Preview: Southern Underground Pro Presents ‘Shorter, Faster, Louder’

Nashville, Tennessee recently suffered considerable damage and loss after a tornado tore its way through the capital city. The devastation toll included the Basement East, home of Southern Underground Pro. For some time afterward it was uncertain if the March 15th show would go on, but there was good news in the end. This weekend’s show takes place instead at Exit/In, and this will be the first time the venue has hosted a wrestling event. The tremendous card lined up for the show will be fitting for a first-time experience, too! The show will be streaming live on Sunday, March 15 at 2 PM CST on IWTV – don’t miss these matches! Let’s take a look at Southern Underground Pro’s card for Shorter, Faster, Louder.

Card Predictions

Southern Underground Pro Shorter
Photo/Southern Underground Pro

Violence Is Forever vs. Hatfield & McCoy

This tag team match marks the SUP debut of the wholesome family pairing of Boomer Hatfield and Molly McCoy, best known for their work in Chikara. They’ll be facing the formidable team of Kevin Ku and Dominic Garrini in what’ll be one hell of a brawl! As Dom and Kevin have the home field advantage here, I predict Violence Is Forever for the win.

Photo/Southern Underground Pro

Gnarls Garvin vs. Nolan Edward

Consider me amazed at the way ‘Big Beef’ Gnarls Garvin moves in the ring. I’ve previously seen him tag with fellow hoss Manders in Black Label Pro and was convinced Garvin is truly talented in the ring. I’m still getting to know how Nolan Edward can go, but I’m going with Big Beef to take the victory here.

Photo/Southern Underground Pro

Alan Angels vs. Mr. Brickster

Those ACTION guys have been a pain in the SUP family’s side long enough. It was Angels who cost Brickster his title shot at the last SUP show at the Basement East, and now it’s time for revenge! With (hopefully) no interference here we’ll see Brick get his deserved victory.

More Predictions

Photo/Southern Underground Pro

Cabana Man Dan vs. Captain Shawn Dean

This is a tough one for me to predict! I truly love Cabana Man Dan and yet I’m so impressed with what I’ve seen of Captain Shawn Dean over in ACTION Wrestling. My first speculation would go with Dan getting the win because he’s a solid veteran in the ring and I definitely believe in wrestlers having the hometown advantage at a show. However, don’t be surprised if this turns out to be a show-stealer and the Captain gets an upset win.

Photo/Southern Underground Pro

Mason Dixon Line vs the Rip City Shooters

The MDL will be taking on a returning Josh Bishop and a debuting Maserati Wes, the latter two being the Rip City Shooters. It’s awesome to see the tag team divisions around the southern indie scene expanding as of late! I’m calling a win for the Mason Dixon Line in this match although Josh Bishop has gotten my attention in his past matches. This will be a fun one to watch!

Southern Underground Pro
Photo/Southern Underground Pro

Jaden Newman vs. Manders (Bunkhouse Brawl)

This one has been building for a hot minute and it’s going to lead up to a hell of a match! Jaden Newman takes on Manders in a Bunkhouse Brawl to determine the number one contender for the SUP Championship. Let’s see if the Cornbelt Cowboy can bring the fight to Newman and step up to that contender level! I say it’s Manders’ year and he’s getting the win here, then nothing’s stopping him from going for the gold.

Championship Predictions

ACTION Championship and SUP Bonestorm Championship Title Match

AC Mack vs. Wheeler Yuta

Get ready for a war! I think this match will be one of Mack’s biggest challenges for both of the ACTION and SUP championships. Yuta’s absolutely amazing in the ring but I wonder if now is his time to take the gold from the Loudmouth. This will be one of the biggest bouts of the night but I have a feeling we’re going to see Yuta robbed of a huge opportunity and AC Mack sneaks by with a stolen victory.

Check out the show in full on Sunday afternoon! In addition to the already stacked card we’ll also see the Pitbull Bret Ison in action against Ben Carter making his Southern Underground Pro debut. I’m looking forward to seeing how all of the action goes down in the ring in Nashville!