#Preview: SMASH Wrestling Presents Super Showdown VII

It is the biggest event on the Smash Wrestling Calendar every year with Super Showdown VII. A show where grudges are settled, where titles change hands and where fans are brought out of their seats. Every year it ends up being an outstanding event that tops any similarly-named wrestling card that other promotions may put together. On August 9, 2019, Smash will present the seventh annual edition of Super Showdown. This year it is taking place at a new venue, the Mid Town Event Theatre, though still in the company’s home base of Toronto.

For this year’s card, you can expect to see all of the mainstays of the Smash roster, as well as a few superstars of the independent circuit making their Smash return. Fans should plan to get their tickets and be in attendance for the full event, as not all the matches may be seen on Smash’s program on The Fight Network on a later date, and you won’t want to miss any part of this action-packed card. Here is Pro Wrestling Post’s preview for Smash Wrestling’s Super Showdown VII.

Super Showdown VII
Photo / Smash Wrestling

Jason ‘The Gift’ Kincaid vs. Carter Mason vs. Tyson Dux

This triple threat is the result of challenges that have flown back and forth in the wake of The Northern tournament in June. The veteran Dux defeated the young up-and-comer Mason in the first round of that tournament, and Mason has been lobbying for a rematch since then. However, after the conclusion of the fatal four-way final match of that tournament, which was won by ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey, Dux himself issued a challenge, but he was to Kincaid who was one of the other participants in the bout.

Evidently, he relished the prospect of facing ‘The Gift’ one on one, but Mason’s efforts were successful and he was added to the match, so Dux will have to wait. But even if none of the participants will ultimately get the satisfaction they desire, the fans in attendance will be very satisfied by this match which pits Kincaid’s aerial, acrobatic repertoire against Mason’s fierce striking game, and of course the veteran of savvy of Dux, who has over two decades of in-ring experience. It promises to be a dynamic battle that will stand out even on such a loaded card.

Super Showdown VII
Photo / Smash Wrestling

Jody Threat vs. Veda Scott

This is one of two women’s battles on the show, which will also feature an intergender grudge match. It is a face-off of two women who are no stranger to the Smash ring who are also successfully internationally. Scott has been traveling the worldwide independent circuit for a number of years, while Threat has recently had some very notable forays overseas recently.

While Threat has had a great deal of success with Smash recently, and has stood out while facing prominent talents like LuFisto and Piper Niven in Toronto and abroad (not to mention her upcoming match vs Toni Storm on the Progress vs. Smash show), she will face a tough challenge from Scott who is never afraid to resort to underhanded tactics. It will be a tough, grind it out battle to see which of these fierce females comes out on top.

Photo / Smash Wrestling

LuFisto vs. Jordynne Grace

LuFisto’s retirement tour continues, as this veteran of over two decades in the ring tests her mettle against another young, ascendant female grappler. Every opportunity to see LuFisto before the hangs up her boots at the end of the year should be taken advantage of, and this bout, in particular, is one not to be missed. Grace, though young, has been rising faster than any woman in the wrestling business, with 2019 proving to be a huge year for Thicc Mama Pump.

Fans are doubtless very familiar with her work with Impact Wrestling, but Smash devotees know that she has fought for the promotion a number of times and has stood out on every occasion. There will be lots of power on display in this contest, but also superlative in-ring skills that make for a smooth, technically solid match. Can the veteran one up on the rising star? Only fans in attendance will find out at Super Showdown VII.

Photo / Smash Wrestling

Rosemary vs. ‘The Endorsement’ Sebastian Suave

The Demon Assassin makes a long-overdue return to the Smash ring and gets an opportunity to face off against the man who defeated her two years ago, resulting in her exile from the company. The leader of The Hivelings will have a big weekend in Toronto, as not only is she seeking retribution against ‘The Endorsement,’ but the next day she will be in a match to crown the first-ever Smash Wrestling women’s champion. But don’t think for a second she will overlook this match; she will make sure to show her opponent how demonic she can be.

Suave, meanwhile, is being urged to be more aggressive in his matches by his advisor, Anthony ‘Kingdom’ James, and will not be playing nice with his opponent in this intergender contest. While there has been friction between Suave and his advisor in recent months, their unholy Union has given him an unfair advantage in many contests. While Rosemary at times seems to present seven different personalities, the reality is this could very well feel like a two on one battle. Still, expect Rosemary to make an outstanding showing in her two big return matches before she Jets off back to The Shadow Realm.

