#Preview: RIPTIDE Presents Bank Holiday Wrestling

RIPTIDE Wrestling’s next show(s) will be presented on Bank Holiday Monday, August 26th. Two shows in one day, from Brighton’s Open Air Theatre, there’s a lot happening – and a lot that will play into future shows. Let’s get crack-a-lacking as RIPTIDE Wrestling presents Bank Holiday Wrestling.

Show 1

Chuck Mambo vs Rampage Brown

Brighton champion Chuck Mambo defends against perhaps his toughest challenger yet in Rampage Brown.

Mambo is the fun-loving, surfer dude champion; Rampage is the hulking, bruising challenger. This should be an intriguing clash of both attitudes and wrestling styles. The champ’s forte is mat wrestling, and pinpoint accurate high-flying. The challenger likes to throw his opponents around, and dominate through sheer power.

Mambo’s dance card is full with the looming threat of both Spike Trivet and TK Cooper. With that in mind, there can only be one result.

Prediction: Chuck Mambo

Cara Noir vs Mike Bailey vs TK Cooper

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

A rematch of RIPTIDE’s match of 2018 plus one! TK Cooper, still fighting for his title shot, joins the Black Swan and Speedball in this triple threat. This one is truly a mouth-watering prospect, folks.

Three men with similar, yet differing styles – expect lots of striking, flying and submission attempts. As noted above, Cooper is the man who seems to be heading for the main event picture. You can never discount Cara Noir, as one of the hottest prospects in BritWres.

Mike Bailey rounds out the trio, as a man you can rely on to give you value for money. I do worry about the damage he inflicts to his own knees with missed spots. Expect that to play a part in the likely highlight of show one.

Prediction: TK Cooper

Candy Floss vs Chakara

Photo / WWE

Semi-final number 1 of the Pride of Brighton tournament. This is a new championship for the company, the details of which can be found on show two.

This one is really any lady’s to win. The two are very familiar with one another, battling across various promotions. Candy Floss is absolutely the crowd favorite and has been on a hot streak in RIPTIDE of late. Chakara is the consummate heel, the kind that you love to see lose. Hard to pick a victor here, but if I must..

Prediction: Candy Floss

Jordan Breaks vs Kurtis Chapman

The second semi-final of the Pride of Brighton tourney sees Breaks, Jordan Breaks taking on a Keyboard Warrior. You have to admire Kurtis Chapman going steam ahead with his gimmick, PC keyboard and all.

The two chaps are fairly evenly matched in terms of mat wrestling style. Chapman seems to be the man out of the pair who has the most momentum going in. Breaks is hugely popular with the crowd, but will that be enough to take the W?

Prediction: Kurtis Chapman

Millie McKenzie & Charli Evans vs Chris Brookes & Lucky Kid

Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Or, The Medusa Complex vs Schadenfreude if you prefer. I’ve always thought Schadenfreude is an excellent name for a heel wrestling faction. Chris Brookes has been on an excellent run of intergender matches over the last year or two. The two women against he and Kid are no strangers to facing him across the ring in Fight Club Pro, either.

Expect this one to be hard-hitting, and fast-paced. Millie McKenzie has upped her game considerably after a spell in Japan, and Evans is certainly no slouch. German native Lucky Kid is a young fella just now finding his feet on the UK scene. Chris Brookes is one of the most fiendishly creative minds wrestling in any country. This one could be quite special.

Prediction: Chris Brookes & Lucky Kid

David Starr vs Lord Gideon Grey

Mr. Independent takes on the Lord of the manor in an interesting match up next for RIPTIDE Bank Holiday Wrestling. The socialist-leaning David Starr, versus the toffee-nosed, tweed jacket-wearing Gideon Grey. Grey is an excellent heel, the kind you like to see get his head kicked in – and he usually does.

This is the start of a massive month or so for Starr as he has huge matches with Rev Pro and PROGRESS lined up. In-ring credibility isn’t really on Grey’s side, however, and he does get his head kicked in a lot.

Prediction: David Starr

Gene Munny vs Veda Scott

RIPTIDE Bank Holiday Wrestling
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Gene Munny is a chap well versed in the art of comedic wrestling, and seeing him wrestle against Veda Scott should accentuate the strengths of both for RIPTIDE Bank Holiday Wrestling. Much stalling and hilarity shall be had during this one, with perhaps a dash of ritual humiliation. Munny would be the fellow being humiliated, of course.

Prediction: Veda Scott

Photo / RIPTIDE wrestling

Show 2

                      Session Moth Martina & Rocky Mac w/Dave Benson Phillips                  vs Anti Fun Police

This one follows on from a match from last year. Martina and Benson Phillips took on the Anti Fun Police in an anarchic comedy match. For those unaware, DBP was a children’s TV presenter who specialized in ‘gunging’ people.

It should be fully expected that more shenanigans will be had here. The addition of Rocky Mac would suggest that more actual wrestling will take place than the previous encounter. A young fella on the rise, Mac has a lot to offer in terms of Funnah and in-ring acumen.

Prediction: Session Moth Martina and Rocky Mac

Jordynne Grace vs Rob Lias

Rob Lias has made his name by professing his superiority over female wrestlers. Jordynne Grace has made her name by battering anyone that stands in her path. Hand meets glove in this one, it has to be assumed.

Lias may very get the advantage with some underhanded tactics. He may even control a portion of the match. However, if any match is a candidate to be a squash, then surely it is this one. It’s nice to see Grace back in the UK after a lengthy absence. It will also be rather jolly to see her crush her opponent here.

Prediction: Jordynne Grace

Pride of Brighton Tournament Final

Without knowing who has won the semi-finals on show one, this one is absolute wild speculation. It will definitely be an intergender match, I’ve predicted between Candy Floss and Kurtis Chapman. So for what it’s worth:

Prediction: Kurtis Chapman

Cassius vs Mike Bird

Mike Bird is one of those workhorses of the BritWres scene that really doesn’t get enough credit. Aside from a tag title run in ICW, he isn’t someone that gets big matches or recognition. That’s a real shame as he does great heel-work, and is a solid wrestler. It would be nice to see him challenging Chuck Mambo somewhere down the line.

Cassius is a young man with a lot to offer. Like many of his age, he is a bit rough around the edges. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as overly-produced wrestling doesn’t always equal art.

Prediction: Mike Bird

OJMO vs Connor Mills vs Paul Robinson vs Ashmore

RIPTIDE Bank Holiday Wrestling
Photo / RIPTIDE Wrestling

Just look at the talent set to compete in this four-way for RIPTIDE Bank Holiday Wrestling. Just look at them, would you? How on Earth could this match possibly fail? This could be the best of best of both shows, as the talent here is amazing.

You’ve got two solid babyfaces in OJMO and Connor Mills, going up against each other and two nasty bastard heels in Ashmore and Paul Robinson. My word; bodies will be flying hither and thither in this one. I’m particularly looking forward to Robbo and OJMO getting their hands on one another. Exciting stuff.

Prediction: OJMO