Preview: WAC Volume 7 That’s What I Call Music!

Without A Cause Volume 7
Photo / Without A Cause

Without A Cause
Volume 7: That’s What I Call Music
May 19th, 2019
Everett Washington
Normanna Lodge

May 19th is just around the corner and That’s What I Call Music is the seventh volume of this fantastic new promotion’s entry of incredible shows. With Chase James declared the first Without A Cause Champion, WAC joins a short list of promotions around the Pacific Northwest with a coveted championship belt. It seems likely it will require a great deal on the part of Mr. James to keep this belt around his waist.

At Volume 7 we are going to see the first title defense, the culmination of months-long grudges, and the owner of a wrestling company behaving badly. Despite Max Zaleski’s shortcomings, he has proven he knows how to put on a great wrestling show. For that reason alone we will tolerate him.

Without A Cause Championship Match
Chase James vs. “Filthy” Tom Lawlor

Photo / Without A Cause

Making his first title defense since winning the Without A Cause Championship, Chase James will be at Normanna Lodge to prove he isn’t a fluke. The powers at Without A Cause aren’t taking it easy on their new Champ. Evil Overlord, Max Zaleski, has brought in a heavy hitter to take on our wildly popular champion.

Facing Chase James is a man who embraces the fact he’s filthy, Tom Lawlor. As of this writing, Tom is the champion at Prestige Wrestling and the MLW World Heavyweight Champion. Mr. Lawlor is a formidable wrestler who recently showed up at DEFY and choked out his opponent, Randy Myers.

This match is going to be unique. Both Chase James and Tom Lawlor got their start in MMA. This competition could quickly turn ugly, especially since Max Zaleski stated on Bigfoot Pro Wrestling Podcast earlier in the week, that Lawlor has been ordered to win the belt and hand it over so the Promotor himself can hold the title. “I did, after all, pay for it,” Max Zaleski stated in his interview. There is little doubt with the contentiousness surrounding this title match we’re going to see some things go down regardless of who wins!

Chase James took what I built, single-handedly, and brought the beautiful belt to the awful Eastern Washington. On May 19th, Tom Lawlor will win the title and bring an aura of greatness to the belt – as it deserves.” Max Zaleski, Owner, and Promoter of Without A Cause

No Disqualification Match
Pitfall Jones vs. Steve Migs

Photo / Without A Cause

According to WAC, this is going to be our Main Event. Pitfall Jones wants some payback. In January WAC New Year, Who Dis? Pitfall Jones agreed to participate alongside Steve Migs in a tag match against Chase James and Vinnie Pacifico. When the match ended Pitfall absconded with Steve Migs’ Twitter blue check mark stating, “This belongs in a museum.” This felonious act resulted in a rift that has shaken the WAC community to its core.

Last month at volume 6, Pitfall Jones competed against “Uncle Muscles” Allan Jepsen and defeated his opponent in what was a questionable win. In the end, Pitfall Jones was basking in his win with maniacal laughter. A hooded figure came up and hit him with a chair. The figure pulled back his hood to reveal it was Steve Migs! He was no doubt trying to perform a citizen’s arrest after having his Twitter blue check mark stolen.

After this attempt at justice, it was announced that Pitfall Jones would face Steve Migs in a No Disqualification Match! That means these two wrestlers will remain in the ring and they can literally do anything without fear of being disqualified.

With the tension between these two men, we are going to have one hell of a fight on our hands. Steve Migs fights for his honor and the honor of his trainer and mentor Allan Jepsen. While Pitfall Jones fights for… his right to steal other people’s property?

