#Preview Without A Cause Presents Daddy’s Home

Without A Cause
Daddy’s Home!
November 30th, 2019
Everett Washington

With Year One in the bag, Without A Cause is moving into their second year as a promotion. They enter their second year as an enormous success and they are building an enviable reputation in the world of professional wrestling. There is little doubt the coming year is going to bring big things to Without A Cause and their fans! Typically Without A Cause runs on Sunday afternoon. It is important to note that WAC Daddy’s Home is an exception to their usual show days and times. Daddy’s Home is running on Saturday November 30th at 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon at the VFW Hall, their home base.

If this card doesn’t inspire you to make your way to Everett Washington on November 30th you’re going to miss one hell of a home coming!

Tag Team Competition
Logan Stunt & “Golden Boy” Travis Williams
Young Muscle – Jaiden & Nick Wayne

Photo / Without A Cause

If you haven’t heard of Logan Stunt, you’re in for a real treat. This young man is perhaps best known as the younger brother of AEW talent Marco Stunt; however, Logan is a spectacular talent in his own right. Joining Logan in the ring will be the “Golden Boy” himself, Travis Williams. It will be interesting to see these two work together in the ring as it is easy to see how this could go in a number of directions.

Facing Logan and Travis is the magnificent duo, who are on the rise at Without A Cause, Young Muscle! Jaiden and Nick Wayne work really well together and if ever this promotion were to introduce tag team titles, it is very likely Young Muscle will be strong contenders.

How will Young Muscle fair against the team of Stunt and Williams? We’ll see… what you will see is some high flying, great technical work and no doubt some dubious moves. One thing is for certain, this is going to be very entertaining!


Fatal Three Way
“Local Celebrity” Steve Migs vs. JaCub Soumis vs. Johnny Flynn

Daddy's Home
Photo / Without A Cause

To this day “Local Celebrity” Steve Migs is much maligned by the powers that be, such as Max Zaleski who pays wrestlers to go into the ring and beat up the innocent Mr. Migs. Yet he still keeps coming back for his adoring fans. Few have made more sacrifices than Migs. On November 30th he will be coming to WAC to participate in a three-way match and he will no doubt do whatever it takes to defend himself.

JaCub Soumis will be returning to the ring after recovering from an injury that kept him out for a couple months. This isn’t the first time he’s faced off against Migs. The last time JaCub got the big W. However, with a third contender in the match JaCub has a wild card to deal with this time around.

The third participant in this Fatal Three Way at Daddy’s Home is the fantastic “Kingpin” Johnny Flynn! He’s been called one of the smoothest people in the business by fly in’s who have spent time in the ring with this guy. He’s not only good, he’s dangerous to those who have aspirations of winning a match.

When you put three talents in the ring like this, you know the magic is going to happen. This is anyone’s match and we are going to enjoy the journey until one of these guys emerges victorious!


Tag Team Competition
4 Minutes of Heat – Eddie Pearl & Ricky Gibson
The Strays – Judas Icarus & Tyler Elliot

Daddy's Home
Photo / Without A Cause

Love them or hate them, there is no denying 4 Minutes of Heat, Eddie Pearl and Ricky Gibson, are one of the top tag teams working the west coast at the moment. They are showing up at nearly ever promotion up and down the coast. On November 30th they will be facing off against a pair of rabid children whom they have faced before. On one occasion Eddie and Ricky where treated to a healthy dose of foot fungus. Hopefully they are up to date on their vaccinations because they will once again be facing the Strays!

Judas Icarus and Tyler Elliot are coming in fresh off a heel turn. No doubt their treatments for rabies has not taken properly. Something must be done! In the meantime, it is recommended that audience members only approach the Strays with caution. There’s no telling what they might do. No doubt it will be interesting to see how 4 Minutes of Heat handle these erratic youth from Vancouver B.C.

Singles Competition
Daniel Makabe vs. Eddie Edwards

Photo / Without A Cause

This is perhaps one of the mostly highly anticipated matches of Daddy’s Home. Daniel Makabe has proven himself to be one of the greatest talents in the region and it’s been noticed well beyond our borders as he has been flown to parts far and wide to share his talent with the world. We’re lucky to have him based in our region. It gives us many opportunities to see this guy work his magic in the ring.

Those of you who are not familiar with the incredible Eddie Edwards, he is currently signed with IMPACT wrestling and has worked with several major promotions such as Ring of Honor and NJPW. He’s been working in this business for nearly twenty years. If you haven’t seen him wrestle live this is going to be an incredible opportunity. He’s not only good, he’s great, and putting him in the ring with someone like Makabe means we’re in for an incredible match!

Singles Competition
The Black Sheep Dave Turner vs. Ricky Starks

Photo / Without A Cause

The living embodiment of nightmares has returned. After destroying Zach Copper by throwing him through a door, last month, he’s returning to reap his particular brand of horror on a new opponent. There will be no mercy, there will be no escape. The nightmare is here and he’s looking for a new soul to add to his collection.

