#Preview SPW New Zealand and MCW Australia Present Southern Rumble

The Southern Rumble has been one of the big events put on each year by Southern Pro Wrestling out of New Zealand.  With each and every year that the company puts on the event, it continues to become bigger and bigger.  Now the Southern Rumble is going to reach new heights of which has never been seen before in New Zealand.  Wrestlers coming from Melbourne City Wrestling will be competing in the Southern Rumble on July 13th, 2019 which only adds a plethora of amazing talent that is going to be featured in one of the most exciting events of the entire year.

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Travis Banks At The Southern Rumble

In what will be some extremely exciting news for the fans of SPW and MCW is Travis Banks coming to the Southern Rumble.  WWE signed wrestler Travis Banks is going to be heading back to New Zealand to compete at the Southern Rumble.  The news of Travis Banks coming to the Southern Rumble broke back in May of this year and it has become a massive talking point surrounding the event.  Travis Banks will bring out the absolute best out of every single wrestler representing both SPW and MCW.  Travis Banks recently become the new number one contender to the NXT UK Championship.  An appearance from a wrestler who could be soon holding one of the most prestigious WWE Championships at the moment will be momentous for the fans.

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TK Cooper At The Southern Rumble

Travis Banks is a remarkable reason for any wrestling fan to want to secure their seats for the 2019 Southern Rumble, but there is also a plethora of other talented wrestlers who will also be participating in action at this year’s mega event.  TK Cooper will also be joining Travis Banks as a wrestler making his way to this Southern Pro Wrestling and Melbourne City Wrestling crossover super show.  TK Cooper is a very exciting wrestler and will definitely assure that there will be a completely sold-out crowd for the 2019 Southern Rumble.  Once the announcement came about with regards to TK Cooper being at the Southern Rumble was whether or not we would see the South Pacific Power Trip team-up.

South Pacific Power Trip

Well sometimes in professional wrestling fans ask for something and occasionally they receive what they asked for.  In this case, the South Pacific Power Trip a tag team comprised of none other than Travis Banks and TK Cooper will in fact team up for the first time in New Zealand.  If the excitement level was not enough already, having these two exciting wrestlers teaming back up at the Southern Rumble is going to make this one extremely unforgettable event.

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Kelly Anne Representing Melbourne City Wrestling

It is now time to take a look at the different wrestlers who have been announced and which company they will be representing at the Southern Rumble.  Kelly Anne has been announced for the event and she will be representing Melbourne City Wrestling.  Kelly Anne is a very exciting announcement for the Southern Rumble.  In fact, for those unfamiliar with Kelly Anne, you are going to be extremely impressed.  Kelly Anne was a young recruit to professional wrestling, having started training at the age of 14.  Kelly Anne has been trained by some incredible wrestling talents all over the world. Kelly Anne also spent time in Canada where she becomes a graduate of the Storm Wrestling Academy.

After spending time in Canada, Kelly Anne then went on to Mexico where she took more training from Gran Apache.  Kelly Anne soon after left Mexico and returned to her home in Australia.  Kelly Anne has now utilized her incredibly well-rounded skill to become a feared wrestler.  Kelly Anne has a lot to bring to the table.  Take your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the work of Kelly Anne before she becomes the next most talked about name in professional wrestling.

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Lochy Hendricks Representing Melbourne City Wrestling

It is already starting to look as though Melbourne City Wrestling are bringing out all of their best.  Lochy Hendricks has ignited the crowd and get the place absolutely rocking.  Lochy Hendricks may be a young competitor, but his arsenal of moves was enough to get him a contract with the WWE.  Lochy Hendricks is currently getting his opportunity to put on some of his best work for his fans in Australia.  New Zealand are now also going to get the opportunity to witness the talented skills of Lochy Hendricks live at the Southern Rumble.

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Gino Gambino Representing Melbourne City Wrestling

Gino Gambino is larger than life itself and he is going to be representing Melbourne City Wrestling.  MCW certainly is not holding back in the slightest when it comes to the roster that they have representing them at the Southern Rumble.  Gino Gambino is going to be a stand out individual and will have everyone on alert when he enters the arena.

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Will Power Representing Southern Pro Wrestling

Where there is a Will there is a way, and representing Southern Pro Wrestling New Zealand is none other than Will Power.  Will Power a former SPW Champion and someone that is going to give 110 %.  Will Power always turns up the heat and brings his A-game, so expect to see a memorable performance out of Will Power.

