#Preview: Wrestling Revolver Presents Afraid of the Dark

On Friday, July 26th, from the Val Air Ballroom in Des Moines, Iowa Wrestling Revolver presents their latest event Afraid of the Dark. The event will showcase among the best the wrestlers anywhere in the world meet to ask the question, are you afraid of the dark? That question may not be the most intriguing one of the evening, but a few questions do appear to hold great relevance. For instance, will Larry D retain the Wrestling Revolver Championship at Afraid of the Dark?

Will Austin be successful in this international matchup challenge against Mambo for Wrestling Revolver at Afraid of the Dark? Will the Besties in the world retain the Wrestling Revolver tag team championship or will The North or The Crew be the successful pairing on this night at Afraid of the Dark? Will 1 Called Manders retain the Iowa Championship or will Cannon, Skyler or Warner walk away as the new champion? Regardless of who are the winners or losers we can all be assured that if anyone gets trapped in Wrestling TENT that someone may be asked the question are you afraid of the dark with Wrestling Revolver?

First Time Ever
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Killer Kross vs JT Dunn

In a match billed as a first time ever bout between the two has the makings of an intense showing. Dunn has long been earning a name for himself along the east coast while Kross is coming off a recent departure from IMPACT Wrestling to showcase just how he can do on his own. Fans can anticipate a more technical side of wrestling come from Dunn with a more cutthroat and reckless means of wrestling from Kross. What will happen in this match if Dunn isn’t up to the task of facing just what Kross is likely to bring to their battle?

Dunn will have to use his craftiness and speed to put himself in a position to win this matchup. Kross will bring a fury in this match that Dunn best be prepared to combat or it could likely be the last time these two face one another.

Afraid of the Dark
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Iowa Championship Match

1 Called Manders vs Arik Cannon vs. Mance Warner vs John Skyler

A match that was originally slated to be a one-on-one matchup between 1 Called Manders and Mance Warner has become a fatal four-way. The inclusion of Arik Cannon and John Skyler has only added to what this match is likely to be. Once Cannon and Skyler were added to the match it only reduced the champions’ chances of retaining. Fans are aware that Warner will likely bring with him the violence as he is often prepared to do.

Havok voiced her opinion on social media selecting Arik Cannon as the one to walk out the winner. However, if someone tends to get lost in this match it is John Skyler. Skyler has been a champion in various promotions through the United States and shouldn’t be counted out in this match despite not being considered a favorite. Will the 1 Called Manders be able to overcome the challenge of the other three opponents in this matchup?

Afraid of the Dark
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Jessicka Havok vs. ??

After Dan Barry, unfortunately, suffered a ruptured appendix it became apparent that Jessica Havok’s challenge would remain unmet. Who would step up and challenge Havok in Barry’s absence? It would become apparent. Corbin would answer the call, Darin Corbin that is. The fifteen-year veteran, Corbin appears to be getting ready to challenge Havok. Corbin has said that he wants to be remembered because it is the crazy people who are remembered. He wants to the crazy one that wants to be remembered.

In Havok, fans have come to know just how dangerous she can be. The question is can Corbin withstand the challenge that is coming for him in Havok? That said…will it even be Corbin since it has yet to be confirmed officially that it will be him? Regardless, whoever is looking to take out the Havok Death Machine will be hard pressed to defeat the multi-time champion.

Afraid of the Dark
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Revolver Tag Team Championship

Besties in the World vs. The Crew (Swann and Cade) and The North )Page and Alexander)

This triple threat tag team match involves new challengers to the title including new contenders for the championship. Current IMPACT Wrestling tag team champions, Ethan Page and Josh Alexander have brought their unity to Wrestling Revolver to walk out with a new set of tag team championships at the expense of Davey Vega and Mat Fitchett who have longed to be seen as the top guys in Wrestling Revolver. One team that fans could easily think will work well together is Rich Swann and Jason Cade known as The Crew.

