Stardom American Dream 2019 in the Big Apple (4/5/2019) | Preview

It’s the greatest time of the year when it comes to professional wrestling and I’m talking about, of course, WrestleMania weekend! This will also be the first time that I’ll be attending WrestleMania weekend in person too and I’m gonna be talking about one of the outside events going on that weekend, Stardom for American Dream 2019.

Stardom is making their return to the United States to put on another show for the special weekend as it’ll take place on Friday afternoon before NXT Takeover: New York. The name of this show will be called American Dream 2019 in the Big Apple. Long name, I know but we’ll roll with it. It’s not a big show as in a card with eight matches but it has about five matches for fans to enjoy mid-afternoon before they go to other shows going on in the New York/New Jersey area, so let’s talk about the card down below.

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Stardom American Dream 2019

High Speed Title Match
Hazuki (c) vs. Dust

Preview: Our first match got announced on March 28th after the Dream Slam 2019 show as Hazuki is set to defend her High-Speed Championship against the current Heart of SHIMMER Champion, Dust. Dust is a twelve-year veteran with tons of experience as she’s wrestled globally and was apart of a Stardom tour last year. Hazuki wants to fight some of the best and while I’m surprised they’re not having her fight Arisa Hoshiki here, Dust is a good option to try and sell to the New York Crowd. Will Hazuki be able to retain the belt once again or does Dust add a third belt to her collection?

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Stardom American Dream 2019

Tag Team Match
JAN (Jungle Kyona & Natsuko Tora) vs. Sonya Strong & Violette

Preview: Our next match will be a tag team match as two members of Jungle Assault Nation, Jungle Kyona and Natsuko Tora are set to take on Sonya Strong and Violette. I don’t know much about Sonya Strong and Violette, but I know Sonya is currently a Freelancer and I guess it’s to give the crowd some people from that hometown to get more people interested in this show. Should be a fun bout to see and curious to see who will get the win.

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Stardom American Dream 2019

Three-Way Tag Team Match
Brittany Blake & Britt Baker vs. Queen’s Quest (Bea Priestley & Konami) vs. International Army(Hana Kimura & Bobbi Tyler)

Preview: Our next match is a triple threat tag team match as Brittany Blake and Britt Baker team up to take on two members of Queen’s Quest, Bea Priestly, and Konami along with Hana Kimura and one member of her International Army and one of the few that are actually good, Bobbi Tyler. This match is sure to be a crowd pleaser with six talented women going at it in an all-out brawl. Been a while since I’ve seen Britt Baker in action, so I’m curious to see how much she’s grown over the past few months as a wrestler. It’s a match that can be in anyone’s favor but the question is, which one of these three teams will come out the victors?

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Eight-Man Tag Team Elimination Match
Oedo Tai (Kagetsu, Session Moth Martina, Jamie Hayter, & Andras Miyagi) vs. STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Tam Nakano, Saki Kashima, & Arisa Hoshiki)

Preview: Our next match is an eight-man tag team elimination match as current ROH Women of Honor World Champion, Mayu Iwatani leads the pact with her fellow STARS members, Tam Nakano, Arisa Hoshiki, and Saki Kashima as they take on members of Oedo Tai, Jamie Hayter, Session Moth Martina, Andras Miyagi, and current World of Stardom Champion, Kagetsu. When it comes to elimination matches in Stardom, you can eliminate your opponent by pinfall, submission, or throwing them over the top rope.

This is a big match for Mayu before she goes to Madison Square Garden the next day as she’s still owed a World of Stardom Championship match against Kagetsu after winning the Five Star Grand Prix in September, but was ever able to use that opportunity yet. So if Mayu wants to get the Prime Ministers attention to become the next contender, she would need to defeat her in this match somehow. Will Mayu and STARS be victorious or will Oedo Tai come out on top?

Stardom American Dream 2019
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Wonder of Stardom Title Match
Momo Watanabe (c) vs. Utami Hayashishita

Preview: It is now time for our main event of the evening as Momo Watanabe will defend her Wonder of Stardom Championship against her partner, Utami Hayashishita. Momo and Utami have been a tag team since they won the Goddesses of Stardom Tag League along with the Goddesses of Stardom Championships and they’re still the champions to this day. On March 28th, after Momo defeated Andras Miyagi to retain the title in her twelfth successful title defense, she would call Utami into the ring to make the challenge and here we are now.

We have two of Stardoms top women fighting here and I didn’t expect it to happen this suddenly. While it is a great time for Momo to drop the title so she can move up to go for the red belt, I also feel like Utami winning a firth belt already will be a bit of an overkill this early in the game as she’s currently holding four in under a year. Either way, it’s sure to be a great match and one of my more anticipated matches over the weekend. Will Momo retain and stay on top or will Utami be now known as Utami5Belts going forward?

Thank you all for giving my little preview here a read and I hope you’re all as excited as I am about this event. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to see it live due to having to work before I go to Takeover, but that doesn’t mean you should miss it. If you live in the New York area and want something to do in the early afternoon, come on down to give the show a watch.

If you’re gonna watch most of the shows at home, then I got great news for you as this show will be available on FITE, meaning you can watch it live with English commentary instead of waiting on Stardom-World for the whole show to be uploaded. You would be crazy to miss this show, so please do yourself a favor and check it out since it’s the best time to be invested in this company. This was Stardom American Dream 2019.