#Preview: Without A Cause 2020

Without A Cause
January 19, 2020
Everett Washington

Kicking off the inaugural event of 2020, Without a Cause crafted a truly great card for the fans. With fantastic fly-ins, and some of the best wrestlers on the local scene, this is going to be a must-see show. Take a look for yourself!

Fatal Four Way
Tony Deppen vs. Ethan HD vs. Travis Williams vs. Jet Knight

Photo / Without a Cause

A good fatal four-way is always a treat to watch. When you have this much talent in the ring, it becomes more than a treat it becomes a major event. Tony Deppen is making his second appearance at Without A Cause and the audience is going to be in for an incredible display of talent.

Squaring off against the exceptional Mr. Deppen is perhaps one of the most highly respected talents in the region, Ethan HD! He’ll be making his way north to put Everett on notice. He’s here and he’s going to make Without a Cause his stomping ground.
This isn’t going to come to Ethan easily. There are two major rising stars who are going to give him a run for his money. No one enjoys destroying dreams more than “Golden Boy” Travis Williams. This is little doubt he would love nothing more than to take this win at the expense of his competitors’ dignity. On the other hand, Jet Knight is also in this match and he is truly a force to be reckoned with. He has made a strong showing at WAC and there is little doubt he’ll do the same on January 19th.

Tag Tournament Match
State of Emergency vs. 4 Minutes of Heat
Sebastian Wolfe & Matt Bronson) vs. (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl)

Photo / Without a Cause

Last month, as 4 Minutes of Heat did battle in the ring against The Strays, Sebastian Wolfe and Matt Bronson a.k.a. State of Emergency, came out and put the tag team contenders on notice. It would seem State of Emergency wants a piece of the pie and more specifically championship belts! Thus, they have been entered into the tournament.

Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl have been top contenders for tag titles since the moment they stepped foot into the ring at Without A Cause. There is little doubt these two talents have every intention of making State of Emergency’s debut a bust!

Championship Match
Daniel Makabe vs. Warhorse

Photo / Without a Cause

There are few matches on the card at the center of such anticipation as this one. This is the perfect blend of talent. Warhorse is one of the most sought-after talents on the independent scene and he’s flying in to make his Without A Cause debut. Not only is he showing up to show us in person what he’s made of, he’s going up against one of our most talented wrestlers in the region, Daniel Makabe!

When these two meet in the ring, it is going to be an adrenaline explosion of skill, talent, and innovation. When we reach the end of 2020 and reflect upon our favorite matches of the year, I predict this will be at the top of the list for many people.

Tag Tournament Match
Young Muscle vs. Voros Twins
(Nick Wayne & Jaiden) vs. (Chris and Patrick Voros)

Photo / Without a Cause

Returning to Without A Cause to make a play for tag team title belts are the Voros twins! Chris and Patrick Voros have been here before and they are highly talented contenders. These two have worked with the likes of Steve Migs and have been known to terrorize the wrestling denizens north of the border. “Yo!” has become a war cry that is uttered prior to every dastardly deed they do in the ring!

Facing off against the Voros Twins will be the exceptionally talented due, Young Muscle. Nick Wayne and Jaiden have been tearing it up at Without A Cause now for several months. Not only are they exceptional they are great and true title contenders for the belts.
Will Young Muscle advance or will the Voros Twins pull out all their tricks and make a play for the belts themselves. We’ll see for ourselves very soon.

Singles Match
Jacub Soumis vs. Chase James

Photo / Without a Cause

This is going to be a gut-wrenching match, no doubt constructed by evil powers hiding behind the curtains at Without A Cause. Both these competitors are beloved by the audience at WAC.

Despite the despicable politics that resulted in this pairing, there is no doubt this is going to be an incredible match. Both Jacub Soumis and Chase James are two exceptionally talented young men. Seeing two amazing wrestlers go up against one another is going to be an astounding match. It will be one of those matches with a touch of the bittersweet. No matter who wins and who loses, we will be both thrilled and sad.

Singles Match
The Black Sheep vs. Pitfall Jones

Photo / Without a Cause

Last month Pitfall Jones came out to the ring and took the Black Sheep, Dave Turners mask, and claimed “This belongs in a museum!” It would seem the Black Sheep wasn’t terribly impressed with the idea of his personal belonging being taken in a felonious act and carted away to some stupid museum!

On January 19th, it would appear The Black Sheep himself, Dave Turner, will take a break from his nightmare haunting duties to become a personal nightmare for Pitfall Jones! While Dave is much larger and stronger than his opponent, one should never underestimate the skill of the good Dr. Jones.

Will the Black Sheep get his mask back or will it end up in a museum after all? Come and find out!

Singles Match
Cool Dad vs. Kingpin Johnny Flynn

Photo / Without a Cause

Things have gotten ugly between these two. The House of Daddy’s Money has fallen. With sons Travis Williams and Eli Serge disowning the Cool Dad Chris Ross, he was left only with one ally, Johnny Flynn. Now these two are locked in a bitter feud and they are here to settle this once and for all.

Once he pulled himself out of the funk of losing his kids, Cool Dad has come back full force and he’s ready to settle old scores and wipe the slate clean. Johnny Flynn is ready to show Cool Dad, he’s at the top of the game and he’s ready to break out from under the House of Daddy’s Money. What is in store for these two in the future? We might get a glimpse this Sunday!

Without A Cause Championship Match
Chris Bey vs. ???

Photo / Without a Cause

Last month Chris Bey lamented in his victory over Hammerstone with an open challenge. He is willing to face anyone who dares get into the ring with him to make a play for the Without A Cause Championship belt. This open call has been answered and his opponent is a safely guarded secret not to be revealed until the very moment the match is to occur.
Who could it be? It will no doubt be on the minds and lips of Without A Cause fans in the days leading up to this incredible card.

* * * *

Without A Cause is an all-ages show. Food and beverages are available at concessions. Alcohol can be purchased and enjoyed ringside. Always remember wrestlers have the right of way, so if they’re coming your way, move!