#Preview: Riot City Wrestling Present SUPERCLASH 2

Friday, May 24th, 2019 the residents of riot city are going to be packing the HQ Complex ready to see what is going to be one exciting night of wrestling action.  Superclash 2 is the follow up to last years massively successful event, the fans will also get to see all the fall out from this year’s Strength Cup as well.  There are three championship matches on this one card and plenty more, as well as Riot City Wrestling, presents Superclash 2, prepare to deliver their brand of incredible wrestling action.



The main event of Superclash 2 will be for the RCW Championship.  The Skyscraper Kurt Baron has been on an absolute tear of the entire RCW roster.  The big man Baron has been defeating every single opponent that has been put in front of him, making him one of the most dangerous individuals in all of RCW.  It was at the Strength Cup that Kurt Baron not only defeated Cadie Tre but then went on to also defeat Dean Brady to win the Strength Cup.  As the winner of the Strength Cup Kurt Baron is now the number one contender for the RCW Championship.  The Dark King Zak Sabbath has been willing and able to take on every single challenger that wants to step foot in the ring with the champion.  Time and time again Zak Sabbath has proven what it takes to be a strong champion, but all of his hard work could come to a screeching halt this Friday night with the championship on the line against Kurt Baron.   Will the RCW Champion Zak Sabbath be able to overcome the undeniable size and strength of his opponent Kurt Baron, or will the big man conquer the Dark King to become the new RCW Champion?



The RCW Women’s Championship is going to be on the line at Superclash 2.  Indi Hartwell who has truly etched out a name for herself already is set to defend her championship against the ever impressive Miki Fortune.  Indi Hartwell has been holding strong as the champion of RCW at the moment, however just as is the case anywhere when you are the champion it means you have a target on yourself.  Miki Fortune would not only benefit from the big win here in becoming the new champion, but she would also open up some eyes as being the one to capture that championship from Indi Hartwell.  One thing we can bank on is a match between two of the best up and coming women wrestlers in the industry.



Two former RCW Champions are going into Riot City Wrestling to collide in what could easily end up being a show-stealing encounter.  With no titles on the line, these two men will be battling for honor and to continue to build their already impressive resumes as well.  World Class Chris Basso and Rocky Menero are ring generals and are going to be every bit of their talents to this encounter.  www.facebook.com/riotcitywrestling




The RCW Tag Team Championship match is going to be absolutely epic.  The Parea still too many are arguably one of or if not the best team to ever hold the RCW Tag Team Championship.  The Armstrongs were the ones who finally were able to defeat the Parea and take the titles away from them.  It was at the Strength Cup that the Parea was robbed once again, only this time they were robbed when the Armstrongs got themselves disqualified.  The Parea may have won the match at Strength Cup but the championships still remain in the possession of a very conniving and underhanded team that does whatever it takes to remain as champions.  Well, when you add the stipulation of no disqualifications to the rematch at Superclash 2 then you are geared up for what is going to be one wild ride.  There will be no champions advantage this time around so The Armstrongs will, in fact, need to rethink their strategy if they wish to remain the RCW Tag Team Champions once this one is all said and done.



Matt Hayter had such an impressive showing at Strength Cup when he challenged RCW Champion Zak Sabbath.  Hayter not only proved he could go toe to toe with the champion but if it were not for a decision made regarding the finish it could be argued that Matt Hayter could have walked away as the winner in that encounter.  Dean Brady also had an epic showing at Strength Cup first with his win over Rocky Menero, and then only narrowly missing the final win against Kurt Baron.  These two men proved that they are two of the companies absolute best, so it will be of great interest to see who can come out of this encounter with the victory.

Riot City Wrestling presents Superclash 2 has got a card to be extremely excited for, every single match from top to bottom just screams of incredible and memorable wrestling.  If you are unable to attend live then remember that all of the RCW shows do become available directly through the Riot City Wrestling YouTube channel.  Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/RiotCityWrestling and subscribe to their channel and turn on notifications, this way as soon as the matches from Riot City Wrestling Superclash 2 become available you will be first in line to check those out.  If you have not yet seen what Riot City Wrestling brings to the table then go and check them out now, from the people behind the scenes to the officials, commentating, and the in-ring action Riot City Wrestling has managed to put together an amazing product that you will instantly be hooked on.

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Bobby Munson is currently involved with Saskatoon based wrestling promotion Prairie Pro Wrestling. Bobby Munson produces the companies You Tube content including filming and editing full shows for the channel. Bobby Munson also provide commentary for the shows as well. At the heart of it all Bobby Munson is a fan and friend of what goes on in the industry.