RiSE 10: Insanity | Preview

Like their phoenix mascot, RiSE Wrestling is rising from the ashes. This summer it was shared by the owner, Kevin Harvey, that RiSE was closing was a real possibility. Since then, they have held an Ascent taping and launched a streaming service. RiSE 10: Insanity will be emanating from the Berwyn Eagles Club on October 19th. Kevin Harvey and crew are certainly starting their second chance off with a bang!

RiSE 10

Kimber Lee vs. Karen Q

This is a battle of the K’s and of Mae Young Classic participants. Kimber competed in the inaugural Mae Young Classic as Abbey Laith. Following her release from WWE earlier this year, Kimber Lee is now a phoenix herself. In the last few months, she has been back on the indies, she’s been on a hot streak. Her opponent, Karen Q, has also been on fire lately. It’ll be interesting to see where these two stars will continue to RiSE to

RiSE 10

RJ City and a mystery partner vs.? and?

David Arquette and RJ City have come to RiSE to see what the ladies have to offer in competition. RiSE management decided that any woman who would like the chance to face Arquette City would enter their name in a lethal lottery. Two names will be drawn from this pool of names to determine the team to face Arquette and City.

On October 14th, it was announced that David Arquette would be unable to make it to RiSE 10. It remains to be seen if Arquette will make good on his promise to RJ City to bring him on a talk show in the future. RJ City will be coming into RiSE 10 with a mystery partner to take on the two lethal lottery selections. Who will the team of RiSE women be? We’ll have to find out on October 19th.

RiSE 10

Queen vs. Queen
Madison Rayne vs. Jinny

In this special attraction match, we have queen versus queen. The Killer Queen, Madison Rayne will take on the Queen of Couture, Jinny. Between the two of them, they have won ten different women’s championships, across a combined 16 different reigns. Madison does have the experience advantage over Jinny, but she hasn’t let that stop her in the past.

Neither woman has ever let rules get in their way when it comes to getting what they want. Now we have our own ‘thunder-dome’ match here. Two queens enter, but only one queen will leave. Which queen will reign supreme? As another famous queen, RuPaul would say: “Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman win!”

Guardians of RiSE Championship “Rosemary’s Rules” Match
Paradise Lost (DUST & Raven’s Ash, w/Rosemary) (c) vs. Balls of Doom (Shotzi Blackheart & Delilah Doom)

This one is going to be interesting. Not only do we have Paradise Lost defending their Guardians championship, but it has been made a Rosemary’s Rules match. What is a Rosemary’s Rules match? That remains to be seen and see we will, on October 19th. These four women have no problem pulling out all the stops and going balls to the wall. This will definitely be a pier-six brawl, a slobber knocker, barn-burner, and all-out war.

Paradise Lost is the inaugural Guardians of RiSE champions and they don’t want to give up the gold. Rosemary will lead her minions into battle in a match of her design. The odds seem stacked in their favor, but Shotzi and Delilah are used to being underdogs. Both Shotzi Blackheart and Delilah Doom are former Phoenix of RiSE Champions and know what it takes to win. This is certainly a can’t miss match.

Phoenix of RiSE Championship 60 Minute Iron Woman Match
Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Mercedes Martinez

These two fought a war at RiSE 9: Rise of the Knockout in a 30-minute Iron Woman match. Tessa came out on top then, besting the veteran Martinez 2 falls to 1 to capture the Phoenix of RiSE Championship. Now the stakes have been raised. Not only is the Phoenix of RiSE title up for grabs but this is a full-blown 60-minute contest. In terms of modern women’s wrestling, I cannot find any other 60-minute ironwoman matches other than one from All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling. This match took place on May 7, 1995, and pitted Manami Toyota against Kyoko Inoue. This match was rated a mythical five stars by Dave Meltzer. With how Tessa and Mercedes shone with a 30-minute excursion, there is no doubt they can go the full 60 minutes. Two world-class, world-traveled athletes will be waging all-out war at RiSE 10: Insanity.

RiSE 10: Insanity will be held at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. If you can’t make it, it will be streaming and available on-demand on RiSE – Ascent. For $4.99 a month, you get access to all of RiSE’s events, and a few other contributors as well. They have apps for iOS and Android, Apple TV and Chromecast!

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