#Preview: Without A Cause Volume 9: Rated E for Everyone

On July 14th Without A Cause will be holding it’s ninth show as they quickly approach the one-year mark of their promotional history, Rated E for Everyone. In just under a year WAC has certainly made an impression, not only regionally but they are turning heads far and wide.

When you cultivate some of the best talent in the region and bring in fresh talent from parts unknown you create a recipe for fantastic and high-quality matches. Not only is the wrestling top notch their promo’s and the engagement levels with the fan base are particularly outstanding.

The proof is in the pudding as some might say. If you are a fan of professional wrestling this promotion ticks countless boxes in terms of quality and entertainment. If you haven’t given it a try Rated E for Everyone is an excellent opportunity to give the show a watch.

Important Note: There has been a change of venue. Without A Cause Rated E for Everyone will not be at the Normanna Lodge as it normally is. Instead it will be held right next door at the VFW Hall Post 2100. This is literally right next door. Same parking and the same amenities will be available.

Here is the card as it currently stands:

Singles Match
“Black Sheep” Dave Turner vs. King Khash

Photo / WAC

The Black Sheep, Dave Turner, has haunted the locker room and the auditorium of Without A Cause since the very beginning. This titan of wrestling has devastated opponent after opponent with very few exceptions. He stalks the ring and those who survive an encounter with him can count themselves lucky. When he makes an appearance, one should adorn themselves with holy symbols or spirit crystals. If you aren’t particularly religious perhaps hire a bodyguard.

Facing the human embodiment of nightmares is a young man making his return to Without A Cause, King Khash. Returning from an extended tour in Japan with Zero 1 is one of the best talents to emerge from our little region. He’s been a staple on the local indie scene and was in the main event in a match with Darby Allin at Without A Causes inaugural show. This former Prestige Champion is likely ready to hit the local scene hard now that he’s back and the WAC belt could potentially put him back on top. Besides, it will be very interesting to see what he learned while he worked in Japan. Don’t be surprised if he came back with a new trick or two up his sleeve.

Singles Match
Daniel Makabe vs. Zach Cooper

Photo / WAC

Grudge match part deux! Daniel Makabe and Zack Cooper have faced one another before. Back in March, these two gentlemen faced off at WAC. The match was highly technical and very competitive. These two opponents are well matched and even though Daniel Makabe managed to win, it was a difficult victory fraught with a number of near falls on both opponents.

On July 14th these two men are going at it for round two. Though Makabe is going in with one big “W” in his corner, it would be difficult to parlay that victory into a definitive statement of superiority. Zack Cooper is a fierce opponent and he is motivated to hit harder, slam his opponent with all the power he has and to push himself even harder than before. This could just be enough to give him an edge over the technical wizardry of Makabe. This is going to be a very exciting match and you can count on seeing some clever moves from both these competitors.

Singles Match
Façade vs. “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn

Photo / WAC

“Kingpin” Johnny Flynn is on a winning streak. Fresh of his win last month against the “Outlandish” Zicky Dice, he is no doubt feeling confident walking into Without A Cause on July 14th. This bowler has been a growing presence at WAC and it would not be a surprise if he isn’t racking up the wins to eventually make a play for the championship. Unfortunately for Mr. Flynn there seem to be several others, including Jordie Taylor also positioning themselves to take on the champion, Chase James.

Facing the Kingpin himself is none other than Façade. This technical high flyer hales from the East coast where he has been wowing audiences for well over a decade. He’s appeared on such promotions as ROH, Evolve and Smash. He is an accomplished wrestler and stands a very strong chance of breaking Johnny Flynn’s winning streak.

This is going to be a particularly spectacular match. It is difficult to predict exactly what you’re going to see here but you can count on some high flying and technical work from Façade and no doubt some down and dirty tricks from the Kingpin!

Championship Match
Chase James (Champion) vs. Brian Pillman Jr. (Challenger)

Rated E for Everyone
Photo / WAC

Once again, Without A Cause Champion, Chase James will be defending his belt. This young man, hailing from Spokane Washington, has been the target of the malcontent promotion owner Max Zaleski. Despite the marginally criminal acts of Mr. Zaleski, Chase has stood tall and defending the championship from a number of competitors brought in by the owner not to simply defeat but to destroy the peoples champion. He has failed thus far…

This month Max found an exceptional talent to bring in. Brian Pillman Jr. This gentleman is joining us from Ohio. He must have decided to take a break from Mulletpalooza to face our WAC champion, no doubt motivated by some payout from Mr. Zaleski. Brian is a well-respected performer who is making a huge impact on the indie scene. It would come as a surprise to very few if we didn’t see this young man snatched from the indies and into one of the big national promotions in the next year or two. Will he take the championship away from Chase James? We’ll find out on July 14th Rated E for Everyone.