Pitfall Jones better bring a fellow archaeologist to help dig him out of the pile of chairs I plan on hitting him with, as I will be the Last Man Standing this Sunday!” – Steve Migs, Local Celebrity, Professional Wrestling, and Twitter Verified Champion

Tag Team Match
The Strays (Tyler & Judas Icarus) vs. 4 Minutes of Heat (Ricky Gibson & Eddie Pearl)

Without A Cause Volume 7 WAC
Photo / Without A Cause

Hitchhiking their way around the Pacific Northwest must be a terribly difficult way to travel. Yet the Strays seem to manage to pop up in Everett just in time to get in the ring and face whatever opponents Without A Cause can round up for them. Last month these homeless youth issued an open challenge… and someone answered.

Without A Cause Volume 7
Photo / Without A Cause

Emerging from behind the black curtains were Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl, a.k.a. 4 Minutes of Heat. These gentlemen have made a name for themselves down south in the Portland Oregon area, and it would seem Everett Washington is next on their list.

“We, 4 Minutes Of Heat, have had our eyes on The Strays for a long time. We’ve seen them wrestle all over Washington. What a great couple young athletes. They epitomize tag team wrestling up north. The difference is; Eddie and I have traveled all over the west coast. We’ve wrestled and defeated some of the best teams from all over the globe. We epitomize CLOUT. Clout is when we walk into WAC and everybody knows who we are. Clout is when teams come up and say they learn so much just from watching us. Clout is when fans buy us drinks at the bar, just so they can say they sat next to the hottest thing in professional wrestling. On May 19th, we know we’ll be in for a challenge, but we also have the confidence to say that we are going to win, because we’re the best thing going today.” – Ricky Gibson Rock God and Professional Wrestler

The Strays should never be underestimated. “Rock God” Ricky Gibson and Eddie Pearl’s greatest challenge will be to not give into the hubris of thinking those Canadian homeless kids don’t know how to throw down!

Tag Team Match
Daddy’s Money (Chris Ross & “King Pin” Johnny Flynn) vs. Darby Allin and Priscilla Kelly

Without A Cause Volume 7
Photo / Without A Cause

Daddy’s Money keeps coming back for more. Last month they scored a major victory against DJZ, Shotzi Black Heart and B-Boy. This month it would seem Chris Ross has pulled in his buddy, “King Pin” Johnny Flynn. They didn’t fare too well in their match against Chase James and Joey Ryan a couple of months back, however, they are likely hoping to cash in on the momentum they achieved with last months victory.

Photo / Without A Cause

Facing Daddy’s money are two of the most wicked talents on the independent scene. Husband and Wife, Darby Allin and Priscilla Kelly. Both have made several appearances at Without A Cause including their inaugural event back in October of 2018. This will be one of the last appearances made by Darby Allin as he will be under exclusive contract with AEW. With any luck, however, we will still see the shadow of Hell’s Favorite Harlot, Priscilla in the months to come.

Will Daddy’s Money keep their momentum? Or will Darby and Priscilla pull the rug out from under them? Something you can count on with this match… No one in this ring is going to fight fair.

Tag Team Match
The Vörös Twins vs. The Academy (Nick Radford and Thom Alman)

Photo / Without A Cause

Wrestling identical twins from Canada, better known as the Vörös Twins, will be making their Without A Cause debut on May 19th! Chris and Patrick have been making the rounds in the Pacific Northwest for years, appearing at such promotions as DEFY, ECCW, and 321Battle. They recently made an appearance at Ring of Honor! These two talented brothers are hot commodities on the independent scene, and it will be a great pleasure to see them at WAC!

Photo / Without A Cause

Facing the Vörös Twins will be a new faction making a name for themselves on the local wrestling scene. The Academy! Nick Radford and Thom Alman are academicians who have mastered the martial arts! Perhaps this time we will be treated to one of Nick Radford’s, a.k.a. the Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling, masterful poems without interruption this time. One can only hope to see more fine arts in the world of wrestling. As a result, it will be a great pleasure to see The Academy making their wrestling debut at Without A Cause!