Photo / Smash Wrestling

Psycho Mike ‘What’s in the Boxes?’ match

Originally, Psycho Mike was slated to have his long-awaited grudge match against his former tag team partner, ‘The Blade’ Pepper Parks. However, Parks backed out due to a ‘scheduling conflict,’, which I put in quotes since this is the second time he has demurred from facing his comeuppance from the partner he betrayed. In the place of that bout, we have a match, the title of which is closely linked to the history Well-Oiled Machines, the late, lamented team of Psycho Mike and Parks.

At last year’s Super Showdown VI, the Machines were victorious in a Tables, Ladders, and Boxes match with the Super Smash Bros (now known as the Dark Order). And a mysterious was the instrument of his betrayal of Mike at ‘Tell All Your Friends’ earlier this year when, after the fans chanted ‘What’s in the box?’ it was opened to reveal Parks’ ‘Blade’ mask. But what exactly to expect from this match, which is advertised as a multi-person, multi-box match where there can only be four winners, well…your guess is as good as mine.

Photo / Smash Wrestling

Smash tag team championship match: Halal Beefcake (c) (Joe Coleman and Idris Abraham) vs. Fight or Flight (Vaughn Vertigo & Gabriel Fuerza)

These teams were scheduled to battle for the championships at Smash’s ‘Get Your Fight On’ in London, Ontario three months ago. However, what was to be a two-team contest ended up being a triple threat as the team of Special K was added at the last minute. In the end,  the champions were successful in retaining their belts on that evening. This time around, the young duo of Vaughn Vertigo and Gabriel Fuerza get to face the powerhouse duo of Idris Abraham and Joe Coleman head to head.

These two teams are very different in terms of in-ring style. As noted, the champions are big and beefy and employ the power game to any match. Conversely, the challengers employ a high-flying style that hearkens to Lucha libre at times. This promises to be an exciting contest where the young team fliers, who have had lots of success on the independent circuit both individually and as a team, seek to rise to the top of Smash Wrestling. Still, Halal Beefcake has, one way or another, managed to overcome all challengers, often through nefarious means. Perhaps such an unfortunate result may occur again at Super Showdown VII.

Photo / Smash Wrestling

Smash championship match: Kevin Bennett (c) vs. ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey

Bailey earned this title match as a result of winning The Northern tournament in June. Bennett can’t be thrilled to have to face this standout of the worldwide independent circuit, but there is no avoiding this challenge. The Canadian Bailey has been a mainstay with Smash for some time now, and in fact, defeated ‘The Remix of Professional Wrestling’ at Smash’s ‘Louder Now!’ event at the end of March prior to Bennett capturing the Smash belt.

But now ‘Speedball’ has the opportunity to be the top man in the promotion, a designation of which he is very deserving, but gaining his second opponent against this particular adversary. He will bring his consistently outstanding combination of high flying and stiff striking to bear against the champion, who will have to resort to every dirty trick he has (and he has lots). If at all possible, Bennett will try to call upon copious outside interference in order to attain victory, much like he did when he stole the title. Bailey will have to live up to his nickname while keeping his head on a swivel if he is to capture the prize at Super Showdown VII.

Photo / Smash Wrestling

Brent Banks and Tarik vs. Daisuke Sekimoto and WALTER

Here we have a very special match that will be a real treat for the fans in attendance. On one side of the ring, we have two of the Pillars of Smash Wrestling. Banks and Tarik are of course no strangers to each other, having had numerous battles against each other, as recently as ‘Tell All Your Friends’ in March, and have also had success as a team, too, both with Smash and with other independent Canadian promotions. Tarik, the former Smash champion, is well known for his catchphrase ‘Punch, Kick, Chop!’ However, on this evening he will have to deal with the man with perhaps the most devastating chops in the business.

What is interesting about the team of WALTER (the man with those massive hands that deliver fearsome chips) and Sekimoto is that the two have had a rivalry going back ten years in Germany’s Westside Extreme Wrestling, and in fact the next chapter of that story will be told earlier in the day on August 9th when they battle one another as part of wXw’s show in Toronto. It will be interesting to see if this team is the worse for wear after going to war with one another and if they can work well together in the wake of one on one combat. The Pillars may have the advantage because of those factors, perhaps enough of one to counteract the size advantage possessed by their opponents. The only way to find out which team gets the best of the other is to head to The MET by 8 PM, August 9th to check out Smash Wrestling’s Super Showdown VII.