver and IMPACT Wrestling championships but also first-time-ever contests as well. When the likes of ‘the lone star’ Curt Stallion square off against Nick Cage, the result is likely to be nothing short of absolute bedlam. We add to that various elimination, and the infamous Revolver scramble matches the result is always exciting.

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Nick Cage vs. Curt Stallion

Two veterans with very different styles will have an opportunity to face each other this evening. Cage brings his longtime hardcore methodology to the Revolver as he squares off against one of the likely fastest rising talents in the business. A mainstay in AAW Pro, Stallion has gained traction competing for EVOLVE wrestling. While there he has been under the watchful eye of Gabe Sapolosky. What is interesting to note is that Cage comes into this matchup with the issue of the GCW championship weighing on him. The believed thief of the championship also on the card in Ricky Shane Page.

Will Cage be focused on the matchup or will the knowledge that Page is also on the card and wanting to gain retribution get the better of him? If fans are familiar with Cage he will remain focused unless someone pays a visit during this matchup.

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Moose vs Larry D vs 1 Called Manders vs. Madman Fulton

The aptly titled HOSS Fight is certainly that. Each of these massive men involved in the contest the winner really could prove to be anyone. With Larry D being a former Wrestling Revolver champion and 1 Called Manders being a longtime part of the promotion they may have the advantage. Fans can be a crucial tool and Larry D and 1 Called Manders are likely to use this to their advantage as mainstays in Wrestling Revolver.

However, no one should be looking past Moose who has emerged as a notable success in IMPACT Wrestling. If anyone could fly under the radar in this match it is the big man himself, Madman Fulton. As easily seen as the muscle of the faction oVe, Fulton could be overlooked. This may very well be the night where Fulton shocks everyone and finding him in the winners’ circle could very well be the case.

November to Member
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“GCW” Championship Match
Rickey Shane Page vs Alex Colon

As evident in the image above the words GCW are listed in quotes. It is for very good reason. With the title in the possession of Rickey Shane Page isn’t of his property and yet appears to be on the line. Page comes to Wrestling Revolver with what is the Game Changer Wrestling championship. Often the saying possession is nine-tenths of the law. However, that isn’t’ the case if the person it has been taken from is Nick Cage.

The twelve-year veteran and Best of the Best, Colon brings a history behind him of complete reckless and hardcore wrestling. Combining a varying degree of skills, Colon is in tough against someone that is no stranger to brutality. Rickey Shane Page is equally as experienced facing Colon. Will Page ‘defend’ his title successfully or will he have to watch over his shoulder as Cage could also get involved in this match?

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IMPACT Wrestling World Championship Match – oVe Rules
Sami Callihan vs Clayton Gainz

Callihan returns to Wrestling Revolver but this time the stakes aren’t what they typically have been. He has come in and contested for the Wrestling Revolver championship. This time around, however, the draw comes in and takes the role of hunted rather than the hunter. He steps into the ring with the current Open Scramble champion, Clayton Gainz.

The young upstart in Gainz is only four years into his professional career. He is gaining more traction everywhere he goes. It is no more evident than his current role as the Open Scramble Champion. While his production this year in comparison to last year may register as a setback, it shouldn’t be taken as such. Gainz steps in the ring with the opportunity to dethrone Sami Callihan and become the new IMPACT Wrestling champion.

November to Member
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4 on 4 Elimination Tag Match
The Rascalz and Kimber Lee vs The North, Logan James, and Tyler Matrix

This match is sure to be fun as the quartet of the Rascalz and Lee could prove to be a fun time indeed at November to Member. Fans are all too familiar with what The Rascalz are capable of doing. They are equally aware of what Kimber Lee is capable of doing as well. When those two different elements come together the result is likely to be nothing short of fun. On the other side of the ring Josh Alexander, Ethan Page, Logan James, and Tyler Matrix came together.

In a group that may not be all that familiar with one another, they could prove to the x-factor in making them a success. What is telling however about this match is that despite both teams coming into the match together it is an elimination format. With each elimination, the odds of winning are reduced. However, one side appears to have more continuity due to their familiarity with one another rather than the other.

November to Member
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Revolver Championship
Killer Kross vs Jessicka Havok

Two people that have either crossed paths or worked for the same promotion previously are squaring off in a monumental matchup at November to Member. Current Revolver Champion, Killer Kross puts his title on the line against a former TNA Knockouts Champion in the Kaiju Queen, Jessicka Havok. This time around she faces not only someone that is a different gender than her but someone that is putting the promotions’ main prize on the line in Kross.

Kross is now the head of the division in Wrestling Revolver and will look to maintain hold of his championship. With the stakes being so high as the title is on the line we could see a scenario where Kross does something different. Often the biggest challenge is to tell a story effectively. For Killer Kross, the question is will he have Havok guessing on what he is going to do next?

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Jon Murray vs ‘Manscout’ Jake Manning

A regular and former Scramble Champion in Jake Manning faces someone new to Wrestling Revolver at November to Member. As a man of many different nicknames, Jon Murry comes to Wrestling Revolver known primarily as someone who has competed regularly for Rockstar Pro Wrestling. Whether it is “The Big Hurt”, “The Titwolf”, “The Extra Lage Superstar”, or “Mr. Moonsault”, Murray has been working to develop his craft over his nine-year career.

For the Manscout, he will bring his often entertaining style of wrestling to Wrestling Revolver and looks to create a fun environment against Murray. Will this match have the potential of setting up a future championship opportunity? We aren’t completely sure but do know it will be a fun ride of a match up.

November to Member
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Nevaeh vs. Jody Threat

Hit hard and hit often will be story between these two going into this matchup at November to Member. A regular for Smash Wrestling in Toronto, Ontario Canada and growing in popularity with Progress, Jody Threat returns to Wrestling Revolver to show just how she has developed. Her commitment to improving in the ring is only matched by her commitment to expanding her match knowledge. She steps into the ring with a veteran of 14 years and a familiar face to Wrestling Revolver.

Since breaking in the ring in 2005, Nevaeh has continued to show her worth time and time again competing for not only Wrestling Revolver but other prominent promotions such as SHIMMER and RiSE as well. This isn’t the first time these two have faced one another as in 2018, Threat and Nevaeh faced one another in the CANUSA Classic on Canadian soil. Will Nevaeh avenge that loss here?

November to Member
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Sudden Death Scramble – X Division Championship
Ace Austin vs. Jake Crist vs Ace Romero vs. Rayz vs Tony Gunn vs Dave Crist

The Wrestling Revolver Scramble is always a fun match. When we add to it the element of the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division championship being on the line at November to Member it is can’t miss. With the brother Crist both involved in this match, the question is are their odds of winning any greater than the other notable talents in this ring.

First and foremost the current X-Division champion, Ace Austin will have his work cut out for him as he faces five other competitors. His head will literally need to be on a swivel if he hopes to retain. Dustin Rayz last appeared for Wrestling Revolver in August then also competing in a scramble matchup. Will he hope this time is the charm? Ohio Valley Wrestling notable, Tony Gunn is also hungry for a championship win. If Ace Romero has anything to say about it, he’s walking out the champion.