Much like any championship match where the champions aren’t simply facing one team the champions’ chances of winning slowly decline. The Besties in the World fought long and hard to capture the Revolver Tag Team Championship. Despite whoever is challenging them for the titles know they will be hard-pressed to take the titles from the Besties in the World.

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2/3 Tables Match

Andy Dalton vs Caleb Konley

A unique stipulation for this match is that it isn’t just a two out of three falls match but the type of gimmick match it was as well. Conley and Dalton will be facing one another in what is a tables match. A tables match in itself is often brutal as its usually the culmination of a beating that both competitors will put themselves through to get the win. When we add to the fact that it could ideally be taking place for three deciding falls is incredible.

The sheer exhaustion that will likely take place as each man will put their opponent through suggest that the risk of danger affecting both men is quite evident. What is likely to happen is that Dalton will bring a sense a ferocity that may be equal to what Konley is capable of doing. Konley had held championship that he knows what it’s like to have pressure on his shoulders.

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Extreme Rules Toronado Tag

Tommy Dreamer, Rhino, Eddie Edwards and Jimmy Jacobs vs. oVe Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist, Madman Fulton

Hardcore is the only way to go! It seems that when two ECW alumni team up with a zombie princess and what could be described as the new face of Hardcore it seems oVe best watch out. Led by the Death Machine himself, Sami Callihan the contingent of the Crist brothers along with Madman Fulton appears to be taking their past hostilities towards Dreamer and Edwards and bringing them to Wrestling Revolver. As it stands right now the biggest challenge is seeing how well Jacobs will work with this alliance of Dreamer, Rhino and Edwards.

If there is anything that oVe has more than anything else it is unity. It is that unity that often spells the end of any other team especially since they know each other so well. The biggest question isn’t whether or not Dreamer, Edwards, Rhino, and Jacobs will be successful, but rather will they be able to work together effectively to achieve said result.

Open Invite Scramble Championship Match 

TENT v.s Manscout vs. ?? vs. ?? vs. ??

Easily the most amusing championship in Wrestling Revolver, the Open Invite Scramble championship boasts only two competitors but could have a number of challengers come in and compete as well for the title. As it stands right now Wrestling TENT looks to defend his title against among other competitors Manscout, Jake Manning. These two certainly have a history with one another, but the bigger question is who else will come to challenge for the title and defeat Wrestling TENT? We have seen the likes of Caleb Konley come to not only hold the title but challenge for it as well.

However, Konley is already scheduled for the evening so that likely takes him out of the equation. As it stands Wrestling TENT hasn’t simply defeated its challengers it practically swallowed them whole! Will the same fate be what is in store for Jake Manning amongst the other challengers?

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Ace Austin vs. Chuck Mambo

In what has been advertised it was an international challenge match if fans haven’t seen Mambo in action you are in for a treat. The man with tons of personality and referred to as the ‘Surfing and Wrestling Sensation’ brings that mindset and skillset with him to Wrestling Revolver. The closest comparison personality wise would be a Matt Riddle with a far less intense ring acromion about him. With Ace Austin, fans are becoming more and more aware of the man that will just as will pull a card from behind your ear as he is to use the said card and cut you across the webbing of your fingers with it.

The question here is will Mambo come to the United States and make a win disappear for Austin or will the United Kingdom native? What we can be assured of is that this match will certainly highlight to highly engaging talents looking to play off one another in their matchup.

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Wrestling Revolver Championship 

Larry D vs. Ace Romero

It was bound to happen and now it is finally here. The current Wrestling Revolver champion is set to face-off against a man who has recently celebrated the one-year anniversary of what was known as ‘the pounce”. That one move generated steam going viral and have the name Ace Romero on the lips of everyone that was willing to listen. Romero shot up the ranks earning victories all over North America.

Now that he is contending for the Wrestling Revolver Championship, the question that remains is will Larry D be able to withstand the momentum that Romero has on his side or will his experience be what ultimately allows him to retain the title. Romero is coming off competing for Limitless Wrestling’s Vacationland Cup and hopes to take the momentum from that night to Iowa to battle the champion. Larry faces a massive challenge in Romero and looks to whether the storm that is coming his way.