#Preview: The Crash and Fight Club Pro for 9/7/2019

Welcome to the preview of The Crash, the promotion placed in Tijuana has another great event. This company surprisingly follows us then they showed us. The Crash has grown a lot and these months, they announced relationships with MLW and Fight Club Pro. We need to remember that Rebelion Amarilla has participated in Fight Club Pro the last June and MLW announced that the next October, they and The Crash will have an event in Tijuana. So, this event, they give us a card where we have a roster of MLW and Fight Club Pro. At the main event is between Travis Banks and Moustache Mountain against Rebelion Amarilla. So, let’s check it and enjoy it.

Torito Negro, and Miranda Alize vs Terror Azteca, and Vipress

The Crash Fight Club Pro
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The first match will be mixed with The Crash and Fight Club Pro. Tijuana knows about the style and impact that Torito and Terror Azteca have done in the ring. They are incredible high-flyers and now, their style or Mexican style should be mixed with the powerful women of Fight Club Pro. Miranda this year has worked in Fight Club Pro but with The Crash has participated four times ago, also, she has worked in RCW, Shimmer, and Rise. Vipress is a rookie girl that this time must demonstrate her abilities and what can give for this business. To see the video click here

Prediction: So, a great match to start this huge event and the victory will be to Torito and Miranda. They will show all their great abilities and they will be better coupled. This match will have great spot fest by Torito and Terror Azteca.

Mr. Iguana, Super Astro Jr, and Super Astro vs La Triple Amenaza (Zarco, Star Boy, and Arandu)

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Another match of the night, this match will be amazing because will be at Auditorio, a great legend and idol of Tijuana who is Super Astro. He was one who revolutionized Mexican Lucha Libre style. Rey Mysterio has said that he was one fo his idol. Thi legend was tremendous and with great speed. So, the time and The Crash will give the opportunity to step one more time his home.

To view this video click here.

This time Super Astro will be supported by his son, Super Astro Jr and Mr. Iguana. Super Astro Jr has started his own career and he started with CMLL. He has inherited father’s skills and he has done great things in CMLL. For now, he is in the first matches of Arena Mexico, but the time and his work, he will climb in a better position of the card. About Mr. Iguana, he has a great style where he mixes lucha libre and MMA. Since last year, he has grown in Mexican indy circuit but the USA he has worked with CZW, Wrestlecon Weekend, and Martinez Entertainment.

To view, promotional videos click here and here.

And their opponents are known in The Crash: Triple Amezana, the last event, they got the victory by DQ against their rivalries Los Haraganes. But since that event, Triple Amenaza needed to change a place because Viento left The Crash but his place was taken by Arandu. Arandu is a tremendous and veteran luchador. So, now, Triple Amenaza will receive this opportunity to gain a place in The Crash and they have worked a lot. To view this video click here.

Prediction: This match will gain by Triple Amenaza where will see their great moves and combinations even though Super Astro Jr and Mr. Iguana will show his high-flyers moves that won’t be enough.

Rickey Shane Page vs Flamita

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Now, we will have this incredible single match between RSP and Flamita. RSP, this guy will be in the indy circuit of the USA from 2003 to these days. He has been working Absolute Intense Wrestling, AAW, CZW, Progress, IWA, GCW, Freelance, RPW, Beyond, Fight Club Pro, BJP and many more. His career is great, he held many belts, for example, A1 Alpha Male Champion, CZW World Heavyweight Championship, VOW Anarchy Champion, AAW Heritage Champion and Tag Team Championships in AIW, A1, AAW, IPW, OHW, CAPW, and MCW. He also has worked as Christian Faith.

However, his first time in Mexico and The Crash. He will show his great abilities and his violent skills. But in front will be Flamita who is a great luchador and one of the favorites of The Crash. This year Flamita worked by Dragon Gate, PWG, Wrestlecon, Expo Lucha, WSW, AAA, and MLW. Now, he has a great challenge to show how much he grows in this business. Prediction: This will be difficult but I think, the victory will be to Flamita and this time the speed and aerial moves will win.

Dan Moloney vs El Mesias vs Ricky Martinez

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Now, The Crash gives us a three-way dance between three promotions Fight Club Pro, The Crash, an MLW. MLW will be represented by Ricky Martinez, this guy is part of Promociones Dorado in this company.  Ricky Martinez was part of betrayal for Low Ki. He has shown to be loyal to Salina de la Renta. Now with his style, he will give all to raise MLW in Tijuana. To view this promotional video click here.

Dan Moloney is who will represent Fight Club Pro. He has a powerful style and tremendous strength. With 6 years in this business, he had an opportunity to be part of NXT WWE. He will search to grow his career and he wants to put in a good place in his company. To view this promotional video click here.

The last one is Ricky “El Mesias” Banderas or Mil Muertes or Gilbert El Boricua. This guy is a continuous participant in The Crash also he has wrestled for The Crash Heavyweight Championship. El Mesias is an idol in Mexico, he has done his career in AAA and that promotion was a great idol. Now, his career and his goals are in The Crash and CMLL. So, he wants to get the victory to search for the championship. Prediction: I can’t deny but I think this match will be to Dan Moloney. This guy will surprise with his style and he will get the victory for Fight Club Pro. 

Los Traumas (I and II) vs Sanson, and Cuatrero

The Crash Fight Club Pro
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The next match is being made a classic. Two families that fight by honor and rudeness. Four guys of second-generation on Mexican Lucha Libre. One side, they are Los Traumas (I and II) and in front are NGD (Sanson and Cuatrero). Los Traumas are stars in the indy circuit. They have done their career in Mexico Center. They have given great matches in The Crash too. But, NGD has grown in this year in CMLL but when they have been in the indy circuit, they have fought to represent their legacy.  This match will be amazing. In the ring will see technical and rudeness but they will search to humiliate their opponents. Prediction: This match could call for the Family honor and this time, I think the match will be to Los Traumas but the war won’t be over. 

Travis Banks, and Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven, and Tyler Bate) vs Rebelion Amarilla (Bestia 666, Rey Horus, and Mecha Wolf) 

The Crash Fight Club Pro
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The great main event. The Crash is a great promotion. This year, they always were surprised by their events and now, they give us another great main event. In Esto es Lucha and other Previews. Rebelion Amarilla against Banks and Moustache Mountain. To view, these promotional videos click here and here and here.

I said that Rebelion Amarilla is the most important group in Mexico, despite, they haven’t been in AAA or CMLL. They have grown with their work and sacrifice. Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666 lost the Tag Team Championship´s against Las Parks in the last event. They have taken Rebelion Amarilla in CMLL by Mecha and MLW by Bestia 666. Rey Horus is the champ of The Crash, he is representing Lucha Libre in the World. Now, Rebelion will have another challenge when confronting to Banks and Moustache Mountain. Three guys who are part of NXT UK, the last weekend, they were part of NXT Takeover and now, they have this challenge.

Travis Banks is a great luchador who has held champions like Triple W Absolute, PROGRESS World, IPW, and Defiant Internet. He will show his great technical and skills. Moustache Mountain another great team of the world. They held Tag Team Championships OTT, IWS, RevPro, PROGRESS, and NXT. It’s the second time in The Crash and they will show why they are one of the best Tag Team. Prediction: This match will be awesome. Six men or six great athletes will fight to show what style is better overall. Rebelion want to demonstrate that they are prepared for this challenge and with more luchadors of the world. So, this match will be to Rebelion Amarilla.