#Preview: Without A Cause: Year One!

Without A Cause
Year One
October 27, 2019
Everett Washington

One year… One entire year! It all started on October of 2018. We saw Thunder Rosa take on Pricilla Kelly and in the main event we watched King Khash go up against Darby Allin. Without A Cause started out with an enormous bang and they have continued building themselves into one of the preeminent promotions in the region now presenting Year One.

The people behind this show have demonstrated they have something to offer the industry. They have given local talent another platform to perform and gain opportunities. We have seen them bring in some of the top talent on the independent scene. They have become a must-see show, a destination, and a community.

Without A Cause is going bigger and better in 2020! With shows already forming throughout the winter and spring, we plan on continuing to bring in the best independent wrestlers to Everett! You haven’t seen anything yet!” –Max Zaleski, Owner of Without A Cause

This month, on October 27, 2019, we celebrate the one-year anniversary of Without A Cause! We have many reasons to celebrate, several of which I mentioned above. To celebrate this momentous occasion the folks behind the scenes have put together one of the best cards we’ve seen to date! We’ll see many familiar faces and many new ones!

Tag Team Match
The Strays vs. Four Minutes of Heat

Photo / WAC

Panhandling their way from the wastelands of Vancouver B.C. are Tyler Elliot and Judas Icarus, two talented lads that make up The Strays. These two resourceful dumpster survivors gave Boarder Patrol the slip and now they face off against two 1980’s mullet ridden rockers.

Four Minutes of Heat, consisting of “Rock God” Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl have faced off against the Strays before. There was an unfortunate moment when Four Minutes of Heat ended up with Tyler and Judas’ feet in their mouths. Word is after a penicillin shot and several rounds of antibiotics the mullet men of Four Minutes of Heat are doing well.
The first contest ended with Four Minutes of Heat getting the win… with some… questionable moves. In this rematch, it will be very interesting to see who comes out on top!

Singles  Match
“Dirty” Andy Dalton vs. “The Golden Boy” Travis Williams

Photo / WAC

Returning for the second time we have the pleasure of hosting “Dirty” Andy Dalton. Last month he participated in a fatal four-way. His victory was stolen by none other than “The Golden Boy” himself, Travis Williams.

Is Andy going to show us his “Dirty” side? It seems unlikely Mr. Dalton is going to make his way all the way from Texas for a repeat of last month. There is little doubt he’s come back to destroy his opponent. But… don’t count Travis Williams out just yet. This cunning Canadian has more than a few tricks up his sleeve and fair isn’t in his vocabulary.

Fatal Six-Way Match
“The Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. Eddie Osbourne vs. “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn vs. Zach Cooper vs. “Cool Dad” Chris Ross vs. Chris Cruz

Photo / WAC

Six! County them… Six incredible talents in the ring at once! This is going to be one of the standouts of the event. “The Black Sheep” Dave Turner is taking a break from stalking people’s nightmares to break the souls of his five competitors. Eddie Osbourne will no doubt yell at the audience as they boo him into the ring. “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn will enter the auditorium with a smooth saunter ready to disassemble his opponents. Then Zach Cooper will undoubtedly power his way through this match while “Cool Dad” Chris Ross fights his way back to the top. The last entrant is returning talent Chris Cruz taking a break from the ER to conquer Everett Washington!

With this much talent in the ring at one time, you know this is going to be an outstanding match. Pay close attention because there is going to be a lot going on in this one!

Singles Competition
Daniel Makabe vs. Tony Deppen

Photo / WAC

This is perhaps one of the most highly anticipated matches of the anniversary event! Coming from the East Coast is an extraordinary talent, Tony Deppen! He’s worked for Beyond, Chikara, GCW and many more! If you haven’t seen this incredible young man wrestle, you’re in for a real treat!

Returning to face Tony Deppen is someone who has faced this man before. Local wrestling genius, Daniel Makabe will be returning to Without A Cause to deal with Tony Deppen. You can count on this match being highly technical and will unquestionably be an incredible experience for the audience to watch!

Six-Man Tag Team
Steve Migs & Voros Twins vs. Jet Knight & Young Muscle

Photo / WAC

Sounds like “Local Celebrity” and Twitter Verified Champion Steve Migs has managed to recruit the very talented identical duo, the Voros Twins! This dynamic pair are making their return to Without A Cause and they are welcome additions to the show. Plus, they are much needed back up for Migs considering who he’s going up against.

Facing Migs and the Voros Twins are three incredible young men. Jet Knight is exploding all over the wrestling scene here in the Pacific Northwest and for him, this is only the beginning. Joining him is a tag team making a real mark for themselves at Without A Cause, Young Muscle. Both Jaiden and Nick Wayne are on the rise and these three young men working together is going to be a truly spectacular thing to see.

Singles Match
Jessicka Havok vs. Riea Von Slasher

Year One
Photo / WAC

Those of you who aren’t familiar with Jessicka Havok are undoubtedly going to be fans by the end of the show. Ms. Havok has been a staple on the independent scene for well over a decade and has done a great deal of work at Impact where she’s held a championship belt. She’s a heavy hitter and a brutal combatant.

Don’t let this wrestling luminary count out the competition. Riea Von Slasher is no slouch in the ring. She has worked with the top promotions in the region and she has learned from some of the best in the business. Riea Von Slasher is a worthy opponent and soon Jessica Havok will learn just how good this local talent really is.

Championship Match
Chris Bey vs. Hammerstone

Year One
Photo / WAC

Returning to defend his title is our Champion Chris Bey. He’s held onto the title now for a few months now having stolen it from Chase James. Chris has proven time and time again he will do whatever it takes to win… and he’ll need to for this match. He isn’t stepping into the ring with just anyone. Chris Bey is in for the fight of his life.

Facing our champion is none other than Hammerstone! This gigantic muscle-bound beef tower is easily twice the size of the champion. He’s relentless, brutal and the word ‘mercy’ is not in this man’s vocabulary. There is one thing you can count on from Hammerstone, he isn’t going to hold back. Chris Bey’s championship is in serious trouble.

With year one in the bag, Without A Cause has set the bar high for themselves. They have shown ingenuity and great skill at crafting shows. They have brought in the best to go up against our best here on the local scene. Their success this past year is not only a testament to the promotions fantastic staff but also a statement on the health of the local wrestling scene.

Now, Without A Cause is a proven property. They aren’t a little start-up anymore. WAC is a major player in the local scene and growing. If they accomplished this much in one year, the next year is going to be a revelation!