#Preview: Riot City Wrestling Presents Strength

Saturday, April 27th, 2019 the residents of Riot City are going to be all fired up as they get ready to witness Strength which is the latest event from Australian wrestling promotion Riot City Wrestling. Strength is going to feature the semifinals and finals of the Strength cup tournament. The winner of the Strength cup tournament becomes the new number one contender to the RCW Heavyweight Championship so this is an opportunity of a lifetime for the four men competing.

RCW Strength Baron Tre

Photo / Riot City Wrestling
Kurt Baron and Cadie Tre will be locking up in the first of two semifinal matches in the Strength cup tournament. Kurt Baron has been on an absolute tear when it comes to in-ring competition for Riot City Wrestling. The big man Kurt Baron often overpowers his opponents in order to leave them down and defeated. Cadie Tre is easily one of the biggest fan favorites currently in Riot City Wrestling and someone that the residents of riot city will be rooting for to take the entire tournament. It will require the speed and heart that Cadie Tre possesses in order for him to overcome the larger Kurt Baron. While both individuals have got their strengths to rely on, they are also going to need to use their wits as well because awaiting the winner of this match will be the winner of the other semifinal match in the Strength cup tournament.

RCW Strength Menero Brady
Photo / www.facebook.com/riotcitywrestling

When it comes to a match that could headline any show or even be the finals of a tournament that is exactly what Rocky Menero vs Dean Brady is going to be. The residents of riot city are in for a real treat with this semi-final encounter in the Strength cup tournament. Rocky Menero and Dean Brady know exactly what it takes in order to be victorious inside of the squared circle but both of them are going to have to be very creative to outsmart and outperform the other in this one on one encounter. Menero and Brady will pull out all of the stops in the matchup but they must keep in mind that they will still have one last mountain to climb in order to be declared the 2019 Strength cup winner and earn themselves a shot at the RCW Heavyweight Champion.

RCW Strength The Armstrongs The Parea
Photo / Riot City Wrestling

Speaking of championships the RCW Tag Team Championship belts will be on the line at Strength. The Parea who recently lost the belts to the current champions The Armstrongs are finally getting their rematch for the belts. Nick and Jett Armstrong are a very smart well-rounded team who will use their intelligence to try and prevent the former champions from getting the better of them. Gabriel Aeros & Eli Theseus of The Parea will have all the support of the residents of riot city behind them, but will the crowd energy and determination of the former tag team champions be enough to overcome the cunning ways of Nick and Jett Armstrong?

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Photo / www.facebook.com/riotcitywrestling

The previous encounters between Savannah Summer and Miki Fortune have yet to see a truly clear cut winner.  That will come to an end at Strength Cup because this time around these two former RCW Women’s Champions will clash in a street fight.  You can bet that this one will deliver the goods as these two women have a deep brooding feud that is ready to explode and this will be exactly the perfect environment for them to annihilate one another.

Photo / www.facebook.com/riotcitywrestling

Matt Hayter has been running his mouth for months now looking to get the attention he wants in RCW.  After his horrific actions at Megaslam 2019, Hayter got the attention of RCW Heavyweight Champion Zak Sabbath.  Sabbath made it clear that he did not feel that Hayter had yet earned his opportunity for a Championship match, but Sabbath is so eager to get his hands on Hayter that he is willing to gamble with the RCW Championship in order to do so.

Remember to get your tickets for the Riot City Wrestling Strength Cup as this event is going to be absolutely exhilarating.  If you, unfortunately, are not going to be able to be at the Strength Cup in person then you will have to wait patiently for the uploads to come our way via the RCW YouTube page.  Make sure you get on over to RCW on You Tube and give their channel a subscribe so that you are ready and geared up to watch the incredible action from this years Strength Cup.

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