Singles Match
“O.G.B.” Jordie Taylor vs. Chris Cruz

Photo / Without A Cause

After winning the four-man tournament last month, “O.G.B.” Jordie Taylor is returning! This mysterious Canadian will make his second appearance at Without a Cause, hopefully cementing him as a regular on the WAC roster. Jordie has no intention of taking it easy on his opponent. He recently recorded a promo for WAC. Take a look:

Facing “O.G.B.” will be a young man making his Without A Cause debut, Chris Cruz. An ER Nurse by trade, this talented young man is making his way to the Pacific Northwest by way of San Antonio Texas. By all accounts, it appears that Chris is a stellar wrestler and it will be a joy to see him live for the first time!

Singles Match
Guillermo Rosas vs. Daniel Makabe

He’s a cowboy… He’s a wrestler… He’s Guillermo Rosas!!!! Making his return to Without A Cause is one of the most controversial figures within the promotion. Last month he defeated Nick Wayne by dubious means, and he’s been accused of tactics that are questionable at best. Watch out for this one, because he likes to play by his own rules.

“Always an honor to get in the ring with great talent. Looking forward to working Makabe May 19th!” – Guillermo Rosas, Professional Wrestler

Facing Guillermo Rosas is a gentleman who has put on some great matches for Without A Cause. Daniel Makabe, the wizard of technical wrestling here in the Pacific Northwest. This Canadian hipster has taken on opponents vastly larger than himself and they have fallen to his impressive skills!

“First, I have to give credit to WAC for not being afraid to make matches with talent from all over the region that you wouldn’t normally see elsewhere. It’s refreshing and I’m excited to be a part of it. As far as my opponent on May 19th, Mr Rosas is concerned; I think he’s a young upcoming talent in the PNW with a lot of drive. When it comes to wrestling, the two of us come from differing schools of thought and I can’t wait to see how our styles mix. By which I, of course mean that I have excellent taste in music, and I sincerely doubt that he does.” –Daniel Makabe, Professional Wrestler and Music Aficionado

Will Guillermo Rosas fall to technical wizardry? Or will Daniel Makabe succumb to the chiseler tactics of his opponent?

The Black Sheep and Izzy McQueen


Photo / Without A Cause

What we don’t know is the role of the Black Sheep Dave Turner. He has been announced as one of the wrestlers who will be in attendance, but he isn’t on the card. Last month he had a surprise match with Super Crazy. In addition, he was a self-proclaimed ring marshal removing Max Zaleski when he tried to insinuate himself into contention for the Championship Belt. He also silenced the Poet Laureate of Professional Wrestling, Nick Radford as he attempted to read one of his masterpieces to the WACers. Thus proving the Black Sheep is no fan of the arts! What will his role be at WAC Volume 7? Your guess is as good as mine, however, I do believe he may have company. It would seem aspiring arsonist Izzy McQueen may be joining the Black Sheep in whatever nefarious schemes he may have in store for the audience. See for yourself…

“Beware the lies told by your parents. Monsters are very real, and May 19th the Living Embodiment of Nightmares will descend upon Without A Cause!” -The Black Sheep, Dave Turner, Professional Wrestler and bringer of Nightmares

Photo / Without A Cause

Without A Cause ( WAC ) Volume 7, That’s What I Call Music is an all ages show. Tickets can be found here:

Food and drinks are available through the Normanna Lodge. Soda, candy, nacho’s and hot dogs can be purchased at the kitchen in the back of the Lodge and adult beverages can be purchased in the lounge. Beer and wine can be consumed from your seat in the auditorium, hard liquor must be enjoyed in the lounge. Be assured you can see all the action from the lounge.

Pre-funk is at Tony V’s Garage starting around 2:00 p.m. Entrance to the Lodge begins at 3:30 p.m. and the post-show gathering also happens at Tony V’s Garage about thirty minutes after the conclusion of the show. All are welcome! Make sure if you attend the pre-funk or post-show gathering that you let our sponsors you’re from Without A Cause (WAC)!

Come to the show, you can watch Game of Thrones on demand!

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