#Preview Riot City Wrestling Presents Riot City Rumble

Residents of Riot City prepare yourselves because, on Saturday, November 9th, 2019 Riot City Wrestling presents Riot City Rumble.  Riot City Rumble is always one of the most exciting times for the entire Riot City roster.  Riot City Wrestling is hot off the excitement of Rocktoberfest where a lot went down that will be highlighted at the Riot City Rumble.  The card set for this year’s show is going to leave a lasting impression on fans all over the world.  Riot City Wrestling is about to make a statement with what will undoubtedly be one of the best shows to see out the year of 2019.  So what can you expect from this year’s Riot City Rumble, well let us all take a look now at the card for the show.

Riot City Rumble
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RCW Championship Match
Cadie Tre vs Rocky Menero (c)

The RCW Championship match for the Riot City Rumble was set at the close of Rocktoberfest.  Cadie Tre who is the holder of the Key To The City came out after Rocky Menero had retained his championship.  Many fans were wondering if Cadie Tre would attempt to hand in the key for his match right there and then, but the dynamic young Tre chose to set the match for the Riot City Rumble.

Rocky Menero is one of the greatest champions that has graced a Riot City Wrestling ring, and the champ is not afraid to go to any lengths to get the job done.  Cadie Tre has a lot of heart and his in-ring skills have grown at a rapid rate which has made him one of the top names in Riot City Wrestling today.  Cadie Tre has now got the opportunity of his career to take down one of the absolute best in Rocky Menero to become the new Riot City Wrestling Champion.

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The Parea vs Zak Sabbath & Mike Boomer

The Parea one of the most talented young teams on the wrestling scene was once loved by the fans, however, that all changed at RCW Presents Rocktoberfest.  It was revealed at Rocktoberfest that recent attacks on Zak Sabbath and Mike Boomer by masked men were The Parea the entire time.  This reveals shocked the residents of Riot City to their core, but it also brought out a new aggressive side to The Parea that truly gives them a newfound upper edge on their competition.

Zak Sabbath and Mike Boomer are top quality wrestlers in their own right, but how well will they be able to work together to ward off the team experience of The Parea?  Sabbath and Boomer will have to focus their rage in this feud in order to be victorious.  There will be nothing pretty about this encounter, in fact, you can expect an explosive fight when these two teams lock up at the Riot City Rumble.

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Royce Chambers Returns

They call him the air bender and the greatest high flyer in Australian wrestling, either way, what is true is Royce Chambers is one of the most exciting names on the Australian wrestling scene.  Royce Chambers now is making his way back to Riot City Wrestling to once again light up the ring for the residents of Riot City.  The fans should be very excited to see the high flying spectacular work of Royce Chambers as he comes to steal the show at the Riot City Rumble.

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The Riot City Rumble

The Riot City Rumble is obviously the highlight of the show as any rumble style match would.  As wrestling fans, we always hold a special place in our hearts for these battles.  One of the big announcements for this year’s Riot City Rumble is the inclusion of Luke Partington.  Partington is a star for the Glenelg Football Club in the SANFL  and also a former player in the AFL as well.  The list of accomplishments that Luke Partington has to his name is unbelievable, but he will be completely out of his element when he steps inside of the Riot City Rumble.

Every wrestler in the back will look to conquer the rest of the competitors inside of the Riot City Rumble.

With intent to become the victor and have their career skyrocket straight to the top of the mountain in Riot City Wrestling.  If there is ever an opportunity to become the most talked-about name of the night then it is in this match right here. This is grueling and punishing on the competitors, but the end game here is what everyone wants to achieve at the end of the night.

The residents of Riot City are in for a memorable night of wrestling action, a main event for the championship that alone should make the show memorable. Then you have the Riot City Rumble a match that just has all the makings of a top moment in the companies history.  A very long list of extremely hard-working wrestlers wants to etch another big win out by overcoming all of the odds and reigning supreme at the end of the Riot City Rumble.  The fans on hand will be able to enjoy all of the action, but for the fans who can not be there live in person remember that Riot City Wrestling provides their shows for free on the YouTube channel.  The hard work and efforts from everyone at Riot City Wrestling deserve our full attention, so tune on in when Riot City Wrestling presents the Riot City Rumble.

Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.