#Preview: Without A Cause Presents Volume 5 First Day of Springboard!

Without A Cause Volume 5
First Day of Springboard!
March 24, 2019
Everett Washington

Spring is upon us and Without A Cause has an incredible show lined up for us to bring in the new season! We have some incredible names making an appearance, Darby Allin, Pricilla Kelly, Sammy Guevara, and Joey Ryan among many, many others!

Once again at the Normanna Lodge in Everett Washington, we are going to see some of the best wrestling you’re going to find in the Pacific Northwest. This preview contains only what has been announced. One thing we’ve learned about WAC Promotor, Max Zaleski, is that he loves to throw the audience curveballs. I wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see some unannounced talent or even a match or two. Here is what we know so far!

Photo / Max Zaleski

Singles Match
Guillermo Rosas vs. “Classic” Cody Chhun with special guest Referee Nick Wayne

We have an exceptional match lined up with this one. Cody Chhun has been one of the cornerstone members of the Without A Cause roster from the very beginning. Not only is this young man one of the most talented wrestlers in the region he is loved by wrestling fans both here and beyond!

Facing off against Cody is one of our other regional favorites, Guillermo Rosas! This young man has been making quite a statement in the region with his appearances at DEFY and Project 42 in recent weeks. This should be a very interesting match. These two gentlemen belong to the C4 tag team. It would appear we have a civil war brewing… Who will come out on top? Will their tag team survive this contest? We’ll see soon enough.

To make this match extra special, we will have a guest referee to officiate. Nick Wayne who made his debut at WAC last month, will return wearing stripes. This talented young man is poised to take this region by storm. We are very lucky to see the early stages of his indomitable plan to conquer the world of professional wrestling.

Photo / Max Zaleski

Singles Match
Darby Allin vs. Eddie Osbourne

Returning to Without a Cause is Darby Allin! It will be good to see with our own eyes he survived the last match he had with Dave Turner when Darby was beaten unconscious. Despite Darby not being one of the bigger guys in the ring, we have seen him hold his own against the biggest competitors in the business. It doesn’t seem WAC is taking it easy on Darby this time around either.

Photo / Max Zaleski

Facing Darby will be the giant, Eddie Osbourne! This brute made an appearance last year and nearly hospitalized promotor, Max Zaleski. Eddie is a savage opponent. He doesn’t go in there to win, he enters the ring to destroy anyone who dares to face him. There isn’t any question Darby has the indifferent bravery to take on Mr. Osbourne, and even though Eddie is much bigger and stronger, you should never underestimate Darby Allin.

Photo / Max Zaleski

Fatal Four Way
Leon Negro vs. Jacky Lee vs. HBQuiz vs. Dante Smythe

In this Fatal Four Way match, we have four men making their Without A Cause debut. The first on our list is talented luchador Leon Negro, the Black Lion. He is a staple at Lucha Libre Volcanica and has made several appearances at DEFY. This gentleman has been making the rounds in the Puget Sound region and it seems likely we’re going to see a lot more of him in the months to come.

Our second entrant is Jacky Lee! This gentleman hales from Vancouver British Columbia. It would appear this subject of the Queen is coming down to WAC to make his impression on a new audience. He’s already shown ECCW and 321Battle what he’s made of, and from what this writer has already seen he’s going to walk out of Normanna Lodge with a whole new set of fans.

HBQuiz is our third entrant. This gentleman is also known as the King of Pop Culture! This talented wrestler has made appearances at promotions such as DOA and NWWA. He’s a former champion and has worked mostly in the Portland Oregon area, and most recently made an appearance at Project 42. It seems he’s decided to add Everett to his territory.

The last entrant is no stranger to the local wrestling scene. Dante Smythe is a regular at 321Battle, and on March 24, he will be making his gloomy presence known at Without A Cause. With his tag partner out of commission due to injury, it would appear Dente has decided its time to show the world he is more than just one half of the Legion of Gloom!

Photo / Max Zaleski

Singles Competition
Sonico vs. Sammy Guevara

Our very own Sonico, the preeminent Luchador in our region is showing up on Sunday, March 24, to take on of his biggest opponents to date. Sonico has been making his rounds, showing up in promotions across the country, Indiana, Kentucky and LA. Promotors across the USA are starting to realize what we already know, this talented young man’s star is on the rise!

