#Preview: The Crash Lucha Libre Presents (5/24/2019)

The indy wrestling company from Tijuana, Mexico is back on May 24, 2019, with a huge event. The Crash presents their second event in May to give us the main event for the Tag Team Championships where The Lucha Bros defend against La Rebelión Amarilla, Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf. Which team will win the Tag Team Championships?

Dinamico vs Tiago vs Terror Azteca vs Torito Negro vs Ryan Kid vs Super Calo Jr

In the first match of the event, the rookies of the company are in action. In this match, we have the Tag Team of Dinamico and Tiago. These guys were fighting together in other events and they are undefeated but in this event, they´ll be opponents. This match will be full of high flying.

Star Boy, Zarco and Viento vs Animal, Demencia and Silver Star

The second match is the Mexican classic match of “relevos australianos”, three against three, where we again have rookies of the company, and this match will have feature more high flying action.

Three Way Dance

Flamita vs Black Danger vs Adam Brooks

This is an ECW style 3-Way where a member of Mexabloods in Flamita will fight to make up a loss from the last show with his partner Bandido. We´ll also have a member of the Rebelión Amarilla is Black Danger. This guy has grown up in the business and he has the opportunity to show how far he can go here. And finally,  Adam Brooks who has shown in Tijuana and Mexico City his great skills growing into being a fan-favorite of the crowd.

 For Dynasty Supremacy

Trauma I and Trauma II vs Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja

This match is called the match for “the supremacy of the dynasty”. That is because we will have two families of Mexican wrestling fighting in the ring. On one side we have Los Navarros, they are children of the legendary Negro Navarro.   A master of llaveo (technical wrestling) and great wrestler of ´80s in Toreo de Cuatro Caminos’. They have had great matches in The Crash but now they need to show their skills against a CMLL Tag Team. Their opponents are The Chavez Brothers, they also come from a wrestling family and The Chavez had had great matches in Tijuana and CMLL too. The Chavez defeated to Mecha Wolf and Adam Brooks in the Arena Mexico, the first match between companies The Crash vs CMLL program, now The Chavez come to The Crash and will have to show they could be next opponents to the Tag Team Championships. Which may fall in the hands of the team they beat in Arena Mexico.

Caristico and Austin Theory vs Rebelión Amarilla (Rey Horus and Hijo del Fantasma)

Another great Tag Team match here between Caristico and Austin Theory vs Rebelión Amarilla. Austin Theory in the last event lost the Crash heavyweight Championship in the 4-Way to Rey Horus. Rey Horus and Hijo del Fantasma would then become members of Rebellion Amarilla and seek to represent the faction with honor.

Main event Tag team Championship

The Lucha Bros (Fénix and Penta OM) vs  Rebelión Amarilla (Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf)

The main event for the Tag Team Championships. Without a doubt, we will see a great match between the Lucha Bros who will defend against Rebelion Amarilla. The Lucha Bros have had many matches against Rebelion Amarilla in tag-team and singles. Now they will put the Championships on the line while the Rebelion Amarilla will be the great opportunity to defeat their rivals in The Lucha Bros and have all the gold for their group. This match will be insane and extreme. And for Rebelion Amarilla they could have all of The Crash Championships by the end of the night making them the top stable in Mexico.