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T-Rex representing Southern Pro Wrestling

Melbourne City Wrestling are throwing in the big names, but Southern pro-Wrestling New Zealand are responding by throwing in the big man.  T-Rex is not only a big man but he is incredibly dangerous.  T-Rex with his many year’s experience has rolled through his opponents one by one.  T-Rex will be happy to utilize his size and strength as a massive advantage in his favor.  The opposition better watch out because T-Rex is a man to be feared.

Wana Fight Representing Southern Pro Wrestling

SPW New Zealand continues to drop some big names representing them at the Southern Rumble.  Wana Fight makes for a great edition to represent the company as we edge closer to this massive event.

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Hammer Representing Southern Pro Wrestling

If you need a homegrown hero that wants to fight then look no further then Hammer.  The big man is going to be representing SPW New Zealand in this year’s Southern Rumble.

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J K Moody Representing Southern Pro Wrestling

One-half of the tag team champions and a top-flight name when it comes to the entry list for the Southern Rumble is J K Moody.  This young man has what it takes to get to the top, and so he becomes a very wise choice to represent SPW New Zealand.

Southern Rumble

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Kane Khan Representing Southern Pro Wrestling

Well as they say you can’t have one without the other.  The other half of the SPW Tag Team Champions Kane Khan will also represent SPW New Zealand.

Southern Rumble

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Dowie James Representing Melbourne City Wrestling

Dowie James returning from injury did not want to miss out on an opportunity to represent Melbourne City Wrestling.  Dowie James will hope to shake off some ring rust with his return and represent in a big way.

The additions nobody asked for but they are going to get anyway.  Professor Palmer and former SPW Tag Team Champions Detention will represent SPW New Zealand at the Southern Rumble.

Professor Palmer & Detention Representing Southern Pro Wrestling

Southern Rumble

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SPW Tag Team Championship

South Pacific Power Trip vs Deadly Sins

One might think that the excitement of the Southern Rumble itself would be enough, but wrestling fans we are getting so much more than that.  Many fans wanted to get a match featuring the South Pacific Power Trip.  Wrestling fans are not just getting any tag team match, they are getting a tag team match for the SPW New Zealand Tag Team Championship.  The tag team champions Deadly Sins are going to be pushed to their absolute limits in order to try and retain their coveted championship belts.  This will be one of the biggest matches in the young careers of Kane Khan and J K Moody, but the tag team champions will look to prove to the entire world why they are the best.

Southern Rumble

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SPWNZ Championship vs MCW Championship Winner Takes All

Hooligan vs Slex

Hooligan vs Slex in a winner take all match at the Southern Rumble manages somehow to top every other announcement for the event so far.  While every bit of this event already feels like one of the biggest events in wrestling for 2019, this winner takes all match only looks to add to all the excitement.  Slex who recently relinquished the MCW Intercommonwealth Championship so that he could focus on his run as the MCW Champion.  Slex obviously no stranger to being a double champion will look to make history by grabbing the top prize from SPW New Zealand.

Standing on the other side of the ring though is a take no prisoners tough as nails Champion in the form of Hooligan.  Hooligan is as mean as they come and Hooligan would love to bring the MCW Championship to SPW New Zealand and having the bragging rights as a double champion.  This match is not going to be pretty but it sure will be effective.  Mark your calender’s because the Southern Rumble may just be the absolute best wrestling show being put on in 2019.

Southern Rumble

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The Southern Rumble has high stakes all around.  20 competitors are going to take part in the 20 man over the top rumble match.  The winner of the match will then receive an opportunity to challenge either Hooligan or Slex for both the SPW and MCW Championship titles.  The Southern Rumble is going to be jaw-dropping from start to finish, and with the promise of such big stakes it only ramps up the utter excitement that wrestling fans will feel for this event.  If you do not happen to have the opportunity to be at the event live then have no fear, if you head on over to http://www.spwrestling.co.nz you can get signed up for their streaming service.

The Southern Rumble will be posted to their service shortly after the live event takes place.  Credit goes to the incredibly hard-working teams that film and edit these events and make them available to the rest of the world.  The Southern Rumble is easily going to be one of the top wrestling events of 2019.  If you have not familiarized yourself with wrestling from Australia and New Zealand then there is no better time then right now.  Prepare yourselves for some of the absolute finest talents in the profession today, delivering what will be some top-flight memorable matches.

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