Singles Match
TJ Perkins vs. Alexander Hammerstone

Photo / WAC

This is going to be perhaps one of the most highly anticipated matches on the card. Hot off his release from his WWE contract, TJ Perkins is making his WAC debut. He has been hitting the indies hard over the last couple months now that he’s a free agent. It would appear TJ Perkins is checking out Without A Cause, perhaps he is eyeing the fantastic white and gold belt… or maybe he has a more nefarious purpose to turn his attention to the Pacific Northwest.

Facing TJ Perkins is a rising star who got his start here on the west coast. This behemoth of a man stands over six feet tall and he is an enormous stack of muscles. He could likely crush a can between his peck. He is making his second appearance at WAC, having faced and defeated Daniel Makabe back in February.

A technical high flyer versus a powerhouse. It is always fun to watch two very different styles go against one another in the ring. It is especially fun when both parties are exceptionally good at what they do. You can count on this one keeping you on the edge of your seat!

Tag Team Match
The Strays vs. The Hall Sisters

Photo / WAC

Dumpster diving their way from Vancouver British Columbia are none other than the Strays! Tyler Elliot and Judas Icarus are returning to reclaim the glory pulled out from under them by 4 Minutes of Heat. These two Canadian lads are tough competitors and they made the WACers fall in love with them. No doubt they will receive a warm reception from the audience when they emerge from behind the curtains on July 14th.

Facing the Strays is perhaps one of the preeminent tag teams in the region. The Hall Sisters, Bambi and Liiza Hall are second generation wrestlers and both are amazing competitors in their own right, however, when they come together, they are nearly an unstoppable force. The Hall Sisters may very well be the toughest competitors the Stray’s have faced in the ring at Without A Cause.

This is going to be a fast-moving match and whoever is going to serve as the referee is going to earn their paycheck on July 14th. One of the things to watch with these two tag teams is they both have great ring banter and you can count on many shared moments in the ring.

Singles Match
“Cool Dad” Chris Ross vs. Nick Wayne

Rated E for Everyone
Photo / WAC

We have an interesting matchup here… Last month “Cool Dad” Chris Ross had a match with Large Sarge. That match ended when “Golden Boy” Travis Williams and Eli Surge pulverized Chris Ross and made it a point to inform him “You’re not my dad!” With Daddy’s Money falling apart, it could be Chris Ross is looking for new ‘kids.’ Could this match with Nick Wayne be an attempt to recruit this up and coming talent into Chris’ nefarious faction?

Nick is a smart young man and he is more than capable of getting into the ring and holding his own against the patriarch of Daddy’s Money. He may be only thirteen but Nick fights like a pro which only makes him a more valuable recruit. I guess we’ll see how this plays out in a few days. To say the least, this is going to be a spectacular match at Rated E for Everyone!

You aren’t going to want to miss this one. On July 14th Without A Cause Volume 9: Rated E for Everyone is the place to be. Important Note: There has been a change of venue. Without A Cause Rated E for Everyone will not be at the Normanna Lodge as it normally is. Instead it will be held right next door at the VFW Hall Post 2100. This is literally right next door. Same parking and the same amenities will be available.

Rated E for Everyone is an all age show. Drinks and food are available at the concession counter. A full-service lounge is located near the entry. Wine and beer may be enjoyed at ringside; however, liquor must be consumed from the lounge area. Fear not, however, the entire show can be viewed from the lounge.

Without A Cause provides an intimate space where talent and fans are encouraged to mingle and Rated E for Everyone is no different. Wrestlers are typically available for photographs and merch sales before, and after the show, as well as during intermission. After the show, all guests are welcome to join the crew and talent at WAC at one of the show’s sponsors, Tony V’s Garage, located approximately three blocks from the venue. They have great food and drinks and if you enjoy making friends and rubbing elbows with the talent, this is the place to be after every show!