Photo / Max Zaleski

It would seem, Sammy Guevara, recently signed with All Elite Wrestling and he is unquestionably one of the performers in highest demand working in the business right now. Sammy is known the world over for his hyperactive humor, distracted high jinx and his entertaining vlogs. Apparently, he’s decided to come to Everett Washington to show our local Luchador who’s boss. Will, he put Sonico in his place or will our visitor bite off more than he can chew? We’ll see soon enough. This one’s going to be good!

Tag Team Match
The Strays (Judas Icarus & Tyler) vs. Daddy’s Money (Eli Surge & “Golden Boy” Travis Williams)

Making their way through dumpsters between Vancouver B.C. and Everett Washington, the Strays have been traveling by foot to make it on March 24. Daddy’s Money hasn’t wasted a moment searching every garbage bin they can find in hopes of spoiling their sojourn south. It’s hard to say what Daddy’s Money would do if they found the Strays. Somehow it seems in the best interest of Eli Surge and Travis Williams to not find these unwashed vagabonds. The street and dumpsters are after all the Stray’s home turf. Besides stains are difficult to remove from designer fabric.

Assuming the Strays make it to Normanna Hall in time, they will face off against Daddy’s Money. After suffering a defeat at the hands of Uncle Muscles and Steve Migs the Strays are no doubt looking for some chance of redemption. Of course, Travis Williams and Eli Surge are in a similar situation. Last month they partnered with Hott Shott and lost against Sonico, DJZ, and Izzy McQueen. It seems likely Daddy’s Money would like a chance to show they are more than spoiled brats. After all, they wouldn’t like finding out what it’s like to displease daddy.

Photo / Max Zaleski

Singles Match
Daniel Makabe vs. Zach Cooper

The technical wizard, Daniel Makabe will be making his second appearance at Without A Cause. Last month he faced off against Hammerstone. These two men had very different styles and ultimately Hammerstone took the win, but not without Makabe putting his opponent through a world of hurt.

At First Day of Springboard, Makabe will be facing Zach Cooper. Mr. Cooper will be making his way to Without A Cause by way of Florida. Though Zach is actually from Canada and unlike most of our neighbors to the north, Zach doesn’t like you, me or anyone else. This malcontent intends to show up on Sunday and annihilate Mr. Makabe. Will this ogre meet his Achilles Heel or will we be watching a snuff match? We’ll see soon enough!

Photo / Max Zaleski

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Joey Ryan and Chase James vs. Cool Dad Chris Ross & “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn

Our main event sees two people who were opponents last month teaming up together. Joey Ryan returns and this time he will be joining Chase James in the ring. It would seem these two gentlemen became fast friends after their match together last month in a feat off good sportsmanship. Those of you who were at the February show will remember at the end of their match “Kingpin” Flynn came out, to talk smack, only to be on the receiving end of Joey Ryan’s infamous dick suplex!

Well… it would seem Johnny Flynn might be a little salty about his humiliating treatment last month and he’s recruited his friend Cool Dad Chris Ross to get some payback. These two have worked the ring together before and everyone knows Chris Ross is none other than the daddy, in Daddy’s Money. This faction has been on the rise since day one. It would seem this faction won’t stop until they dominate the ring. With this being the Main Event, it would seem Cool Dad Chris Ross is making a major power play.

Photo / Max Zaleski

Wild Cards
Steve Migs and Pricilla Kelly

There will be two wild cards present… that we know of. First is Pricilla Kelly. She informed Max Zaleski she will be present for the event whether he likes it or not. She isn’t in any of the matches but her husband, Darby Allin, will be. It seems likely that Pricilla, Hells favorite Harlot, is going to insinuate herself at some point. Perhaps she will be there to support her husband, or maybe she has some other secret agenda…

Local Celebrity, Steve Migs, has promised his talking championship belt he will be attending on March 24. It is our sincerest hope the folks behind Without A Cause are planning to show this fine gentleman the respect he so justly deserves. Few have done more to exalt Without A Cause than Steve Migs. He isn’t on the card, and he is still coming to show his support despite the cringe-worthy mistreatment he has faced. Never have we seen such humility, class, and generosity. The only thing missing on March 24, will be Lulu.

Photo / Max Zaleski

If you haven’t already purchased your ticket you may still have time to pick up some last-minute General Admission passes. It is recommended you do not wait until the last minute. It is very likely this show will sell out and those who wait could lose their chance to see some spectacular wrestling!