#Preview: Stardom World Champion Wars 2019 (10/14/2019)

Welcome to my next preview as I will be talking about Stardom’s next big show, Stardom World Champion Wars 2019. We got quite a bit happening on this show with two big title matches and the start of their Goddesses of Stardom Tag League, which was going to start on October 12th but they had to cancel the show due to the typhoon coming to Japan, and I hope that everyone living in Japan is careful and safe since it’s more important than a show. Anyway, I’ll be breaking down the card with the six matches that they’ll have in store for us for this show, so let’s get to it.

World Champion Wars 2019
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Singles Match
Saya Kamitani vs. Tam Nakano

Preview: Our first match of the show kicks off with Tam Nakano taking on one of the newer rookies of Stardom, Saya Kamitani. These past few rookies in Stardom have been impressing a lot of people lately. First, it was Utami Hayashishita, then it was Saya Iida, and now Saya Kamitani is another one that the people have been keeping an eye on. Tam is a fine opponent for Saya to see if she can possibly go to that next level and even have a chance to win. Will Saya be able to get a big victory or fall in a valiant effort?

World Champion Wars 2019
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Gauntlet Tag Team Match
Oedo Tai (Andras Miyagi & Jamie Hayter) vs. Oedo Tai (Hazuki & Natsuko Tora) vs. Queen’s Quest (Hina & Leo Onozaki) vs. STARS (Saya Iida & Starlight Kid) vs. Tokyo Cyber Squad (Death Yama-san & Konami)

Preview: In our next match, we have a tag team gauntlet match for people not involved in the tag league or their partners are in bigger matches later on. We got two members from each group except for Oedo Tai who will have four of their members taking part with two different teams. Not much could be expected from this except to showcase some of the talent, some quick eliminations, and then someone winning while it leads to nothing big. Either way, this should still be a fun little contest for everyone and the fans love it. Does one of the Oedo Tai groups in or will it go to one of the other units?

World Champion Wars 2019
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Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League 2019 Blue Goddess Block Match
Oedo Tai (Martina & Natsu Sumire) vs. Tokyo Cyber Squad (Bobbi Tyler & Zoe Lucas)

Preview: It’s time to begin the Goddesses of Stardom Tag League as the ones starting it off for the Blue Stars is Tokyo Cyber Squad members, Bobbi Tyler and Zoe Lucas taking on members of Oedo Tai, Martina, and Natsu Sumire. For those don’t know, I am not a fan of Session Moth Martina but I will admit that she has great chemistry with Natsu Sumire and they do give us some solid comedy when they’re together. And that is something that you can expect to see in this match with it happens. It’s also good to see Bobbi and Zoe getting a chance to shine in this tournament since it has been a while since we’ve seen these two women. Who will get the first win for the Blue Stars Block?

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Goddesses Of Stardom Tag League 2019 Red Goddess Block Match
Queen’s Quest (AZM & Momo Watanabe) vs. STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Saki Kashima)

Preview: Now that the Blue Stars block is done, it’s not time to go to the Red Stars block with their first match of this tournament as we have Momo Watanabe and AZM from Queen’s Quest taking on STARS members, Mayu Iwatani and Saki Kashima. It’s no surprise that Mayu and Saki are pairing up again since they were former champions and could have a chance to win and regain the gold that they lost.

AZM has impressed a lot of people during her time in their 5Star Grand Prix and now she has a chance to keep impressing people when she teams up with Stardom’s ace, Momo. What can we expect from this match? You can expect a great match with four of their top performers, that what you can expect. Will STARS get the first win or will it be Queen’s Quest that takes the lead in their block.

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Wonder Of Stardom Title Match
Arisa Hoshiki (c) vs. Kagetsu

Now that we were able to get the tag matches out of the way, it’s now time to go to our first title match of the evening at World Champion Wars 2019. We have Arisa Hoshiki defending her Wonder of Stardom Championship against the leader of Oedo Tai and former World of Stardom Champion, Kagetsu. Ever since Kagetsu lost the title a few months ago, she’s been finding ways to get back to the top and she has performed well in the 5Star Grand Prix. She even defeated the current champion, Bea Priestley cleanly despite failing to make it to the final.

On the final show on September 22nd, she fought Arisa Hoshiki and the match would end in a draw due to the fifteen-minute time limit expiring. Since it ended in a draw, Kagetsu wanted to fight Arisa again and this time, she wants to do it for the white belt. This will be another big match for Arisa and these two have a chance to steal the show if they do go all out. Will Arisa be able to successfully defend the title for the sixth time or will our Emperor win the white belt for the first time?

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World Of Stardom Title Match
Bea Priestley (c) vs. Hana Kimura

It’s now time for our main event of World Champion Wars 2019 as we have Bea Priestley defending her World of Stardom Championship against the winner of this year’s 5Star Grand Prix and leader of Tokyo Cyber Squad, Hana Kimura. Hana Kimura has changed her outlook ever since she signed with the company full-time as she has her own unit, now one of the most marketable women in the company, and won their biggest tournament of the year. Bea has been showing that she was more than a transitional champion.  By upping her game during her return in the year and has been delivering a much better quality of matches to the point where she’s one of the highlights of the shows now.

In just being more committed to the company when she moved to Japan with Will Ospreay. I did say before that she would most likely drop her belt to the winner of this tournament and that very well could still happen, however, Bea also has a chance to ruin everyone’s prediction by winning the match and knocking Hana back down the ladder. It’ll be very interesting to see how Stardom would want to play this specific match out. Will Bea still be the top gaijin or will Hana win her first singles title in Stardom?

Thank you all for reading the little preview and please, be sure to check out the show once Stardom uploads the whole thing. I’m sure they’ll upload the main event later on in the day after it airs and please subscribe to their streaming service to check out their content for great Joshi wrestling. I’m excited about World Champion Wars 2019 and I hope you guys are also.

Tam Nakano
Oedo Tai (Andras Miyagi & Jamie Hayter)
Oedo Tai (Martina & Natsu Sumire)
STARS (Mayu Iwatani & Saki Kashima)
Arisa Hoshiki
Hana Kimura