#Preview The Crash 7/5/19

Welcome to the preview of The Crash, the promotion based in Tijuana has another great event. This company surprised us with their last event, Descontrol. All of the belts will be on the line. Rey Horus the champ of The Crash, he’ll have a major test and defend his belt in a four-way dance. In the main event, the tag team champions Rebelion Amarilla will defend against LAs Parks. But that’s not all, the overall card has great quality matches.

Terror Azteca, Dinamico, and Tiago vs Ryan Kid, Xperia, and Murcielago Plateado

The Crash will start with the match what we are used to enjoying, that is a rookies match. This match will be full of dives, spots, and speed. These six guys always deliver everything in every match. It will be Terror Azteca, Dinamico, and Tiago against Ryan Kid, Xperia, and Murcielago Plateado in a trios match. Four months ago in The Crash, Azteca, Dinamico, and Tiago gained a victory over Xperia, Torito Negro, and Unicornio, so they will try to repeat this result.

In the case of Ryan Kid and Xperia, they have been regulars in the company. They have presented their abilities and they have done so in a great manner. In the case of Murcielago Plateado is a rookie from Guanajuato. He has had matches in others promotions against Los Traumas and Bandido. So in The Crash, we’ll see him show us his great abilities. The Crash always wins over the crowd and with this first match, they will really excite the crowd.

Gallito and Microman vs Chamuel and Guapito

The Crash
Image/ facebook.com/@thecrash.luchalibre

The Crash has surprised us and thanks to the partnership with CMLL, they have brought in the micro stars or minis. These micro stars great luchadors, they’ll show their abilities in the ring. It will be Gallito and Microman against Chamuel and Guapito. On multiple occasions, these stars have shown us that when you have a dream and a desire to excel, there are no limits. You just need to work hard and enjoy your job. Chamuel and Microman have an existing rivalry, and they’ll be keen to show who is the best.

Luke Hawx, PJ Hawx, and Bugambila vs Black Danger, Mortiz, and Oraculo

The third match of this event will be another trios match. This match is important and it’s because of Black Danger. He was part of Rebelion Amarilla but at Descontrol, he has decided to ally himself with Mortiz and Oraculo. They are all Tijuana stars and they have grown as professionals in this city. In the case of Mortiz, he was part of CMLL and AAA before, but he didn’t excel in these companies. Now he has come back to The Crash to show that he has the talent to be part of the main events. And in the case of Oraculo or Jay Rios, he lost his mask against Black Danger. Now they will join forces to win a place in The Crash.

In front of them will be Luke Hawx, PJ Hawx, and Bugambilia. Luke and PJ Hawx are a team who appear often for Reality of Wrestling. This is a promotion based in Houston, Texas and WWE Hall of Famers Booker T and Steve Ray are the founders. They’ve created a great team with the youth of PJ and the experience in NWA, XPW, CZW, Wrestling Society X and WWE from Luke. These two have all the ingredients to grow in this promotion. They’ll be joined by Bugambilia, the exotic luchador. He’ll add his comic style and reinforce this great team.

Haraganes (Demencia, Animal, and Silver Star) vs Triple Amenaza (Zarco, Viento, and Star Boy)

The next match is a great feud. These two trios, they hate each other and have said that don’t have a place in the same ring together.  In May, they had a match for The Crash where we saw that they didn’t show any mercy to each other. The match was amazing, I call it a war because of these guys fought in the middle of the crowd. We saw blood, their masks were torn and they hit with each other with chairs and wood. They showed each other their hate. We can watch the highlights below. Now, these stables will continue with their war. This match will be amazing, and we hope that one day, they will challenge each other to bet their masks and hair.


Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja vs Coast 2 Coast (Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali)

The Crash
Image/ facebook.com/@thecrash.luchalibre

This next match will be tag team match and we’ll see CMLL vs ROH. CMLL is represented by Angel de Oro and Niebla Roja, and on the side of ROH is Coast 2 Coast. In the case of the Chavez brothers, this year has been a great one for them. They have had great matches in The Crash against different teams like Carlito and Ricky Banderas (Mesias/Gilbert el Boricua/Mil Muertes), Los Traumas and Rebelion Amarilla. In June they had the victory in the tournament Copa Dinastias against Los Ingobernables.

Coast 2 Coast is Leon St. Giovanni and Shaheem Ali, these guys have been with ROH since 2015. They have been working a lot in their careers, they have been booked in the ROH/NJPW events. Coast 2 Coast has also appeared for the German promotion wXw. What can we expect of this match? After you have watched matches of these teams, you will realize that they will have an excellent match. The fusion of different styles in the same ring, it’ll be tremendous.

The Crash Heavyweight Championship Match
Rey Horus (c) vs Bandido vs Fenix vs Extreme Tiger

The Crash
Image/ facebook.com/@thecrash.luchalibre

The semi-main event is for the heavyweight championship of The Crash, which Rey Horus has around his waist. He will put it on the line against Bandido, Fenix, and Extreme Tiger (Tigre Uno). This will be the first time that he defends the gold and this challenge won’t be easy. These four guys have been great representatives of lucha libre, competing around the world.

At Descontrol, Bandido won a four-way dance against Dragon Lee, Adam Brooks, and Matt Taven. With this win, he won the opportunity to be in this match. Fenix, well, this man is known by all, he has grown by big leaps. He had great matches in AEW in this year and has competed in different countries. He wants this opportunity; he and Penta 0M were The Crash Tag Team Champions, and now he’s after the heavyweight championship.

The last contender is Extreme Tiger who is coming back from an injury; the last time that he was in The Crash was the last year. He’ll show that he is prepared and has the abilities to be a champion.

The Crash Tag Team Championship Match
Rebelion Amarilla (Bestia 666, and Mecha Wolf) (c) vs La Familia Real (LA Park and El Hijo de LA Park)

Image/ facebook.com/@thecrash.luchalibre

The main event is for the tag team championships. Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf, like Rey Horus, will have their first title defense. Rebelion Amarilla was crowned when they defeated Lucha Brothers in two events ago in Auditorio de Tijuana. Now, they need to show their crowd why Rebelion Amarilla has been considered as one of the best stables in Mexico.

The firsts ones to challenge for these belts are La Familia Real: LA Park, and Hijo de LA Park. What a great challenge to will be waiting for the champions. Los Parks are like street fighters and they always show their force and they never give up. Rebelion Amarilla must show why they are the most important stable and why they have been booked in different countries.

Meet and Greet

Image/ facebook.com/@thecrash.luchalibre

Before the event, The Crash has organized a meet and greet with luchadors on the card. Former wrestlers of The Crash will also be there. They are Rey Mysterio, Angel Garza and Lacey Lane; they are signed to WWE now but return to visit here. That is a great gift for the crowd and will be a special time to share with them.