Making his way to Everett, Washington is Ricky Starks. This will be his second appearance at WAC, and his first as a singles competitor. Ricky is an incredible talent and he’s been making his rounds on the independent scene for a while now. It will come as no surprise to anyone if one of the top televised promotions don’t snatch him up in the near future.

Will the “Stroke Daddy” survive his match against the “Black Sheep?” We’ll find out on November 30th.

Championship Challenge
Chris Bey vs. Jorel Nelson

Daddy's Home
Photo / Without A Cause

Once again Chris Bey will be defending his title, this time at Daddy’s Home. After a narrow win against Hammerstone last month, he is riding a pink cloud and there is no stopping him now. He has been all over social media putting his belt collection on display and there is one thing you can count on from Mr. Bey… he is going to do whatever it takes to keep his Without A Cause Championship belt!

Facing off against our champion is a local who has made it big on the professional wrestling scene, Mr. Jorel Nelson! He is well known as one half of the tag team the 1% with Royce Isaacs. Jorel is however, an accomplished singles competitor as well. He’s faced some of the biggest names in the business and worked some of the biggest promotions in the business. He’s more than a worthy opponent for Chris and stands a very good chance of becoming the next WAC champion.

Fatal Five Way
Cool Dad Chris Ross vs. Rebel Kel vs. Liiza Hall vs. Jet Knight vs. MV Young

Daddy's Home
Photo / Without A Cause

A fatal five way with five spectacular talents entering the ring to fight for supremacy at Daddy’s Home. This is going to be an exercise in controlled chaos and whomever WAC gets to ref this match needs to give this professional some hazard pay!

“Cool Dad” Chris Ross is our first entrant. A local talent who has recently been de-fathered by his former “children” Travis Williams and Eli Surge, he has been having a hard time pulling himself out of the funk. More recently we’ve seen him bounce back with a vengeance and he has been showing us what he’s capable of, and he is capable of winning this Fatal Five Way.

The next person to join this competition is a local favorite and no stranger to Without A Cause, Rebel Kel! This six-foot stunner is a brutal competitor. Man, woman or space alien, it doesn’t matter this talented wrestler will take them on and she will brutalize anyone brave enough to get in the ring with her.

Our third entrant is a talented wrestler from north of the border, Liiza Hall. She has been at WAC before as part of the Hall Sisters tag team. This time she will be competing as a singles competitor and there is absolutely no doubt, she knows what she’s doing even when her sister isn’t by her side. Liiza is a highly skilled and very fast opponent. Win or lose she is going to make a strong showing here.

The fourth person entering this match is local sensation and star on the rise, Jet Knight. He has exploded all over the local scene and his star is rising faster than anyone I’ve seen in recent memory. There’s a reason for that. He’s not only good, he’s already one of the best and people are starting to notice. Watch Mr. Knight closely, he could very well take this match for himself when you least expect it and more than likely coming in from the sky!

Our final participant in this match will be the splendidly talented MV Young. This gentleman is joining us from New York City, and he’s been here before. He is a heavy hitter and powerhouse. It will be interesting to see what he brings to this mix of talent. Needless to say MV Young and his fellow opponents are going to make this one of the best matches on the card.

Fatal Four Way
Effy vs. Chase James vs. Drexl vs. Steve West

Photo / Without A Cause

The Daddy himself, Effy, is returning for his second appearance at Without A Cause. With any luck we’ll see him back, time and time again. When he first arrived at Without A Cause a year ago, only a handful of audience member knew who he was. After his spectacular match with Pitfall Jones, the entire audience was turned into huge Effy fans! He’s everyone’s favorite, and on November 30th you’ll see why for yourself.

The first competitor facing off in Daddy’s Home, is former WAC Champion, Chase James! This up and coming talent has proven repeatedly he is a talent to keep your eye on. He is without a doubt one of the hardest working people in the business and that hard work is paying off.

Max Zaleski has once again delved into the dark arts and summoned the devil himself Drexl. The inclusion of this talented wrestler means this is going to get ugly really fast. When last we saw Drexl he was switching personalities with every blow to his head between a Grateful Deadhead and the Devil. It’s not certain who we’re going to see on November 30th but with any luck we’ll see both.

The final entrant in this fatal four way is the master of snot rocketry, Steve West! This cunning wrestler is believed to have cost Chase James his championship. Last month Steve West pinned Chase James in a grudge match, but it doesn’t look like this grudge has come to an end. It will be interesting to see how this plays out with both Effy and Drexl in the mix as serious wild cards.

Daddy's Home
Photo / Without A Cause

Without A Cause is an all age show. Food and beverages are available at the venue and you are welcome to bring food and drink to your seats. Wrestlers have the right of way. If wrestlers even look like they are coming in your direction it is highly advised that you move quickly.